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Free Scholarship Searches Free Scholarship Searches College in ColoradoSearch by category for scholarships to Colorado colleges. Scholarship Experts It's no accident we're listing Scholarship Experts first. They are one of the best, most comprehensive free online scholarship searches available to students, parents, and educators. Petersons/CAPPEX The two sites apparently partner on this free scholarship search. High Five Scholarships They imply that they have a data base with "millions of Scholarships" worth $45 billion dollars. Pardon our skepticism but that sounds like a lot.

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12 Good WordPress Clone Themes They say imitation is the best form of flattery. This is especially true in the design world. Elements from popular websites have been duplicated across the web. Some developers have gone one step further and attempted to duplicate the entire design of a popular service. 12 Good WordPress Clone Themes

This is the first in a series of posts by Candy Chang, an intern from my alma mater whom I had the pleasure of hosting this past week. She put together a summary of NetBase’s social intelligence report on Sennheiser, a German headphone manufacturer. My generation has grown up with parents always tugging earphones out of our ears or yanking headphones off our heads, warning us about our imminent deafness. That being said, I’ve been using those cheap, free earphones and hand-me-down iPod ones for the past 7 years. If I’m going to lose my hearing, I should get some nice headphones to do it in style. Enterprise Social Intelligence Platform | NetBase Enterprise Social Intelligence Platform | NetBase
96,696 views Featured in : Business & Mgmt Content marketing requires a shift in company culture, resources, budgets, partners and strategy. Content: The New Marketing Equation Content: The New Marketing Equation
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The December 2013 Google Analytics Recap Happy New Year, and we wish you a fun, successful year of happy analyzing! Here’s your summary of what happened over at Google Analytics in December, and why it should matter to you. Google Analytics Dashboards for Quick Insights Tuesday, December 3, 2013 The gist: Guest poster and GACP Benjamin Mangold (from Loves Data) shared […] Mastering PPC: Find your Average Position Sweet Spot Contrary to what you might have heard, optimizing average positions does not always mean gunning for the top spot. SEO, SEM & Analytics Insights SEO, SEM & Analytics Insights
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Content Curation: Essential Advice from Industry Thought Leaders It's a well-known fact that the game has changed when it comes to interacting with B2B buyers. After all, the Internet makes it easy to for you to share content with prospects ??? and for your prospects to find relevant information. As a result, prospective buyers can largely bypass you until late in the buying cycle. But your prospects need help. Content Curation: Essential Advice from Industry Thought Leaders Content Curation: Essential Advice from Industry Thought Leaders
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Why Content Curation Is Here to Stay For website content publishers and content creators, there’s a debate raging as to the rights and wrongs of curation. While content aggregation has been around for a while with sites using algorithms to find and link to content, the relatively new practice of editorial curation — human filtering and organizing — has created what I’m dubbing, “The Great Creationism Debate.” The debate pits creators against curators, asking big questions about the rules and ethical questions around content aggregation. It turns out that lots of smart and passionate people are taking sides and voicing their opinions. In trying to understand the issue and the new emerging rules, I reached out to some of the experts who are weighing in on how curation could help creators and web users have a better online experience. The Issues at Hand Why Content Curation Is Here to Stay
Content Marketing Resources: Glossary - Curata Aggregate - the process of compiling and grouping information. Ann Handley - Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs, a leading marketing resource for marketing professionals. Co-author of Content Rules. Autoblogging - refers to the process of automatically posting content to your blog or website. Content is commonly generated by an RSS feed or other type of aggregator. Oftentimes mistaken with content curation, autoblogging offers less control over the specificity and customization of content published. Content Marketing Resources: Glossary - Curata
Content Marketing Resources: Webinars & Case Studies - Curata Content Marketing Resources: Webinars & Case Studies - Curata 2014 Content Marketing Tactics Planner 2014 Content Marketing Tactics Planner is Curata's third annual content marketing benchmark study. The findings in this years report dive deep into the tactics of digital content marketing. This study includes what tactical maneuvers are being made by 500+ marketing organizations, including guidance on what you can do to differentiate your own content marketing strategy. Download eBook » Stop Egocentric Marketing
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