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Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits. The Open Organisation Of Lockpickers. Geodesic Hub Connectors. Introduction to Stepper Motors. If you are reading this, then you probably want to know more about stepper motors.

Introduction to Stepper Motors

I will start at the basics and work my way up. I am going to be referring to the permanent magnet 2 phase variety. Other stepper motors exist but are beyond the scope of this article. A stepper motor is a brushless DC motor that is made to turn a fraction of a turn at a time. This means that the stepper motor is ideal for use in CNC machines (like the RepRap, Makerbot, Ultimaker etc) as the small steps – hence the name – allow for greater precision that is possible with standard DC motors.

Simplified Building - Kee Klamp, Kee Lite, Fittings, Railings, Industrial Connectors, Pipe Fittings. Pdfs/sugru_instructions.pdf. Ink sandwiches, electric worms, and ... Evil Mad Science: Product Directory.