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Aldous Huxley and Brave New World: The Dark Side of Pleasure. DARPA and the Brain Initiative. The White House announced the BRAIN initiative in April 2013.

DARPA and the Brain Initiative

Today, the initiative is supported by several federal agencies as well as dozens of technology firms, academic institutions, scientists and other key contributors to the field of neuroscience. DARPA is supporting the BRAIN initiative through a number of programs, continuing a legacy of DARPA investment in neurotechnology that extends back to the 1970s. An article in our 60th anniversary magazine provides an overview of the agency's recent research aimed at expanding the frontiers of the field and enabling powerful, new capabilities. Electrical Prescriptions (ElectRx) The ElectRx program aims to help the human body heal itself through neuromodulation of organ functions using ultraminiaturized devices, approximately the size of individual nerve fibers, which could be delivered through minimally invasive injection. DARPA Aims to Accelerate Memory Function for Skill Learning.

Tim, lo spot con Pif. La libertà di non dover più scegliere? - AgoraVox Italia. Lo spot pubblicitario della TV on demand della TIM - il cui testimonial è Pif - offre lo spunto per una riflessione sull'attuale tendenza a lanciare messaggi che invitano alla 'fuga dalla libertà', di cui Erich Fromm parlava oltre settant'anni fa.

Tim, lo spot con Pif. La libertà di non dover più scegliere? - AgoraVox Italia

Il modello esaltato da questa ed altre pubblicità, infatti, è un mondo globalizzato ed interconnesso, dove non c'è più bisogno di scegliere, dove tutto è realizzabile con la tecnologia e, quindi, in cui essere liberi comporta di fatto rinunciare alla stessa libertà ed alla responsabilità che ne deriva. Ma è davvero così "fantastico" tutto ciò?

Navigando in Internet ho verificato di non essere il solo che è rimasto colpito dalla chiusa dello spot della TV on demand della TIM , affidato al breve monologo di un estasiato Pif. Naturalmente si tratta di uno slogan pubblicitario, ma credo che saremmo ingenui a non cogliere il messaggio che esso veicola, che è culturale sociale e politico. Ebbene no. . © 2016 Ermete Ferraro ( ) Sewa project. The SEWA Project. PostHuman: An Introduction to Transhumanism. Untitled. Brave New World – Commentary. Supposedly inspired by the 1956 science-fiction film Forbidden Planet with Leslie Nielsen, this is another great Maiden song that starts quietly to build up into a powerful track.

Brave New World – Commentary

There's a very nice Celtic-sounding intro then the song starts in a musical explosion. It ends like it started in softer tones, with the little Celtic melody of the beginning. It is interesting to note that the film Forbidden Planet, mentioned by Bruce as the basis for the song, is itself an adaptation of The Tempest, the play written by Williams Shakespeare and in which appears the "Brave New World" quote. However, I have seen this film several times and I find it hard to make a link with the song. This song is lyrically reminiscent of 'Public Enema Number One' in its apparent political meaning, and the lyrics seem to me to deal with the current state of our planet and can be analysed almost line-by-line. "You are guilty, the punishment is death for all who live". What is biohacking and why should we care? “Biohacker” Dave Asprey demonstrates a headband that he claims electrically stimulates blood to reach the front of the brain to improve cognition.

What is biohacking and why should we care?

Photo by Jason Lelchuk The big question about biohacking is, what is it? That’s a question my editors and my friends all asked me as I prepared a story for the PBS NewsHour on this new biology term. And when I answered them, they still didn’t quite get it. So I’ll try again, with some help from the folks I talked to in recent weeks. Biohacking is a fairly new practice that could lead to major changes in our life. Ron Shigeta runs Berkeley Biolabs, a biohacking site in Berkeley, California, where dozens of would-be biologists gather frequently to hack around.

Yet another concept of hacking comes from a totally different source. He has not had his work evaluated by peers or duplicated by scientists, or published in scientific journals. Whether Asprey belongs in the category of biohacker, is unclear. Iron maiden brave new world lyrics. Aldous Huxley on Technodictators.

Video SparkNotes: Aldous Huxley's Brave New World summary.