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Rob Chambers

A Geography Teacher and an AST with responsiblity for ICT Across the Curriculum with a passion for the use of new technologies in enhancing teaching and learning.


GCSE Geography - AQA. AS & ALevel Geography - OCR. Teaching and Learning. ICT Across the Curriculum. iPads in Education. Papercutting.

  1. robgeog Feb 4 2014
    You will be surprised how quickly you do - it is pretty addictive! Enjoy! :)
  2. hhargreaves Feb 4 2014
    Yes I am. You are further along than us but I am determined to catch -up!
  3. robgeog Feb 4 2014
    Hi - thank you for your message! Glad it has been useful! Pearltrees is such a fantastic way of collating and sharing great links!! Are you a Geographer?
  4. hhargreaves Feb 4 2014
    Hi Just wanted to say thanks. I have never used Pearl Trees before and have used yours as a model. I am a Head of Dept. in Yorkshire.