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How to identify mold toxicity symptoms, proper/natural DIY mold remediation, natural mold healing and recovery.

Start Here: My Mold Toxicity Treatment Key. Are you detoxing with the correct binders? — Sophia Nutrition. Intestinal binders are a crucial part of any detox protocol.

Are you detoxing with the correct binders? — Sophia Nutrition

When the liver processes toxins, they get excreted through bile and into the small intestine. If the toxins are not bound to anything, most of them will get reabsorbed in the gut. This is called enterohepatic recirculation. Binders can be used to bind to the toxins so that they can pass all the way through the digestive tract to be eliminated. There are a variety of binders available. Chlorella: Chlorella is algae that has a high affinity for heavy metals, but also volatile organic compounds (VOCs), pesticides, herbicides, and mycotoxins. Chlorella is algae that has a high affinity for heavy metals, but also volatile organic compounds (VOCs), pesticides, herbicides, and mycotoxins. Other Algaes: Ecklonia cava and spirulina have similar properties as chlorella. Charcoal: A very broad-spectrum binder that will bind a little bit of everything. Enterosgel: A silica-based gel that has a high affinity for aluminum.

Detoxification: Mold and Mycotoxins Protocol. Restore the health of your body, brain and organ systems after mold exposure Month One: A.

Detoxification: Mold and Mycotoxins Protocol

Identify and avoid mold and mycotoxin exposure “RealTime” testing for your body, your home and your workplace. Test the genetics of your enzyme systems. Order it at This salivary test will identify the precise enzymes that are weak–Your first step to recovery is underway. Detoxing Your Liver in Sync with Your Menstrual Cycle.

How to Heal your Gut from Toxic Mold Illness — Ascent to Health. Shortly after publishing my most recent blog post, “Why I am Using Sunlight to Heal from Mold Illness,” I started to get a lot of questions asking about the other components of my protocol I am using to heal from mold illness. Many people have specifically shown interest in the gut-healing strategies I am using, since mold illness can have a significant impact on gut health. In this post, I’ve outlined the strategies I am using to heal my gut while recovering from mold illness. If you are reading this article, it is likely that you have already heard of mold illness; however, for those who may not be familiar with this condition, here is a bit of background information.

Hanna Kroeger Healer - Natural and Vibrational Healing. Introduction If you have been exposed to mold spores either from the ventilation system at work, or from your home, you know very well the devastating impact chronic exposure can have on your health.

Hanna Kroeger Healer - Natural and Vibrational Healing

The ill effects of Chronic Mold Exposure often results from the impact on the spleen-pancreas meridian, but also the Kidney's. Chronic mold exposure weakens the organs. The exposure can then weaken the endocrine glands, often having a profound impact on the adrenals, and the thyroid gland as well. Naturally Treat Mold Toxicity. Natural Treatment for Mold Toxicity Fatty-toxins are fat soluble toxins, or lipophilic, which means they’re attracted to fat and not attracted to water.

Naturally Treat Mold Toxicity

Lifestyle Healing Institute® puts enormous emphasis on the removal of toxins, specifically fatty-toxins. On the contrary, water soluble toxins are attracted to water, and thus easily dissolve in water which allows them to be flushed out in urine. Water soluble toxins aren’t as much of a concern when it comes to accumulated toxicity, therefore, when we refer to toxicity, we target fatty toxins, as they’re more difficult to eliminate with the natural mechanisms that our bodies have in place. Because their elimination is difficult, the results are the accumulation of fatty toxins throughout the brain and body, resulting in various forms of toxicity, including Mold Toxicity.

In the World Health Organization bulletin in 1999, it states that mycotoxins are much more dangerous when inhaled versus ingested. Why are Toxins so Deadly? Building Biology Environmental Consultant™ (BBEC) - Building Biology Institute. BBEC Professional Certification will thoroughly equip you with practical, real-world, hands-on experience in identifying, assessing, and mitigating or eliminating pollutants, airborne toxins, and electromagnetic emissions in homes, schools, offices, and commercial buildings.

Building Biology Environmental Consultant™ (BBEC) - Building Biology Institute

You will also be an expert in prevention, certified to advise homeowners, as well as architects, builders, inspectors, engineers, and medical professionals in methods and practices that create and maintain an ecological and environmentally healthy home or commercial building. Throughout the program we will concentrate on teaching you the skills needed to make a genuine positive impact in your community and in the world at large.

Our BBEC prospectus, viewable/downloadable by clicking the link here below, provides all the information you’ll need to determine whether this program is the right one for you. It includes all required online courses, correspondence course, and seminars for professional certification. Detoxification: Mold and Mycotoxins. Detoxify mold and mycotoxins to restore the health of your tissues.

Detoxification: Mold and Mycotoxins

We now have testing to measure your inital mycotoxin load and monitor improvements during detoxification First, you can now measure some of the mycotoxins through laboratory testing. However since there are hundreds, if not thousands of molds and mold toxins, do not rely exclusively on this testing. The Best Mold Resistant Caulk For Your Home. Need To Detox From Mold Exposure? Here’s How I Did It. Mold Remediation – What Every Homeowner Needs To Know Before Hiring A Remediation Company. Packing-and-leaving-a-moldy-home-what-to-remediate-what-to-discard-and-how-to-cope. The Mold Avoider’s Dilemma: What Should I Do About My Stuff? October 3, 2015 By Lisa Petrison & Erik Johnson Of the many difficulties that new mold illness sufferers face, perhaps none is as fraught with confusion and frustration as the issue of what to do with their current stuff.

The Mold Avoider’s Dilemma: What Should I Do About My Stuff?

Anyone who ventures into the online mold community will immediately encounter many individuals who will insist that all mold victims need to get rid of all their possessions if they want to have any chance of moving toward wellness. But not all individuals pursuing mold avoidance (even “tent-in-the-desert” mold avoidance) state that getting rid of everything was necessary for them to move strongly toward recovery. Some state that they were able to keep many or almost all of their possessions (often subsequent to doing some basic cleaning of them). Mold illness physicians seem equally divided on this topic. “She said not to bring anything with us.” “He said to wash everything in borax or dry clean.” “He didn’t give any directions about cross-contamination at all.” Cork Flooring: The Mold-Resistant Choice for my Family - Mold Free Living. Step By Step HVAC mold removal. The decision to do your own air duct cleaning is a good financial choice; however mold removal products are primarily water and because of gravity will fall to the bottom of duct work fairly rapidly.

Step By Step HVAC mold removal.

Using a fogger that atomizes the solution will help propel the mold remover deeper into the system, but ultimately, only a professional air duct cleaner has the robotics needed to apply a mold killer 360 degrees deep inside duct work. Much of the time cleaning your own air ducts will be successful, because black mold typically forms at the registers and typically forms on the bottom of duct work where the moisture gathers.

Tools / Products needed MoldSTAT Plus Mold RemovalFogmaster Jr Mold Fogger or other sprayersScrewdriverPaper towelsPlastic Garbage bagsNew furnace FilterMixing bucket Preparation Determine the location of EVERY entrance to the heating system. Locate the furnace filter access cover, and outside find the condenser unit. Powerful Mold and Mildew Spray - Rooted Blessings. Mold Remediation Step-By-Step Guide. We’d like to offer you a brief mold remediation step-by-step guide, but please keep in mind, that removing mold can be an incredibly complex task.

Mold Remediation Step-By-Step Guide

If you have mold that covers a surface areas greater than ten square feet, or if you have mold in your HVAC system, the Environmental Protection Agency recommends hiring a mold removal professional to handle the job. If you have any health problems, especially respiratory problems, it’s also best to hire a professional so you don’t expose yourself to greater health risks. Step One: Locate All Mold There’s really no point only removing some of the mold in a home. If you miss even a little bit, it will simply grow and spread and soon you’ll have a full-blown mold problem on your hands again.

Mold Removal & Remediation, Cleaning up the House, Rooms, Spores. Hiring a Professional for Mold Removal If the size of the mold growth in your home is greater than 10 square feet (about 3 feet x 3 feet) the EPA says you should hire a professional mold removal service.

Mold Removal & Remediation, Cleaning up the House, Rooms, Spores

Even if the area of mold growth is smaller it's still best to hire a professional. This way you can be certain that the mold will be completely removed without contaminating the rest of your home. Mold Prevention - Cleaning Clothes exposed to Mold. Alternative Mold Therapies. Updated on September 21, 2015 Initially, I positioned this blog as a list of treatments I found useful in coping with anxiety as a follow up to the blog Mold Induced Anxiety. However, as I thought about what I’d written, I realized that based upon my experience and studies, these treatments are very helpful for Biotoxin Illness regardless of whether anxiety is an issue or not. As such, I’ve decided to relabel this post from “Coping With Mold Anxiety” to “Alternative Mold Therapies” to better reflect its content. I should mention for those with anxiety, that based upon my experience, until the real driver of the anxiety is addressed, it never really completely goes away.

In the case of Biotoxin Illness, this driver is massive inflammation caused by biotoxins and other inflammagens – see What Is Biotoxin Illness. Furthermore, from where I come from, depression is the “kissing cousin” of anxiety. Inflammatory Basis For Psychiatric Symptoms Keep A Diary Your diary doesn’t have to be elaborate. Using an N95 or N99 Air Mask Respirator: Cleaning Up Mold After a Flood - Best Air Filter Pollution Face Mask for Wildfire Smoke, Smog, Dust, Mold, Allergies. When mold and mildew grows after a flood it takes a quality respirator air mask to protect yourself from harmful air borne spores floating in the air. A properly fitting air filter face mask will also protect you from the chemicals used to kill these mold and mildew bacteria.

What is an N95 and N99 Respirator? N95 and N99 respirators decrease the risk of breathing in very small particles in the air caused by sweeping, sawing, and mold removal. The respirator must have a tight seal against your face so that most of the air you inhale goes through the respirator to correctly protect you. N95 and N99 respirators can also protect against chemicals or gases in the air, such as carbon monoxide. What is the Difference Between a Respirator and a Surgical Mask?

Respirators are not the same as surgical masks. When should I wear an N95 or N99 Respirator? How to Heal your Gut from Toxic Mold Illness — Ascent to Health. Mold Remediation in Schools and Commercial Buildings Guide. Please click on the boxes to the right to view the chapters of the "Mold Remediation in Schools and Commercial Buildings. " Introduction. FAQ About Air Scrubbers & Negative Air Machines. Q: Why is negative air pressure important for remodeling, restoration, mold abatement and renovation projects?

A: A negative pressure environment will help to contain the dust, particles, mold and odors within the workspace containment. Air always flows from areas of higher pressure to areas of lower pressure. Creating and maintaining negative air pressure creates inward airflow direction through any leaks or openings in the containment barrier. This prevents airborne particles from escaping into and contaminating other parts of the building. Q: How do I create a negative pressure environment using HEPA Filtered Portable Air Scrubbers? A: In order to create a negative pressure environment, more air must leave the space than enter it. Mold Remediation - Proper Attire for Remediation: Tyvek Suit, Respirator, and Gloves.

Because the insulation in the crawl space was contaminated by exposure to mold—while the mold was growing, whenever the HVAC system or air pressure caused a disturbance under the house, and well as when the ground was raked in preparation for the installation of the CleanSpace System—the insulation had to be removed. What To Know Before Hiring a Mold Remediation Pro – Moldman. 10 Questions to Ask Your Mold Inspector - Mold Inspection Houston. The Issue of Cross Contamination. We left our home and everything in it on October 4, 2008, choosing to start completely over. The contents of our 5500 square foot home went into the dumpsters. Did we really need to leave everything behind on the day we vacated the home? Is Toxic Mold Exposure the Cause of Your Symptoms? Is Toxic Mold Exposure the Cause of Your Symptoms? Are you one of the many people unknowingly living or working in water damaged building?

Toxic Mold Treatment Options. Can Mold In Your Home Make Candida Worse? Walking Away From Toxic Mold – Why You Must Leave Everything Behind. Mold Tips. Killer House.