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English Vocabulary - How to use PLAY, GO, DO for sports. The Hockey Song. ESL Sports Quiz Game. CanYouDoaHandstand. HowDoTheyStayHealthy. WhatEventsAreTheyIn. WhatSportsAreTheyPlaying2. Sports Words. Sports Words Click the answer button to see the answer.

Sports Words

He went to play at the golf ___.a. trackb. courtc. courseShe goes to the pool to swim ___.a. roundsb. coursesc. lapsThe Olympics are ___ every four years.a. heldb. madec. takenShe lost the match because a string broke in her ___.a. clubb. racketc. stickSome athletes are ___ because of drug testing.a. lostb. disqualifiedc. reservedSoccer is played on a ___.a. courseb. trackc. fieldIf you don't warm up properly, you could ___ a muscle.a. pushb. hitc. pullThe race was very close. 10 Most Dangerous Extreme Sports. English Vocabulary and Grammar, Sports Equipment, there is versus there are.