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Magnifier :: Complementos para Firefox This addon originally is based on a gist by Paul Rouget, a Firefox devtools team member. Click the Toolbar Button (originally in add-on bar, can be changed), or choose from the Developers Tools menu under Tools Menu (or Firefox Menu), or even Press "Ctrl + Shift + M" shortcut to bring upon the Magnifier.To close the Zoom panel, either press Escape, click on the button again, or hit the shortcut (Ctrl + Shift + M) again. Some of the key features of Magnifier are : Magnifier :: Complementos para Firefox
by Jill Pantozzi | 2:33 pm, March 24th, 2012 I’m newly obsessed with the app Draw Something and as it turns out, the folks over at Comics Alliance are too. Only they’ve been playing with artist Matt Digges who puts Batman in almost every drawing he sends. Which begs the question, why am I not playing Digges? Batman Shows Up In Draw Something App | The Mary Sue Batman Shows Up In Draw Something App | The Mary Sue

The Astounding Design Of Eixample, Barcelona | All That Is Interesting - StumbleUpon

The Astounding Design Of Eixample, Barcelona | All That Is Interesting - StumbleUpon Constructed in the early 20th century, Eixample is a district of the Spanish city of Barcelona known for the urban planning that divided the district into octagonal blocks. Influenced by a range of schools of architecture, Eixample Barcelona was designed in a grid pattern with long streets, wide avenues, and rounded street corners. Despite being in the center of a thriving European metropolis, the district provides improved living conditions for inhabitants including extensive sun light, improved ventilation, and more open green space for public use. And of course, the result from the grid-like structure is astounding from above:
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The Game of SMOSH We've turned all of SMOSH into a game. The Game of SMOSH. The more you play, the more you level up. 20 Very Dirty Vegetables 20 Very Dirty Vegetables
Online Dating: Does It Really Work? [Infographic] Online Dating: Does It Really Work? [Infographic] Are you looking for love in all the wrong places? None of your face to face relationships ever seem to go right? It could be you’re just hard to get along with or maybe you’re just not meeting the right people. Last year, over 40 million people visited online dating sites in search of their one true love, or at least looking for some sort of love. Do they really work? Some people say, yes.
Products > Bathroom Accessories Products > Bathroom Accessories Each customer is special to Fitz and Su and if you want a personalized, boutique experience, then you have come to the right place to buy your modern bathroom accessories. We understand that you like shopping in the comfort of your home, but if you have a question, want advice on design or choosing your modern bathroom accessories, or want a status on your order, Fitz and Su are here to answer the phone at 323.655.1908, Monday - Saturday, 9 - 5, just like a boutique store.
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Artistic Photo Editing of Everyday Built Environments | Designs &Ideas on Dornob - StumbleUpon

Erik Johansson takes photo editing and manipulation to new levels with his ever-growing collection of creative, innovative and amazing scenes of altered architecture and unbelivable built environments, distorted objects and twisted imagery – all while preserving an eerie photo-realism from the original photographic subject. Given his emphasis on constructed objects, the care with which he crafts every detail of each image and controls the overall composition, it is perhaps no surprise that this photographer’s background is not in the arts but in computer engineering and interactive design. The rich three-dimensional complexity of each edited photograph is accomplished using exclusively two-dimensional computer editing tools and each work is based on a real photograph, manipulated, altered and added to in a layered and sequential process. Artistic Photo Editing of Everyday Built Environments | Designs &Ideas on Dornob - StumbleUpon
Hello, we the Walyou team and today, we are going to show you how you turn your desktop into a website just in a few clicks. On your desktop you start by pressing right click. You go to the new option and select text document. This will open a new file, you can just name with anything you want. We chose to name it one.txt. Pc wallpaper Video -

Pc wallpaper Video -

30 Bizarre and Creative Packaging Design Examples - StumbleUpon

30 Bizarre and Creative Packaging Design Examples - StumbleUpon Inspiration November 1, 2010 One of the things that identifies the image of a product is its packaging. Few elements like striking graphics, attractive colors, and unusual shapes are carefully thought of to come up with packaging design that catches the attention of the consumers.
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Email Roulette - FAQ When you sign up for Email Roulette, you provide your email address and choose a user name. For security reasons, your password is emailed to you automatically. Upon receiving your password, you have log in to start playing. When you submit your message, it gets sent randomly to another player who has signed up. They have the option of responding to you or not; you won't know who it went to unless they write back... so you better make it interesting! Of course, it goes both ways.
Depending on the flavor of your business, your logo may appear big and flashy, bold and colorful or just plain simple and clever. In this roundup, I’ve turned the spotlight towards the more simple and clever logo styles that leave a strong impression. As simplistic as they may appear, there is genius behind these 60 highly clever minimal logo designs. OneFund Filmaps

60 Highly Clever Minimal Logo Designs - StumbleUpon

More Imaginative Package Designs - Blog - StumbleUpon

More Imaginative Package Designs You guys seemed to enjoy the Imaginative Package Designs post I put together a couple of months ago and as a little token of my appreciation I thought I'd put together a second part - More Imaginative Package Designs. As with the original I have compiled a selection of beautiful packaging designs, some conceptual and some that made it to the shelves but all great examples of the designer going the extra mile to ensure that all important first impression is a positive one. Enjoyed This? Check Out - Part 1