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Sealift2 innovative floating dock system, hull cleaning and boat lifting. ACR and Artex Products - The Science of Survival. Just Right Products. All Natural Towelettes Made from Bamboo. HotTug. Midwinter, a romantic trip at sunset, surrounded by water, steaming and relaxing with family and friends while sailing through the canals, or laughing with colleagues in ice cold lakes as you luxuriate in a warm bath.


It’s all possible with the HotTug! Don’t just enjoy a hot tub in your backyard, enjoy it wherever you are, while the landscape changes around you! The HotTug is the world’s first wood-fired hot tub that you can sail or tug(boat) that you can bathe in. Float down a river in the middle of winter, sipping a cold drink and soaking in the steaming hot water - a truly fantastic never-to-be-forgotten experience. Element. Creator of Brassé BBQ Name: Joshua BrasséOccupation: Industrial DesignerMember since: 2011/03/24 Founder and CEO of ideacious, Joshua has spent the last 10 years dedicated to figuring out a better path for ideas.


He’s a seasoned entrepreneur (likes to work) and industrial designer (likes to play). Ask him about ideation methodologies and applied play behaviour, conceptual design, user interaction, experience mapping, ping pong, and his slow-cooked rib recipe. Other products by Joshua Brassé. Aqualuma Marine Lighting. Corrosion-proof and injection-moulded, the thru-hull underwater lights feature Aqualuma’s patented polymer housing, the most sophisticated and strongest material available in underwater lighting.

Aqualuma Marine Lighting

These lights are virtually unbreakable and have been pressure tested to 1300 feet below sea level. The real advantage of the Aqualuma thru-hull system is the ability to continually upgrade as LED technology advances. Many of Aqualuma’s original customers have taken advantage of this service, to stay up-to-date with the latest in advancing technology. Marina / Dock Light Aqualuma's premium quality Dock Light is putting light into docks and marinas around the world. Power Logbook. Description The main function of a logbook is to provide a logical framework for the recording of navigational and related information.

Power Logbook

Power Logbook is dedicated to all yachts and boats users. Easy way just two clicks - You can set Your current position, speed, course , and distance. You can set up Your daily cruises or passages. Finally You can send all by email to Your family or frineds.Thanks to the power LogBook You can really know how much fuel You get onboard, how many nautic Miles You have traveled, , and where You really are! gb-brugarvejl.pdf. Unfold your stand-up paddleboarding adventure with the Origami Paddler. Traditionally, stand-up paddle boarders have had to choose between stable, versatile solid boards and easy-to-transport inflatables.

Unfold your stand-up paddleboarding adventure with the Origami Paddler

The Origami Paddler is a new option: a foldable paddle board that transports easily while giving you a solid platform to ride on. View all. Flameless Candles - Battery Operated Candles - Electric Candles. ION WORLDWIDE ION Air Pro. Innovative Livestyle & Consumer Electronics. The Yacht Shop - Don't Be a Dick Poster. Loro Piana. Window Cleaning equipment and Water fed pole System to reach and wash window UK. #1 in Laser Flares. What is the visible range?

#1 in Laser Flares

In a trial undertaken by Auckland City Police, New Zealand, Auckland Coastguard, who were unaware of the trial, spotted the Odeo Flare at 4nm, reporting it as a distress flare. The Dutch Lifeboat Service, in a trial for Zeilen Magazine, spotted the flare at 4nm, and, in the UK, a moonlit trial undertaken by Yachting Monthly resulted in detection at well in excess of 3nm. So, we say the visible range is 3 nautical miles, more in good conditions. 01M One moment® 100% biodegradable shoe. Netted Cocoon Hammock. This lightweight Polyester hammock hammock has a built on no-see-um mesh canopy to keep those nasty biting things at bay.

Netted Cocoon Hammock

A full length zipper simplifies getting in and out. Includes rope to keep the canopy suspended. 2 inner pockets on the mesh keepyour glasses, knife, flashlight or whatever in a convenient and close location. Fabricant de bateaux a motorisation hydrogene - vente et location de yachts sur toutes les mers du monde, Louer un bateau, bateaux occasion, bateaux neufs, Emy Yachts Builder et elegance 42, Mig 675, Casa Yachts, Alval 50, yacht.

Anchor Tub Stopper. Island Teak - Custom Teak Milling. Island Teak Decking System for Light Displacement Boats How to Order Island Teak Decking is a unique and authentic teak decking system designed for all boats where weight is a consideration.

Island Teak - Custom Teak Milling.

Like a Swiss Army Knife you can ride: The Voltitude folding electric bike. A unique system allows users of the Swiss Voltitude pedelec bike to fold or unfold it in one second, and with only one hand Image Gallery (11 images) Last January, we said that the Robrady-designed db0 was one of the best folding electric bikes we'd seen.

Like a Swiss Army Knife you can ride: The Voltitude folding electric bike

The Swiss entry into the market has turned its back on this traditional bicycle-with-motor design in favor of a folding pedal-electric assist scooter. Users are said to be able to fold or unfold the Voltitude bike in about one second, and with one hand, thanks to its unique EasyFold system. Bluemarinestore - Tried and Tested Boat Products. The Greatest List of The Coolest Ice Cubes around. Some of my favorite things are so simple, like ice cube shapes for example.

The Greatest List of The Coolest Ice Cubes around

Here’s a list of some of my favorite Ice Cube Trays and related inventions, not including the previously featured Global Warming Ice Cubes! If you like stuff like this join us on facebook or follow us on twitter to find more cool things and automatically enter to win awesome stuff on One More Gadget. 1. Ankarspel Badplattform Badstege LED Peke. Nautical Tote Bags, Nautical Beach Bags, Handbags - Not For Navigation. Home page - Tessilmare - Produzione tessuti tecnici e accessori per la nautica. Landfall Navigation® Marine Safety & Nautical Charts Chandlery. 8.2m Boat Trailer (BCT0109) - China Trailer,Trailers,Boat Trailer in Trailer. Boat Trailer Tr0211 - China Boat Trailer,Yacht Trailer,Watercraft Trailer in Trailer.

Welcome - THERMO BOAT Ltd., is the North American Distributor of products to make your boat experience WARM, QUIET, COMFORTABLE AND SAFE. Clever See-Through Kayak and Canoe Designs. Someone told me there was a canoe in this picture ... but I have to admit I got distracted and did not see it right away. Regardless, the canoes are great but the kayaks are even better: they are light-weight, easy-to-collapse and therefore not only entertaining in the water but highly manageable on the shore compared to their conventional and opaque counterparts. The only question is: what do you do when it gets dirty? Hopefully each dunk back in the water cleans it off. OK, one other question: what else can we make transparent? Cars, maybe even planes, or are the skies the limit in this case? Kayacht. YOGAKAYAK.