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10 Great Movies You Won't Believe Are on the IMDb Top 250 List – Page 2 of 2 – The Cinemaholic. 5.

10 Great Movies You Won't Believe Are on the IMDb Top 250 List – Page 2 of 2 – The Cinemaholic

The 400 Blows (1959) ‘The 400 Blows’ is essentially about juvenile and adolescent delinquency that is often driven by societal and parental neglect. Not only did this film put the nascent French New Wave on a firm footing but also projected François Truffaut as the brand new face of contemporary cinema. Distinctly autobiographical in nature, Truffaut’s own childhood was troubled and on similar lines.

The film flows like a river and takes the audience on a journey of hope, despair, empathy and even sheer anger. 4. Yet another deeply philosophical film that is not made for everyone’s taste. 3. The thrid Ingmar Bergman film on the list, ‘The Seventh Seal’ could be described as the metaphorical meeting with death. 2. Kubrick’s dystopian crime drama delves deep into the sheer madness and chaos inherent in human psyche. 1.

10 Best Movies About Self-Discovery – The Cinemaholic. There are a few questions I’d like for my fellow movie lovers to ask themselves before we get into the topic of discussion today.

10 Best Movies About Self-Discovery – The Cinemaholic

Why do we watch films? If not entertainment, then what is the purpose of cinema in our lives? And to what levels can a film impact you? 10 Movies You Must Watch if You Love 'The Shawshank Redemption' - The Cinemaholic. Arguably, the most universally loved movie of all time: ‘The Shawshank Redemption’.

10 Movies You Must Watch if You Love 'The Shawshank Redemption' - The Cinemaholic

It is a film that actually flopped at the box office when it first released but slowly over time it has garnered a cult following all around the globe. What exactly about ‘The Shawshank Redemtpion’ makes people love the film so much is unknown, but my best guess — apart from its shocking but feel-good ending — is that ultimately it is a film about a common man who beats the system and gets free. In a way, his redemption is also audience’s redemption. In any case, if you love ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ here are 10 of our recommendations that you should definitely check out. 10. All 16 Cannes Palme d’Or Winners of the 21st Century Ranked « Taste of Cinema - Movie Reviews and Classic Movie Lists. Every year, the Palme d’Or goes to a movie the Cannes jury found most worthy, and almost every year we argue over whether or not they made the right call.

All 16 Cannes Palme d’Or Winners of the 21st Century Ranked « Taste of Cinema - Movie Reviews and Classic Movie Lists

So in preparation for Cannes 2017, here is our highly subjective ranking of all the Cannes winners this century. 16. I, Daniel Blake I, Daniel Blake is a terrible winner in every way conceivable. As a stand-alone movie, it’s too sentimental and simplistic, looking at the world in complete black and white, either condemning characters to be near devils and lauding others as near gods. Not only that, but Ken Loach certainly did not need the recognition – he had won a Palme already (still to appear on the list) and has been making pretty much the same movie for half a century. Should it have won: Absolutely not. 15. Michael Moore’s documentary won in 2004, so in that particular context, his victory is much easier to grasp. Moore is first and foremost, interested in his own interpretation.

15 Great Non-English Language Film Trilogies That Are Worth Watching « Taste of Cinema - Movie Reviews and Classic Movie Lists. There is definitely something appealing about the word trilogy.

15 Great Non-English Language Film Trilogies That Are Worth Watching « Taste of Cinema - Movie Reviews and Classic Movie Lists

In any art, but in cinema especially. Whenever somewhere in the world someone says, “You know, I really loved Fassbinder’s Lola,“ or, “Man, I finally saw that Oldboy movie; it’s really something else! ,“ on nine out of ten of the occasions the answer will be, “Yeah, it’s a good one, but, you know, it’s a part of a trilogy. The 10 Best Movies of Lars von Trier, Ranked. Lars von Trier is a restless filmmaker – in a good way.

The 10 Best Movies of Lars von Trier, Ranked

He strives hard to give us a new experience every time we buy a ticket to watch his films. His deep understanding of the human psyche combined with his penchant for innovative filmmaking is what has made him such a tour de force in world cinema. Once you are introduced to his world you will be hooked for lifetime. The 10 Best Magical Realism Movies, Ranked. Cinema, many would argue, is an escapist medium of entertainment.

The 10 Best Magical Realism Movies, Ranked

Majority of people who watch movies watch them because they want to escape into a world that is better, brighter, happier than theirs. Not many like movies that reflect upon their own realities of life. Though, most of the truest cinephiles would argue the closer a film is to reality the better it is. For this article purposes, let’s leave that conversation — what’s cinema’s ultimate purpose — for later. Because today we are going to list down the films that combine the best of both the worlds — the reality and the fantasy. The 10 Best Movies Based on Comic Books, Ranked.

Comic Books.

The 10 Best Movies Based on Comic Books, Ranked

Graphic Novels. Mangas. For the geeks in us, they have always been the greatest source of entertainment. Most of their characters grew with us and have become an indispensable source of nostalgia and excitement. 10 Movies That Changed My Life; They Could Change Yours Too. Cinema can change lives.

10 Movies That Changed My Life; They Could Change Yours Too

People may try to convince you otherwise; that film is just an entertainment bandwagon that needs to be used and thrown; that it has no “greater purpose”, so to speak. Well, with all due respect to all the detractors and cynics: they are wrong. Cinema can affect lives, they can awaken a nation’s conscience, they can spawn social change and in rare instances, they change the nature of your reality. The great Polish auteur Krzysztof Kieślowski’s ‘Short Film About Killing’ awakened Poland to the horrors of judicial murder and was instrumental in the abolishment of the death penalty.

Don’t miss these films at Kolkata Film Festival. The 22nd Kolkata International Film Festival (KIFF) got underway on Friday.

Don’t miss these films at Kolkata Film Festival

And cine buffs can feast on an array of international films over the next seven days. Kolkata-based filmmaker Atanu Ghosh lists a few films, which are a must-watch this year. Atanu, who has directed Bengali films like Takhan Teish (2010), Rupkatha Noy (2013), Ek Phaali Rodh (2014) and Abby Sen (2015), too is looking forward to watching a few films by some of the masters.

Atanu also explains why these films should be watched. 10 Brilliant Movies That Highlight Importance of Communication. Communication is an integral part everyday life. With the advent of digital revolution, communication has taken a completely different shape and form. People spend more time on interacting with their digital devices than each other. In near future, I won’t be surprised if people start losing art of physical communication. The 10 Greatest Directors of Thrillers and Film Noirs, Ranked. We have already ranked the greatest thriller films of all time. Today, we are ranking the greatest directors of thriller films. One important point to note here is that we are not ranking the directors on their overall work but rather just the thriller or film noirs they have made. How would someone like Quentin Tarantino, who doesn’t specialize in thrillers, compete with someone like David Fincher or Alfred Hitchcock, both of whom have made several great thriller films?

Let’s see. The 10 Best Coming-of-Age Movies of the 21st Century. “Coming-of-age” is quite a popular movie genre in itself — even though, arguably it isn’t classified as a movie genre and is more of a sub-genre of teen films. When you think about it, for whatever reasons, coming-of-age films have been quite popular this century. But how do you classify a “coming-of-age” film? Well, it is quite simple actually. Coming-of-age films focus on a central protagonist who undergoes psychological and moral growth or transition — usually, from youth to adulthood. Personal growth and change is an important characteristic of this genre. 10. The 10 Best Philosophical Movies of All Time, Ranked. Well, you might not find them as entertaining as thrillers or action movies or comedies; you might not even be inclined to watch them during lazy weekends while voraciously searching for cinematic kicks.

Notwithstanding, philosophical movies do exist and there are valid reasons to believe that they exist for the good. Just in case you have a deep penchant to comprehend the governing dynamics of human existence or if you want to take some time out to dig into your own life or if spirituality interests you more than temporality; philosophical movies might just be the right thing for you. Strictly speaking, there is no singular definition of what a philosophical movie is. However, most philosophical movies involve the quest for a suitable meaning of life and adopt definite stands on existentialism. The 20 Greatest Non-Hollywood Movies of the 21st Century. We all know that Hollywood is the biggest film industry in the world — at least by the amount of money it makes and the spotlight it gets. But that doesn’t mean the best films always come from there. Of course, since it produces around 1000 movies every year, some are bound to be great.

In comparison, other countries (except India, China and Nigeria) don’t make movies in such huge volumes. Therefore, you hear less about movies from anywhere except America. However, good movies can be found in almost all parts of the globe (even small countries like Estonia and Nepal have made globally recognizable films). 20. The 12 Greatest World War II Movies of All Time. The second of the great wars brought many things; pain, anger, anguish, separation being one of those. While wars are usually associated with winners, but when you think about the net gain, it’s always a loss.

Everyone had a story to tell from the world wars but not necessarily every story had war in it. Filmmaker Retrospective: The Surrealistic Cinema of Satoshi Kon « Taste of Cinema - Movie Reviews and Classic Movie Lists. The late Satoshi Kon was amongst the foremost prominent Japanese animators, whose works transcended the world of anime and manga, thus creating a modern division of the genre, which chiefly addressed to a mature audience. However, he did not accomplish that via sex and violence, but through the profundity of his themes and a complex style of presentation.

The 15 Best Movies of 2016 (That You Didn't See) It has been a great year for cinema; yeah, I know I am in the minority here. Legends ranging from Martin Scorsese to Pedro Almodovar have been bemoaning the death of cinema. These 11 Regional Films From 2016 Are A Must-Watch For Every Movie Lover. No Movie Buff Should Miss These 20 Brilliant Hollywood Movies That Weren’t Released In India. The 10 Must See Feel-Good Movies of All Time, Ranked.

How do you define what is a “feel good” movie? 5 Brilliant Movies From This Year That You Haven't Seen Yet. In the hype and hoopla of all the summer action and superhero movies, no one pays much attention to small independents films. The 10 Best Coming-of-Age Movies of the 21st Century. The 10 Best Philosophical Movies of All Time, Ranked. 21 Bollywood Movies That Deserved Way More Credit, And Definitely Way More Views. Trip is life - Photos. The 20 Best Hollywood Thrillers of All Time. 30 Hollywood Movies That Are So Perfect, They Should Never Be Remade. Here’s Volume 3 Of The Most Epic Mindfuck Movies In Cinema that You’ve Been Waiting For. It's been a long, long time since we last gave you some indigestible movie fodder for your brain. Now, there's a good chance that part 1 and part 2 of our famed mindfuck movies lists were probably just not enough.

25 UNDERVIEWED BOLLYWOOD FILMS THAT YOU SHOULD WATCH - LifeStyler. Every year we flock to multiplexes to especially during Eid, Diwali or Christmas to catch our favourite stars do the clichéd slapstick formula movies like Rowdy Rathore, Happy New Year, Kick and Jai Ho (Bhai’s list is endless), over and over again. 5 Movies that will inspire you to learn or practice music. The 10 Best Marion Cotillard Movies You Need To Watch. Parisian actress Marion Cotillard was practically an unknown to American audiences when she won hearts, minds and a well-deserving Oscar for her performance as legendary French singer Edith Piaf in La Vie en Rose. It’s been eight years since, and while she took plenty of wonderful roles in English-speaking films, her finest works still seems to come from when she’s back at her homeland.

So much so that, when compiling her 10 best performances in my opinion, I ended up with five films spoken in her native tongue. A few of them are not as well-known as they should be, so there’s an opportunity here to find true gems from the very unique French cinema. Then again, Marion is always so damn good in everything that any of these films would be a wise choice if you haven’t watched them. The 10 Best Michael Fassbender Movies You Need To Watch. 6. 12 Years a Slave, dir. The 23 Best Scandinavian Movies of The 21st Century. 15 Great Movies That Use Natural Landscape Wonderfully. 10 Masterpieces of European Art Cinema Every Movie Fan Should See. The 10 Best Natalie Portman Movies You Need To Watch. The 20 Best Danish Movies of All Time. Eight detective films which will make you smarter. 10 films you need to watch twice. 20 great movies according to movie lovers. 40 Movies About Photography Every Photographer Should Watch – Resource Magazine.

These 30 Hollywood Biopics Are A Must Watch If You Love Watching True Stories. 15 incredible movies that will blow your mind. 10+ Best Travel Movies Based On True Stories. 17 Hollywood Movies That Will Change The Way You Look At Life. 15 Great Nordic Thrillers That Are Worth Your Time. The 15 Best Gary Oldman Movies You Need To Watch. The 20 Best Movies That Didn’t Receive Best Picture Nominations (2000-2009)

10 Essential Richard Linklater Films You Need To Watch. 12 Essential Federico Fellini Films You Need To Watch. Filmmaker Retrospective: The Poetic Cinema of Wong Kar-wai. The 15 Best Latin American Films of The 21st Century. The 15 Best Road Movies of The 21st Century. The 15 Best Non-Hollywood Animated Films Of The 2000s.