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Käsityösivut. Fundamentals of Architectural Lighting. The theme of this book is that light is an inseparable part of architectural design, and is intended to provide students of architecture and interior design with a graphic guideline to the fundamental role lighting plays in this process.

Fundamentals of Architectural Lighting

While simple light sources may be enough to satisfy practical needs, the design process must expand beyond basic illumination. The challenge for architects and designers is the creation of luminous environments offering visual interest and a sense of well-being, while also meeting basic seeing needs. Technological advances provide opportunities for the lighting designer's creative introduction of light, and the visual and psychological perceptions of the illuminated architectural environment.

Fundamentals of Architectural Lighting offers a complete comprehensive guide to the basics of lighting design, equipping students and practitioners with the tools and ideas they need to master a variety of lighting techniques. Designing with light and air for sustainability and wellbeing. It is widely acknowledged that there is an urgent need to transform our housing stock to a better energy performance level.

Designing with light and air for sustainability and wellbeing

However, improving energy performance should not result in a negative impact on the health, wellbeing and the comfort of building occupants. There are many energy-neutral features that can be incorporated at small or zero cost which have a positive effect on wellbeing. This book aims to outline and discuss these aspects of building design. The issue of health and wellbeing has already entered into design advice for the workplace, where productivity and absenteeism are often used as indicators. Ebook Central - Detail page. The Intangible Material. Making Architecture Through Being Human. Architecture can seem complicated, mysterious or even ill-defined, especially to a student being introduced to architectural ideas for the first time.

Making Architecture Through Being Human

One way to approach architecture is simply as the design of human environments. When we consider architecture in this way, there is a good place to start – ourselves. Our engagement in our environment has shaped the way we think which we, in turn, use to then shape that environment. It is from this foundation that we produce meaning, make sense of our surroundings, structure relationships and even frame more complex and abstract ideas. This is the start of architectural design. Making Architecture Through Being Human is a reference book that presents 51 concepts, notions, ideas and actions that are fundamental to human thinking and how we interpret the environment around us. Living Architecture, Living Cities. It’s widely accepted that our environment is in crisis.

Living Architecture, Living Cities

Less widely recognized is that three quarters of environmental damage is due to cities – the places where most of us live. As this powerful new book elucidates, global sustainability is therefore directly dependent on urban design. In Living Architecture, Living Cities Christopher Day and Julie Gwilliam move beyond the current emphasis on technological change. They argue that eco-technology allows us to continue broadly as before and only defers the impending disaster. In reality, most negative environmental impacts are due to how we live and the things we buy. Featuring over 400 high quality illustrations, this is essential reading for anyone who believes in the value and power of good design. Guiding Principles for Practice. Architecture and Health recognizes the built environment and health as inextricable encouraging a new mind-set for the profession.

Guiding Principles for Practice

Over 40 international award-winning projects are included to explore innovative design principles linked to health outcomes. The book is organized into three interdependent health domains—individual, community, and global—in which each case study proposes context-specific architectural responses. Case studies include children’s hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, elderly housing, mental health facilities, cancer support centers, clinics, healthy communities, healthcare campuses, wellness centers, healing gardens, commercial offices, infrastructure for developing countries, sustainable design, and more. Elements of Sustainable Architecture. For sustainable architecture to become a reality, the way we design buildings needs to change.

Elements of Sustainable Architecture

Many architects are concerned that sustainable technologies may interfere with a building’s aesthetic appearance, and so these are often ‘added on’ once the design process is complete. Elements of Sustainable Architecture solves this dilemma by helping students to develop the design skills they need to create sustainable buildings – ensuring that ecological considerations are applied throughout the design process. Restoring the primacy of aesthetics and creativity to sustainable design, the book focuses on strategies that have the greatest impact on building design. Architectural Lighting Design : A Practical Guide: EBSCOhost. Urban Lighting for People : Evidence-Based Lighting Design for the Built En...: EBSCOhost.

Designing With Light : The Art, Science and Practice of Architectural Light...: EBSCOhost. Sun, Wind, and Light: Architectural Design Strategies: EBSCOhost. Ooppera – Baletti. Tervetuloa Oopperan ja Baletin virtuaalinäyttämölle!

Ooppera – Baletti

Täällä voit katsoa ja kuunnella mm. esitystallenteita, trailereita ja tekijöiden haastatteluja. Tilaamalla uutiskirjeemme saat sähköpostiisi muistutuksen tulevista lähetyksistä. Pieni merenneito aloittaa Stage24-lähetysten sarjan Stage24-videopalveluun julkaistaan joka maanantai ja torstai esitystallenteita menneiltä kausilta. Sarjan aloittaa koko perheen suosikkibaletti Pieni merenneito, joka tulee katsottavaksi torstaina 26.3. klo 19. Jaa tunnelmat kotikatsomosta #stage24 @oopperabaletti Tervetuloa Oopperan ja Baletin virtuaalinäyttämölle! Tilaamalla uutiskirjeemme saat sähköpostiisi muistutuksen tulevista lähetyksistä. Pieni merenneito aloittaa Stage24-lähetysten sarjan Stage24-videopalveluun julkaistaan joka maanantai ja torstai esitystallenteita menneiltä kausilta. Jaa tunnelmat kotikatsomosta #stage24 @oopperabaletti.