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Fireflies or Lightning Bug Craft from Plastic Eggs - Woo! Jr. Kids Activities. 87 66 0Google +0 3 647 Such a cute craft, and everyone who sees it says, “Awww!” I came across this awesome firefly craft on Pinterest and traced it back to the awesome creator of Apartment Therapy. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t more excited about what I planned to do with our plastic eggs after Easter than I was about filling them with candy for the big day. I made a couple of modifications just based on the craft supplies that I happened to have available. We took one to preschool for my daughter’s teacher, and she fell in love with it and now wants me to come in to teach all the kids a craft!

Related Page: Bug Coloring Pages One plastic Easter eggTwo pipe cleanersOne LED tea light “candle”Hot glue and hot glue gunTwo googly eyes (optional…you could just draw on the eyes)About 8″ of tulleMarker Craft supplies to make Easter eggs into fireflies. Use a pushpin to make three holes on either side of the longer section of the egg. How to Make Plastic Egg Glow Bugs | Somediys.Com. Fireflies make me think of hot summer nights in the South. How amazing would it be to sit on the porch, drinking sweet tea, and watching them flit about? Sadly, I live in a lightning bug (lampyridae) free state. I’ve had to come up with artificial ones, like these cute lil bugs.

How can something so little be so magical? Have you made firefly jars? Kiwi Crate has some more bug and animal crafts that you will love as much as your little ones. How to Make Plastic Egg Glow Bugs. Lightning Bugs at Bugs Ed - Interactive insect workshops for all ages. Insect SafariCan you find these insects in your garden? Poster Order Form A1 Size (84.1cm x 59.4cm) Know Your Minibeasts! Learn to recognise the different minibeasts in your garden and their distinguishing features.

Lots of fun for the kids! Poster Order Form Creature Camouflage Poster! Poster Order Form Exploding Grasshopper Poster! Poster Order Form Amazing Ants Poster This exciting poster guides you through the hidden chambers of an ant’s nest. Poster Order Form The A-Z of Australian Insects Poster A unique, colourful Aussie insect poster for your home or classroom. Poster Order Form Please note – you can order up to 10 posters and only pay the one postage and handling fee. Bumblebee Kid’s Bug & Insect Craft. Create Your Own Insect Paper Chain Craft - insects, animal.

Quick Recycling Craft: Adorable Ladybugs made from Plastic Spoons. I’ve loved ladybugs since I was a little girl; I think these pretty little beetles are one of the most-loved insect species. Despite the nickname, though, the entire ladybug population does not exist purely of ladies, there are males out there too. There’s an interesting legend behind the “lady” part. It is said that hundreds of years ago, farmers’ crops were being devoured and ruined by pests, so they prayed to the Virgin Mary to ask for help.

Apparently, their prayers were answered with a swarm of these spotted beetles that ate the pests and ultimately saved the crops. Mary (aka Our lady) has always been depicted as wearing a red cloak, so since these savior beetles wore her same color, the farmers were convinced they were sent by her. But I digress…. You’ll need: Side-cutting pliersHot glue gunBlack paintTwo elongated black beadsThree plastic spoons – one black and two red (or if you already have white spoons laying around, simply paint them or color with permanent markers) Related. Ant Spoons – Spring Bug Craft for Kids. Litter Bug.

Kids will really enjoy making their own unique craft version of this Litter Bug. These bugs are made of bits and pieces of litter that you will find around your craft room and in the trash. Supplies Trash (Newspaper, String, Straws, Bottle Tops, Caps) Tacky Glue or Low Temp Glue Gun Instructions Crumple up a piece of newspaper. Add straws, bottle tops, caps... anything to make it look like a litter bug. Listed under: Bugs and Insect Crafts for Kids, Earth Day Crafts, Featured, Recycled Paper Crafts Tagged as: Recycled Art Ideas for Kids: Ladybug's Family from Plastic Bottles. Ladybug Suncatchers - Here Come the Girls. Molly caught her first ladybug today. They are her favourite insects and she is always really delighted when we find them.

She is very pleased it is ladybug season. We have been reading the delightful Yoo-Hoo Ladybug this week for the Virtual Book Club. This is a charming story by Mem Fox where you have to find a ladybug on every page. It is a repetitive story which is great for children to join in with. To go with the story we decided to make our own ladybugs. Materials Contact Paper (sticky back plastic)Black CardRed tissue paperGreen tissue paperGoogly eyes I cut a ladybug and some leaf shapes from the black card.

The contact paper is probably the hardest part of this craft. After that the girls just cover the shape with tissue paper. We stuck them on the window in a random arrangement to start with but then put them into a pattern which I think I preferred. If you like Ladybugs then check out our other ladybug crafts: Ladybug letters Ladybug Crafts and Activities Crafts for Kids. The Kitty Pad: Fun with Pipe Cleaners. Bugs and Insect Crafts. Bag A Bug Printable Board Game - Review Insect and Spiders Game Bag a Bug Printable Game and Sorting Activity - Children throw a die to travel around the bug game board.

If they answer a question correctly, they get to collect a bug that matches the space they occupy. The child with the most bugs at the end of the game wins. At the end of the game children sort the bugs they collected into classes. This game reviews arthropod facts including the following: grasshoppers, dragonflies, centipedes, spiders, bees, praying mantis, flies, ladybugs, caterpillars, butterflies, ants, and cockroaches. This Game Includes: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Member's Instant Download Pattern $ 2.95 - We used Safari Ltd Insects from to play this game. . ©2014, Digital by Design, Inc. - See Copyright Information Insect Crafts, Science, and Creative Writing Learning Activities for Home School What you will need: Aleene's Tacky Glue - This is the best tacky glue I have found.

Toothpicks - The cheap kind. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Summertime Dragonflies. Here’s a project that will appeal to adults and children alike. These beautiful wire-work dragonflies look gorgeous hanging from the ceiling, in the window, on the wall, wired to a houseplant or even attached to a gift. Children who love insects and all things creepy crawly can get info and inspiring photos of these fascinating creatures here. Supplies: – Medium weight garden wire, strong enough to hold a shape, yet easy enough to bend – Needle nose pliers (with cutter) – Long Pipe Cleaners – Organza fabric (a quarter yard is more than enough or 23cm) – Craft glue, paint brush & scissors – Glitter & Sequins NOTE: If making these with small children, do steps 1 – 3 for them. (1) Cut two lengths of garden wire about 30”or 86cm long. (2) Twist the lengths together to form two circles, then squeeze each circle in the center and twist to make two figure eights.

. (3) Shape the figure eights into two sets of wings, long in shape like dragonflies have. (12) Look at that beauty! Dragonfly Craft Archives - Paging Fun Mums. Garden Dragonflies. Ant Spoons – Spring Bug Craft for Kids. Crafty Wooden Spoon Insects : Wooden Spoon Insects. Arts and crafts activities are a great way to occupy children during those long summer months, and if you happen to be looking for something new and inventive to create, then these crafty wooden spoon insects will definitely keep kids occupied and interested.

Children seem to have a certain fascination with bugs and insects, whether it be because of their natural curiosity of living things or the fact that insects are small, creepy and crawly, there's no denying the allure that these outdoor creatures seem to have. That's why this DIY activity, which allows adults and children to turn ordinary wooden spoons into creative insect shapes, is a fantastic way to occupy children and expand their creative minds. Featured on the blog 'Handmade Charlotte,' these crafty wooden spoon insects are definitely a great alternative to watching TV or surfing the web. Learning to measure with gummy worms. Inna's Creations: How to make toy insects from pompoms. There's a simple technique for creating cute toy insects from pompoms. For example, for such a honeybee you will need pompoms, colored paper, and a wooden toothpick or cocktail stick.

Bee First, cut out three pairs of V-shaped paper legs. That is, every pair of legs is joined together to form a V shape. Similarly, make a pair of cellophane wings. Then thread the legs, wings and pompoms onto the toothpick in the following order: A pompom, so that the tip of the toothpick is left sticking out behind for the sting (remove its sharp tip for safety);A pair of legs and another pompom;Another pair of legs and a pompom;A pair of legs, the wings and the last pompom for the head. Apply some glue on the toothpick between the pompoms when assembling the toy. You can watch the process in my video tutorial How to make a bee toy using pompoms and a toothpick. Here are other insects that were made using the same technique: a spider, an ant, and a dragonfly. Spider Ant Dragonfly Mike Wazowski. Pom pom and chenille stem bugs and insects. Bugs and Insect Crafts. Insects Unit For Teachers - Links to printables, lessons, ideas, books, and more!

Let's Start off with some free printable buggy resources... How about some Play Dough Mats? Supply some play-dough, bug cookie cutters, and some dollar store bugs along with the free mats below and you are set! I suggest you print front to back on cardstock and then laminate them! I LOVE MY LAMINATOR - click here to see it! We had lots of fun with the playdough mats seen above. Buggy Fraction Board. Crawling Fractions Gameboard. Click here to read more about these and to download them. How about a few Buggy Snacks! I have many Buggy Printable Resources on the Bugs and Caterpillar Packet - Click here to learn about that. Here are just some of the printables found there...

Lady Bug Adding. Lady Bug Ending Sound Activities. Bug Graphing Fun Butterfly Glyph Activity Sorting and counting insects. How many ladybugs on a leaf pocket chart activity. Click here to learn about these resources seen above... Click here to learn more or use the bttons below to buy it! Bug Birthday Party. Craft and Activity Ideas This is a great party theme for both boys and girls. Not only are there some great games and activities but you will also have an opportunity to teach children a little bit about bugs and send them home with educational tools that will spark their interest in bugs. Children of all ages will enjoy these activities.

If you have very young children, four and under, you may want to use just butterflies, bees, or ladybugs for your theme and leave out the scarier bugs. Bug Games 1. Crazy Bug Game and Craft This is a craft and activity. 2. Before the party buy a bag of small bugs and hide them in the grass and trees on in your house. 3. Instead of saying, "Duck, duck, goose", have the children say, "Buzz, buzz, sting". 4.

Divide the children up into teams of two. 5. Divide the children up into teams. 6. Instead of using a potato use a big black hairy tarantula and play scary music (get it from the library) 7. Divide the children into two teams. 8. 9. 10. 11. 1. 2. 1. 2. 3. Spider Web Walking Halloween Game. Finding a fun spooky Halloween game for kids to play that won’t scare the pants of little guys is not always a simple task . This game is simple, spooky but not at all frightening. As I was making it I wasn’t so sure of how we’d play but the rules evolved and we’ve been playing it all weekend . The giggles were epic and the only screams were when I forgot the spiders are fake and walked into the living room and saw them on the floor.

This activity works on balance , problem solving and can be adapted for various levels. Gather your materials. When he did step off I’d make a cackling witchy laugh and proclaim ” You fell into the goo, ew, ew, ew ! Spooky … a little but definitely not scary! You may know the song ” One Elephant” This is a Halloween version that fits this activity perfectly.

One little ghost went out to play upon a spider’s web one day He had such enormous fun that he called for another little ghost to come. And so on and so on… Quick Links Supply List Green Painter’s Tape. How to make light-up bugs. Ticia asked for instructions to make these bugs yesterday, so hopefully these make sense! The fun STEM project for kids was invented by my friend’s engineer husband. Engineer dads are the best! =) Insulated copper wireC batterySmall light bulbElectrical tapeSticky tack (normally used to attach papers and other lightweight objects to walls)Paper, googly eyes, regular tape or glue, and pipe cleaners to decorate Cut a piece of wire that is roughly 2 inches longer than the C batterStrip the insulation from both ends of the wireUse electrical tape to secure one end of the wire to the flat end of the C battery.Wind the other end of the wire around the twisty part of the small light bulb.Attach the bottom of the lightbulb to the top side of the battery with electrical tape.

The light bulb should light up.Add sticky tack to keep the light bulb in place, being careful to not get sticky tack in between the bottom of the bulb and the battery.Stick googley eyes in the sticky tack.