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Learning Potential, Australian Government. Surviving High School App Review. Practical Personal Interest Project from the 2010 HSC Examination. PIP Extract Index. Selected sections of the award winning Personal Interest Projects have been digitised to show excellence in various areas related to the construction of the PIP's.

PIP Extract Index

Blitzkreig Pop: A study into the evolution of society's perception of the punk culture (PDF 868KB) Blurred Lines - Entertainment or Exploitation? : Investigates the hypersexualisation of women within the music industry and its impact on the socialisation and treatment of women within society (PDF 480KB) Can Social Justice be more than "just another brick in the wall? ": An investigation into the effectiveness of a school in communicating social justice issues (PDF 499KB) Muslim and Western: Living a life of contradiction: An investigation of the westernisation of Australian Muslim Women (PDF 687KB) The Personal Interest Project (PIP)

Home > Society and Culture > Personal Interest Project > The Personal Interest Project (PIP) OutcomesWhy do a Personal Interest Project (PIP)?

The Personal Interest Project (PIP)

MethodologiesGetting startedTeacher assistanceThe structureImportance of Society and Culture conceptsMeaning of “cross-cultural”The “chunk” approachFeatures of a good PIPQuestionsMore Outcomes. Academic Survival Skills Online / UON Prep Bridging Courses / Future Students. Currently studying but not sure how to tackle your assignments?

Academic Survival Skills Online / UON Prep Bridging Courses / Future Students

Thinking about uni but not sure what to expect? Get up to speed with Academic Survival Skills Online! The course is free and open to everyone - whatever your age or level of education. The course begins on Monday 6 July and runs until Sunday 26 July. Revision Tips - Google Docs. HSC Exams. The Higher School Certificate (HSC) is the highest award in secondary education in New South Wales.

HSC Exams

To be eligible for the award, students must complete Years 11 and 12, satisfy HSC course requirements and sit for the statewide HSC examinations. For information about HSC examination papers, Marking Guidelines, Notes from the Marking Centre and other examination resources visit: Online Multiple Choice. Awesome Stories. The Complete Study Guide for Every Type of Learner. Staying on track with studying can be a challenge, especially if there isn’t a test on the horizon.

The Complete Study Guide for Every Type of Learner

We’ve put together the Complete Study Guide to help you keep up to date on school work, ace your next exam, and study smarter! What’s your learning preference? Everyone studies and learns a bit differently. These are often expressed as ‘learning styles’ or ‘learning preferences.’ To implement tips that will work best for you, it can be helpful to think about how you prefer to learn and match your study techniques to your learning style. Remember that these learning preferences aren’t set in stone – a primarily visual learner can still successfully retain information from lectures and from hands-on activities. The Visual Learner: Information retention is more successful when studying with visual elements such as videos, images, and demonstrations. The Auditory Learner: Information retention is more successful with audio elements, such as lectures, recordings, and verbalizing lessons.

Quick Tips. Everythingstudy. HSC Study Tips. HSC Hub. HSC Study Buddy. Board of Studies. The world's best literature guides. 1984 Video SparkNote. Free Study Guide Answers, Book and Literature Notes - Literature Notes. Khan Academy. Bozemanscience. Online maths practice and lessons. Quadratic Equation Calculator. Alpha: Computational Knowledge Engine. Research guides at State Library of New South Wales. NSW HSC Online. Study TV - Discover Top Student's Secrets to Learning More in Less Time.

NSW Students Online - Year 12. Bored of Studies - Student online community, resources, notes, past exams, UAI Calculator, ENTER Calculator, HSC, VCE. Inside Break: Subjects. Preparing for the HSC. You don't need to be a subject expert to help your child prepare for the HSC.

Preparing for the HSC

Make sure your teen is getting enough sleep. Good nutrition is vital. They can reduce stress by balancing study with physical activity, social life and other interests. Part-time work shouldn't be more than 10-hours a week. Remember there is an end in sight. Teachers talk about how parents can help their teen manage the study load and stress when they're preparing for the HSC. transcript Narrator Sometimes it feels like the whole family is preparing for the HSC.

Jane Goddard If your child is presently studying the HSC there are some really practical ways in which you can assist them Sharon Hodgson I know when my daughter was doing her HSC I thought I was prepared for it because I had taught HSC classes. Kate Bricknell Number one is patience. So however the stress manifests itself, we need as parents to be able to identify it and to mitigate it because a stressed child is not going to do well in the exams.

HSC Test Yourself. Bangla Text Book ( বাংলা পাঠ্য বই ) is probably the very first and the best app of its kind in the store for free.

HSC Test Yourself

Any students of Bangladesh ranges from the Class 1 to class 12 will get all of their Text Books provided by nctb. Students of Schools and Colleges will get texbooks to view, save and download on covering the classes as below: = All Text Books for Class One (Bengali & English Medium Students). = Class Two. = Class Three.= Class Four. = Class Five. = Class Six. = Class Seven. = Class Eight. = Class Nine.= Class Ten. = Class Eleven. = Class Twelve.

All type of Books available to view, zoom-pan or download instantly. Some of the popular books included named as; Bangla, Byakoron, Islamic studies, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English For Today, English Grammar, Social Science, Social Studies, Soil Sciences, Biology, Higher Math, Science, Bangladesh & World Affairs, Fine Arts Book, ICT, Physical Studies, Home Science and many more. MrStudyTV.