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Center for Community Justice. EU Mediaiton Study. Transformative Mediation by Skype Blows Minds (video) - Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation. Last week I sat in Saint Paul and mediated between an employee in Hawaii and her boss in the United Kingdom.

Transformative Mediation by Skype Blows Minds (video) - Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation

To be more precise, it was a simulated mediation, with mediators playing the roles of the parties, and with Giuseppe Leone and his Virtual Mediation Lab making all the arrangements. Giuseppe’s program demonstrates how both mediation and mediation training can be conducted with parties all over the world using Skype. Virtual Mediation Lab: This was my second time mediating in Giuseppe’s program. Both times, Giuseppe arranged the role play scenario, provided a means for mediators to sign up either to play a party or to mediate, set up the multi-party Skype video call, set up the mediation, and then facilitated a discussion about the mediation afterward.

Both times it’s been a pleasure and a learning experience. Mediation Remains Elusive in Public Discourse Despite Its Ubiquity. The State of Community Mediation 2011 - NAFCM: The Voice of Community Mediation. The State of Community Mediation 2011 - NAFCM: The Voice of Community Mediation. The Academy of Professional Family Mediators The Academy of Professional Family Mediators. Mediating in Africa: Interviews with Experts. As a part of its African Union Mediation Support Capacity Project, CMI presents fifteen videos on different aspects of peace mediation.

Mediating in Africa: Interviews with Experts

In each of these fifteen videos, the spotlight is on regional experts, from professors to AU special representatives. The experts reflect on more specific themes, such as the role of women and regional economic communities in mediation processes. Among the other themes discussed are the meaning of impartiality, the particularities of border and election-related disputes and the role of civil society in mediation - with a focus on Africa. The purpose of these videos is to share good practice through easily accessible video clips. As an organization that works to resolve conflicts and build sustainable peace, CMI hopes that these videos make you not only reflect on the different aspects of mediation but also gain valuable insights into the experiences of mediation experts. Institute for the Study of Transformative Mediation - Promoting the Transformative Model. MACRO. The Maryland Mediation and Conflict Resolution Office (MACRO) serves as a one-stop shop for inquiries concerning mediation and other alternative dispute resolution processes.


MACRO also operates an e-mail listserv for dispute resolution practitioners, informing them of upcoming events, training programs, job opportunities, and other pertinent information about dispute resolution. Call us at 410-260-3540 or email us at for more information. Dispute Resolution Associations Maryland has four membership associations for dispute resolution practitioners and other mediation proponents: Association for Conflict Resolution, Maryland Chapter Website: Maryland Council for Dispute Resolution Website: Maryland Program for Mediator Excellence Website: Maryland State Bar Association ADR Section Website: Community Mediation District Court of Maryland Circuit Courts Current Initiatives.

Workplace and interpersonal conflict resolution expert Tammy Lenski.