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On Flipboard. 5 Little-Known Copywriting Mistakes That Snuff Out Your E-Commerce Sales. On Flipboard. The Ultimate Guide to Optimized Facebook Ad Campaigns. More than 1.4 billion people use Facebook every day to stay connected, to share and to learn.

The Ultimate Guide to Optimized Facebook Ad Campaigns

As the most ubiquitous social media channel in the world, it’s no surprise that marketers regularly turn to it in an attempt to enhance their digital strategies. Whether you want to raise brand awareness, drive sales or both, social media advertising is fast becoming one of the most popular, and productive conversion channels. In fact, research suggests that the social ad market may reach $11 billion by 2017, up from $4.7 billion in 2012. In case you haven’t yet, we’ve outlined some simple tactics you can adopt to ensure your Facebook ads are fully optimized, so you can capitalize on the revenue generating power of social!

The social ad market is set to reach $11bn by 2017, up from $4.7bn in 2012. Take advantage of targeting options One of the reasons Facebook advertising boasts such superior conversion rates is because of its advanced, and highly detailed targeting options. How to Create Compelling Videos for E-commerce Marketing. According to a study led by Animoto, an online video creation service, 73 percent of survey respondents said that they were more likely to buy a product or sign up for a service if they watch a branded video that explains the product or service.

How to Create Compelling Videos for E-commerce Marketing

What does this mean for business owners? It means that you need to look into incorporating different kinds of marketing videos on and off your website to stay connected to your consumer. Product Videos: Behind the Scenes, Feature Showcase, and How It’s Made Animoto says that 67 percent of videos watched were instructional videos and 64 percent were product and service videos. General product videos showcase the angles of a product and explain its primary features and benefits. Product demonstrations explain how a product works, and answer common customer questions. Top 10 new Android apps to take the stress out of your vacation – iGeeksMagzz. 10 apps and gadgets everyone should bring on a road trip. The Step-by-Step Guide to Mastering E-Commerce Content Marketing. For e-commerce websites, life used to be simple.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Mastering E-Commerce Content Marketing

Find a compelling angle: price, variety, size, or novelty – then watch your products fly off the digital shelves. Today’s e-commerce marketing is no longer that simple. In fact, content plays just as much of a role (if not more) than the products themselves. And because content marketing, not brute competition, is what gets your products in front of consumers, savvy e-commerce companies have had to change their approach to take advantage of the new content-powered economy. Here’s how you can, too: 5 Tools to Measure Social Media ROI : Social Media Examiner. 15 Free Ways to Increase Your Facebook Page Likes. 6 Video Tools to Ignite Your Social Marketing : Social Media Examiner. Do you want to bring more pop to your social media marketing?

6 Video Tools to Ignite Your Social Marketing : Social Media Examiner

Looking for video tools to help? The right tools make it easy to create engaging video content. This Company Takes the Hassle out of Launching a Foreign Company in the U.S. This story first appeared in the June issue of Entrepreneur.

This Company Takes the Hassle out of Launching a Foreign Company in the U.S.

To receive the magazine, click here to subscribe. A former Facebook exec, now at Instagram, says doing these 2 things will strengthen your social media game. When it comes to devising a killer social media strategy to get your business recognised, Jim Squires knows a things or two.

A former Facebook exec, now at Instagram, says doing these 2 things will strengthen your social media game

Having formerly worked as the director of product marketing at Facebook, and playing a key role in the introduction of sponsored content in News Feed and mobile, Squires is now the director of market operations at Instagram, where he focuses on ads product development. He is also the former director of product management at Yahoo, where he developed the company’s video and entertainment products. Basically, this guy is a master of his trade. Forbes Welcome. CenturyLinkVoice: What Your Small Business Should Do To Look Like A Social Media Pro. As social media use continues to grow, so does the number of marketing opportunities for small businesses.

CenturyLinkVoice: What Your Small Business Should Do To Look Like A Social Media Pro

Nearly two-thirds of U.S. adults now use social networking sites, according to Pew Research, up from just 7 percent in 2005. “That’s just a remarkable adoption curve,” said Sean Miller, lead product manager for CenturyLink. Learning how to use a wider range of social media tools can help small businesses target prospective and existing customers on these platforms. Here are four tips to consider: 1. Many small companies make the fledgling mistake of assuming that if they build a social media presence, revenue will automatically follow.

Forbes Welcome. Forbes Welcome. The Baby Care Essentials Bag. 9 Tips for More Effective Brand Storytelling on Social Media. Remember how captivating a good story could be when you were a kid?

9 Tips for More Effective Brand Storytelling on Social Media

Nothing could beat that “edge of your seat” feeling while you were waiting for your mother or father to reveal the fate of Winnie the Pooh and Christopher. You felt connected to those far-away, imaginary characters because of the power of a good narrative. With age, our connection to those characters might fade, but our appreciation of a good story certainly does not. To illustrate the importance of properly contextualizing your brand within a narrative, let’s say your friend just bought a new product that they happen to be very satisfied with. They likely wouldn’t show up at your door and read you a sales script about how much they're enjoying the product - your friend would probably give you some background about their purchase decision, then tell you about the product before recommending that you buy one of your own. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

How Pharmapacks Makes $70 Million Selling Random Stuff on Amazon. To show off the secret behind Pharma­packs, his $70 million retail business, Andrew Vagenas picked up an EOS lip balm and tossed it to his buddy Brad Tramunti.

How Pharmapacks Makes $70 Million Selling Random Stuff on Amazon

"Watch," Vagenas said. "He's like a special kid. " There is nothing about Tramunti that makes you think: lip-balm guy. He's 33 years old and hefty, with a two-day scruff and a faded T-shirt wrapped around his torso. But he held the lip balm in his paw carefully, inspecting its lollipop-purple-swirl case like a savant. "This is a new flavor," he said.

"We get this wholesale for $2.23," he said, smiling. Vagenas grinned. 5 Mistakes Most E-Commerce Marketers Make (But You Don't Have To) 5 Essentials for Building a Lucrative Ecommerce Site. Ecommerce is on the rise.

5 Essentials for Building a Lucrative Ecommerce Site

Back in 2014, the ecommerce industry grew by 15.7 percent. This translates to hundreds of millions of dollars, and in 2015, the number increased yet again. Even though there are certain industry segments like DIY stores and dollar stores that are resistant to the advance of ecommerce, there are no signs of overall growth slowing down. Nevertheless, you can’t set up a website and expect an endless supply of customers to come by themselves. 10 Free Marketing Tools For Small Business 2016. Buying software is easy when you’re a big company – you can make providers fight for your contract. They tailor services to your needs, cut prices and do just anything to win. Small companies have it harder. 6 Keys to Building Brand Trust Through Your Company Website. In the crowded tech space, there’s nothing more challenging than proving your new brand deserves to be taken seriously. Competitors will actively use your inexperience against you and consumers will view your lack of marketplace equity as a strike.

The best thing you can do is aggressively build trust – and it starts with your website. Keep the following six key concepts in mind as you develop your company website. 1. Invest in Site Security In 2016, website security is more important than ever. 6 Keys to Building Brand Trust Through Your Company Website. How To Grow Your Email List. Social media messages and email messages both stream into our view whether it be via a news feed or your inbox.

The difference is email is far less fleeting than social media. Social media updates fly by quickly, and it’s not likely we scroll back to the previous day(s) to read posts. But with email, we take our time in our inbox. In 2012, McKinley Global Institute found that people spend up to 25% of their workday in their inbox. Email can hold our attention and demand response. While numbers do vary by industry, typically, email converts at higher levels for reads, clicks and conversions than social media, making email an important part of your marketing and sales strategy. Why Incorporate Audio into your Branding Strategy. What comes to mind when your think of your corporate brand? Your logo, tagline and corporate colors? While each of these are critical to your brand, your corporate identity covers a broad spectrum of marketing touchpoints that shape how customers understand and interact with your business.

Researchers estimate that we rely on our sense of sight for 80% of the information we need to make decisions. That’s why corporate brands focus resources on logo design, color choice and other design elements. Visual cues make the strongest impressions. And yet, as awesome as our logos and designs might be, they are competing for attention in a visually-cluttered world. These 10 marketing truths will flip your brand. Traditionally, companies created brands and then attracted customers, who, if they came in sufficient numbers and remained loyal, sustained the company. But smart companies these days flip that approach, according to bestselling marketing author Marty Neumeier. They create customers, not brands. Those customers, in turn, build brands that sustain the company. Building your brand in the era of digital marketing (The Globe and Mail) He calls it The Brand Flip in his latest book, and says while it’s a new approach that is increasingly going to dominate marketing, it’s actually a very old concept.

"Viral Brand Videos" cartoon. The power of Amazon: A single Facebook post was all this startup needed to take off. To Amazon, it was just another Facebook post. How To Engage With Your Target Audience. 5 Fast Fixes to Jumpstart Your Social Media Strategy. Credit: Gonzalo Aragon/Shutterstock. How to Create an Engaging Brand Around Something Boring. Not all of us are blessed with a beautiful and exciting product to promote, some business ideas are commercially viable but lack a clear brand identity and voice.

People can make their fortune selling bathroom products, office equipment or mechanical parts, but creating a brand image that people engage with and develop loyalty to in these spheres can prove difficult. How to Adapt Your Brand for Instagram. With a new API and fully operational ad business, marketers have excitedly been testing different types of advertising opportunities on Instagram. As of June 2015, Adweek reported that Instagram’s commitment to content quality and millennial audience have attracted more than 475 ad campaigns with brands such as The Gap, Michael Kors, and Taco Bell. As a channel perfect fit for highly visual brands in the food, beverage, retail, and travel spaces, how can other industries maximize advertising opportunities on Instagram?

A great example comes from Capital One, which recently credited Instagram for increasing its ad recall by 16 percent. 4 Practical Ways to Make Your Brand Standout. Welcome to Forbes. The 7 Secrets to the Most Effective Social-Media Campaigns. Branding, the key to making or breaking your business. Branding might be one of the most important aspects of any business, be it large or small, retail or B2B. Branding is not just an impressive and memorable logo, nor is it how many Facebook fans it has, or how its employees praises its working culture. In fact, it is everything.

4 Business Building Tips for a Stronger Personal Brand. 10 Tips to Protect Your Online Brand Reputation. How to Maximize Your Brand's Instagram Presence [Infographic] How to Launch Your Brand on Social Media. Build your brand: 10 useful tips to improve your startup brand. 6 Ways to Make Your Resume Stand Out. What Will It Take For Chinese Brands To Be Accepted By Global Consumers? 5 Unexpected Ways Meerkat Will Crush It For Sales And Marketing People.

Do You Have Social Media FOMO or a Social Media Strategy? Primal Marketing: 4 Ways to Create an Instant Connection with Customers. The future of branding is a six-second video. How to Learn Social Media Marketing: 41 Resources for Beginners. 10 Data Tools Every Marketer Needs to Be Using. 10 Reasons Why You Should Spend $10 Per Week on Facebook Advertising. 11 Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses On A Budget - Hootsuite Social Media Management. How to Create an Effective Marketing Strategy for Your Startup. The Complete Guide to Social and Digital Marketing Tools. How to Market on Instagram: 14 Tips and 6 Tools. 15 ways you're probably misusing social media. 4 golden rules of branding. 9 Things I’ve Learned from Sleazy Internet Marketing Tactics That Have Changed My Life. How Pinterest and Instragram Can Rock Your Marketing. How to Build Your Brand Through Customers - Canada Blog. Top 15 FREE Internet Marketing Tools To Boost Your Online Business.

5 LinkedIn Mistakes You Need To Avoid. 18 Must Have Social Media Marketing Tips for Business - Hootsuite Social Media Management. Are You Making These Embarrassing Social Media Blunders? Should You Self-Brand, or Establish a Company Brand? The Secrets for Digital Marketing and a Strong Website in 2015 - Minneapolis Online Marketing. The Key Elements of Killer Content Marketing. A Social Media Guide for Startups and Entrepreneurs. How to Prepare for Your Next Job Interview. Want to Extend Your Brand Reach? Create a Marketing Video. How Can Your Brand Use Instagram? What You Need to Know About Publishing Press Releases for SEO. 9 Simple Tips For Making An About Us Page That Works For Your Brand. 4 ways to take advantage of the new age of marketing.

Four Ways to Attract New Email Subscribers and Grow a Better List. 5 Strategies for Using SlideShare in Your Marketing. Infographic: The ultimate guide to creating a successful online business. Why You Need To Be On Pinterest. 15 Crucial Social Media Mistakes You May Be Making. Hack Your Email Growth Rate with This List-Building Tool.