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Historical Map Web Sites

India Map, Maps of India,India Map Online. Google Image Result for. Digital South Asia Library. Schwartzberg Atlas, v. , p. 92.

Digital South Asia Library

Click here for full screen Warning: include(/Volumes/data/www/dsal/updateinfo.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /Library/WebServer/Documents/dsal/reference/schwartzberg/footer on line 27 Warning: include() [function.include]: Failed opening '/Volumes/data/www/dsal/updateinfo.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:') in /Library/WebServer/Documents/dsal/reference/schwartzberg/footer on line 27. South Asian Collection. Subjects of the Collection Regions of Asia South Asia. India - Map of former provinces of Gandhara, Kapisa, Bactria, and neighboring regions.

Maps of South Asia: an organized collection.


Welcome to Survey of India. Untitled Document. Misc other stuff ... for future development Image CollectionsPhoto Images of IndiaKamat's PotPourri AsianArt.comIMAGE INDIA First 25 years of Muslim expansion Muslim expansion in the west Umayyad Empire 750 AD Muslim Empire 750 AD Abbasid Caliphate 900 AD Muslim World 1300 AD Umayyad Muslim East circa in 1200 13th century growth Sultanate of Java 16th and 17th centuries First Crusade Second and third crusades Fourth and later crusades 1492.

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The Collection. Informazioni sul sito. Cos’è ArchArt ArchArt è un sito che contiene numerose gallerie di immagini fotografiche relative ad archeologia, storia e arte antica; ad accesso e consultazione gratuita, con finalità non profit e senza scopo di lucro.

informazioni sul sito

ArchArt fa parte del portale, realtà informativa on line ad accesso e consultazione gratuita dedicato alla divulgazione della storia, dell’archeologia e dell’arte del mondo antico. Il portale è composto da canali tematici: area IMMAGINI, ossia ArchArtarea NOTIZIE, ossia la rivista online ArcheoRivistaarea APPROFONDIMENTO, ossia la guida interattiva ArcheoGuida Marchio ArchArt è un nome registrato presso la CCIAA di Teramo. Uso delle foto Le regole per l’uso delle nostre immagini sono diverse a seconda del tipo di categoria cui appartengono: di libero uso e protette.

Immagini di libero uso Immagini protette Diritto d’autore. Archaeos, Inc. Medieval India (600 BC - 1526 AD) HistoryAlexander in India, from The Great Homepage of Alexander Alexander, The Mauryans, and The Guptas.

Medieval India (600 BC - 1526 AD)

Richard Hooker (World Cultures) The Mauryan Empire and The Gupta Age. Indian government Ministry of External Affairs The Chola dynasty and The Muslim Invasions. Indian government Ministry of External Affairs Sites and MonumentsSalt Range Temples, Pakistan TextsBhagavad Gita. Hometimeline (bc)timeline (ad)prevnext.


PD Photo - Free Photos And Pictures (public domain, stock pictures, wallpaper, royalty free, clip art, etc) Color Slide Project. The Color Slide project was a non-profit project supported by foundations, institutions, and individuals.

Color Slide Project

From 1974 through December 2006, the ACSAA Color Slide Project provided high quality color slides of the art and architecture of India and other South and Southeast Asian countries (Nepal, Tibet, Burma, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Afghanistan) to individuals and institutions for teaching and research purposes around the world. The Color Slide Project was discontinued in December 2006.

ACSAA images are digitally available through ARTstor. This site and its contents are protected by U.S. and international copyright laws. All digital files and associated text are the property of the Regents of the University of Michigan and are made available for educational, non-commercial use only. This site pertains to the American Council for Southern Asian Art Color Slide Project only. Historical Atlas of South India. The Indian subcontinent, it need hardly be stated, has a rich history of more than 500,000 years. During this long period it has been a melting pot of diverse cultures in varied geographical settings and has managed to assimilate, accommodate, and preserve several traditions to make the modern secular society of India.

There do exist several standard books on the political, social, economic, and cultural processes of the Indian past. They, however, lack adequate cartographic presentation of the facts, which is very essential to a proper understanding of the subject. There are of course a few separate atlases to present the history cartographically. J.E. The first phase was completed early in 2005 and the outcome was a prototype for the Pudukkottai (Central Tamil Nadu) region, which works both from a CD-Rom and on the Internet. The Digital South Asia Library.