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Mothers Day

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Preschool Crafts for Kids*: Mother's Day Hand Print Flower Craft. Grass Crowns for Earth Day. It’s been a while since I’ve done some crafts with my kids, and with Earth Day coming up, it seemed like the perfect time to bust out the supplies and whip up something fun.

Grass Crowns for Earth Day

To keep our project as earth friendly as possible, we decided to use an old paper grocery sack as the basis for our Earth Day grass crowns. paper sack green crayons glue stick scissors optional: flower stickers We cut the bags into 4-5″ strips and colored the blank side with different shades of green crayons, so that it looks a bit like grass. Then we cut the “grassy” edge into fringe. We fit the crowns, cut them down to size if needed, and glued them into a crown shape with glue stick. Optional: Decorate with flower stickers. Ta da! This is a great activity for toddlers, because when they are learning to use scissors, the easiest cut for them to make is the first cut, or a fringe cut. My “toddler” is not really a toddler anymore, she’s really more like a three-nager, and has just learned how to cut continuously. Paper Bag Tiara for a Fairy or Princess. Got a little girl who loves to craft and adores fairy crafts?

Paper Bag Tiara for a Fairy or Princess

She’ll love making this sweet and simple paper bag tiara. I got the idea for a paper bag tiara after making our paper bag nests the other day. The hooligans were clowning around, wearing their nests as hats, and that got me thinking that a paper bag would actually make a very good hat or head-piece. I did some brainstorming, and came up with several paper bag headwear ideas, and the first one we tested out was the paper bag tiara. It turned out beautifully, don’t you think? The hooligans will be using their tiaras for dress-up and pretend play here in my daycare, but I think you could totally use a paper bag tiara as an inexpensive accessory for a fairy/princess halloween costume. Making these tiaras was especially fun for the hooligans because they got to use our low heat glue guns.

This was one of those crafts that you have a vision for, but you’re not entirely sure what it will really look like until it’s done. **Wolfelicious**: Join the Mother's Day Idea Linky. Mother's Day is right award the corner.

**Wolfelicious**: Join the Mother's Day Idea Linky

Do you know what you are doing with your class for it? Is there a special project, a celebration, or what do you do? Join the linky to get more ideas. At my school we plan a special event called Muffins for Moms. We invite all the moms to come have muffins and juice with their child. This one isn't finished yet, but it will give you the idea. The students use their handprints to make a flower. Students use their fingerprints to make ladybugs on a tile. Tea Pot Poem on tea pot. I hope you join the linky. Mother's Day Flowers. Have kids create a beautiful display of flowers to show Mom how much they love her on Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day Flowers

This craft is easy for young crafters. Supplies Elmer's Washable School Glue™ Heavy, Green Construction Paper (9" x 12" Sheet) Construction Paper Scissors Pencil Crayons or Markers Instructions Fold a large sheet of green construction paper into thirds lengthwise (trifold). Fold the top edge of the paper to the top fold line. Fold the bottom edge of the paper to the bottom fold line.

Fringe cut only the bottom edge of the paper. Cover the middle section of the paper with glue. Cut out eight flower shapes from different colors of construction paper. Cut out eight 6" x 1" strips of green construction paper. Glue the back of each stem to the uncut lip of green construction paper. Give your beautiful flowers as a gift to someone special on Mother's Day! This craft is reprinted courtesy of Elmer' Listed under: Cut and Paste Crafts, Flower Crafts, Mother's Day Crafts Tagged as: