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For Slack's Vancouver Office, Leckie Studio Updates Industrial Warehouse for Modern Work. In the early 1900’s, an eight-block district of Vancouver was the region’s center of warehousing activity.

For Slack's Vancouver Office, Leckie Studio Updates Industrial Warehouse for Modern Work

A century later, Leckie Studio Architecture + Design looked to that history when designing an office for software company Slack, housed in a 1911 former warehouse. “We were inspired by the industrial character of the building,” principal Michael Leckie says. The 7 Best Wireless Chargers. Testing Out Vi, an AI Personal Trainer Fitness Wearable. 25 Places Worth Visiting in 2018. The 7 Biggest Nail Trends of 2018 - Pretty Nail Art Ideas for 2018. As Plato once wisely stated, trends come and go, but nails are forever.

The 7 Biggest Nail Trends of 2018 - Pretty Nail Art Ideas for 2018

(Hey, can you be positive that he didn’t?! Exactly.) And now that 2017 is, thankfully, dead and done, we can now look forward to the newness of 2018. 11 preguntas que debes hacerte antes de diseñar o rediseñar tu lugar de trabajo. 10 Most Read Articles of 2017 - Think with Google. Read the full piece. 6.

10 Most Read Articles of 2017 - Think with Google

Creativity in constraint: telling your brand’s story in six seconds How do you take everything you want to say about your brand and condense it into one six-second ad? More importantly, how do you do that in a way that grabs people’s attention and leaves them desperate to find out more? We spoke with eight marketers to get their tips for handling creativity in constraint. Read the full piece. What you can learn from Google’s top 2017 searches - Think with Google. If you want to see the events, personalities, and moments people cared about in 2017, search no farther than, well, search.

What you can learn from Google’s top 2017 searches - Think with Google

What people look for provides a window into their interests, needs, and wants. This year, people turned to Google Search to discover the secrets of slime and locate solar eclipse glasses, as well as to learn how to help hurricane victims, and support the city of Las Vegas in the wake of October’s mass shooting. Amid all of these searches, new consumer behaviors emerged and a new super-empowered consumer took shape. We found that people are more curious, more demanding, and more impatient than ever before. We saw evidence of this throughout 2017, and it will be critical for marketers to understand these new behaviors as they move into 2018.

People have long turned to search to satisfy their curiosity. Mensfitness. Mensfitness. Mensfitness. Mensfitness. Biblioteca IED Madrid. Los secretos de Rusia. AA first edition of ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ sells for $142k - Luxurylaunches. First editions of Harry Potter usually sell for a fortune.

AA first edition of ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ sells for $142k - Luxurylaunches

And especially the very first book of the iconic series, it is bound to mint a ton! Keeping true to this tradition, an absolute mint copy of the ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ recently sold for $142416 (£106,250) at Bonhams, UK. The 20-year-old children’s classic by JK Rowling broke its $40209 (£30,000) estimate to fetch its current selling price.

The sale that took place at Bonhams’ Fine Books and Manuscripts event in London also created a world record for the highest price fetched by a first edition Harry Potter at an auction. The feature that made the book even more expensive was an accompanying signed inscription by JK Rowling that read, ‘For Meera, Donnie, Nastassia and Kai, with lots of love from Jo.’ Review – The Ritz Carlton Langkawi. The three things you need after a stressful flight with an infant that’s coupled with the lack of sleep and lost luggage is a little peace, quiet and a place to call home.

Review – The Ritz Carlton Langkawi

The Ritz Carlton Langkawi provided all of those and then some. Lufthansa has revealed new business class cabin with throne-like seats - Luxurylaunches. German airline Lufthansa has unveiled concept designs for its new business class cabin that includes luxurious seats that can be converted into beds that are up to 7-feet long.

Lufthansa has revealed new business class cabin with throne-like seats - Luxurylaunches

This gives us a glimpse of the airline’s Business Class seat and cabin would look like when it takes delivery of its first Boeing 777X aircraft which will be available for the first time in 2020. The cabin will have a capacity for 45 to 60 passengers, depending on the final configuration, and the seats will be configured in a 1-2-1 and 1-1-1 formation, providing direct aisle access for every passenger for the first time. The new configuration will also provide flyers with an increased amount of personal space along with more privacy and generous storage compartments and flat surfaces. The new improved seat is the key feature of the cabin which has been developed with the goal of facilitating the finest and most peaceful sleep above the clouds. The 10 Best Gifts for Runners. There are few things more annoying on a long run than a jangling headphones cord.

The 10 Best Gifts for Runners

A good pair of wireless headphones solves the issue, but even better, hook up with the growing array of music-enabled smartwatches. That means you can leave the bulky phone at home. The 5 Latin American Spirits Your Home Bar Needs. Welcome to Pick Your Poison, wherein the world’s best bartenders help stock your bar, one spirit at a time.

The 5 Latin American Spirits Your Home Bar Needs

Once upon a time, booze-making was a highly regionalized trade. You got your whiskies from Scotland, your bourbons from Kentucky, and your tequilas from Mexico. But in recent years, things have changed — for the better. Now you can get a great whisky from Japan. 2017 Holiday Gift Guide For Your Old Man. Mensfitness. Miracle Holiday Pop-Up Bar. ‘Tis the season for being jolly.

Miracle Holiday Pop-Up Bar

Or, as Sally once noted, “a lot of suicides.” Helping you keep up your Yuletide spirit (or shall we say spirits): Miracle, the Xmas-themed pop-up bar with more than 50 locations, pouring worldwide until Dec. 24th. Miracle originated in 2014 at NYC’s Mace, a spice-forward speakeasy that’s also a frequent inclusion on the World’s 50 Best Bars list. This year, Miracle’s wintry takeover — a collaboration with barware gurus Cocktail Kingdom — has expanded to more than 50 cities worldwide, and definitely to a cocktail den near you. Seriously: You can currently experience it everywhere from Asheville, NC, to Worcester, MA, and everywhere in-between (see the full list of participating watering holes here). And yes, Die Hard is a Christmas movie. SNAP - Music Knowledge TechnologyMusic Knowledge Technology. MR PORTER - The online retail destination for men's style.

NET-A-PORTER.COM. 20 Cozy Thanksgiving Cocktail Recipes to Drink on Thanksgiving Day. Fact: Family get-togethers are instantly better when cocktails are involved. Case in point: What's that you're saying, Aunt Sally? You're asking me why I'm still single? I'm blissfully smiling and nodding because I have a pumpkin sour in hand. Or, Oh look, dad's playing the family another home video we've seen a hundred times?

Mmmm, tablespoons of whipped cream on this Chocolate Caliente, though. 1 Pumpkin Spice and Shake Ingredients: 2 oz. 1 cup Chocolate Ice Cream. Rum Drinks to Put You in the Summer Spirit - Best Rum Cocktails. 1 Surf City Spritz Ingredients: 100+ Christmas Cocktails & Holiday Alcoholic Drink Recipes for 2017. 1 of 101 Time and Time Ingredients: 4 oz. Why We Love Honey — And How To Shop For It. By Amy Sherman Ancient remedies are squarely in vogue, with bone broth, essential oils, cupping and others enjoying plenty of press and celebrity Instagram love. Add honey to this group of cool, must-have, grandma-approved items, which humans have been utilizing for millennia. Traditionally, honey has been used to treat a variety of ailments ranging from gastric ulcers and indigestion to fungal infections and sore throat.

Modern researchers are interested in its amino acids, vitamins, minerals and enzymes, as well as the flavonoids and polyphenols within it that act as antioxidants, and studies show that humans have been smart to use honey to treat coughs in children, as a topical wound treatment and much more. “Organic, raw honey is a great natural sweetener.

There are nearly 300 varieties of honey available in the U.S., thanks to the different types of blooms bees use to make it. Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show - Belzona Marine. Google Home's new Mini and Max are hygge-ready. Why you should travel to Tuvalu. We’ve all been there—you book a vacation meant to be serene and rejuvenating only to get to your sunny locale and realize that, well, everyone else seems to have had the same idea. Though totally bypassing hordes of tourists may seem impossible, there is one surefire way: Go to the least-visited country in the world. (And yes, it’s a beautiful tropical island—AKA the perfect place to stage a one-woman Big Quiet.) Last year, the United Nations World Tourism Organization announced that the tiny nation of Tuvalu hosted the fewest tourists, and it’s honestly really hard to figure out why.

The fourth-smallest country in the world (which is actually a chain of nine small islands), Tuvalu sits somewhere in between Australia and Hawaii (sounds like the best seat at the table, right?). Plus, the official language is English (though locals—there are only about 11,000—might be so puzzled to see you, they’ll ask you why you’re there, according to one Australian writer). The only problem?

The 12 best new home-security devices. Welcome to Buy Choice, in which we pick one everyday item, cut out all the noise, and present you with nothing but the best options on the market. Amazon wants access to your home. Macys. Shopspring. Faherty Brand Tech Poncho - Exclusive. 60 Bar Cabinets & Breakfronts - Dering Hall. 23 Creative Spaces Where Rustic Meets Modern - Inspiration - Dering Hall. 10 Best Halloween Cocktails 2017 - Scary Good Halloween Drink Recipes.

Halloween. A time of terrible costumes, nostalgia-inducing TV movies, and kids knocking at your door asking for candy (the amount of which, let's be real, has considerably diminished since time of purchase). 10 Easy Halloween Eye Makeup Ideas - Quick Halloween Makeup Tutorials. Movember Tips: The Right Product. Untitled. 12 healthy travel spots wellness pros love. 5 destinos imperdibles de la nueva lista de la UNESCO. Durante décadas, la UNESCO se ha encargado de conservar y celebrar nuestra historia, de proteger todos esos lugares antiguos, pueblos perdidos, monumentos milenarios, zonas arqueológicas y naturales emblemáticas que son un testamento de los inicios de la civilización y que muestran cómo la sociedad ha evolucionado con el paso del tiempo. Este año, 21 sitios más acaban de ser sumados a una larga lista de lugares que ya encabezan la bucket list de miles de viajeros. 5 halloween costumes to make from workout wear. Upright Go Posture Back Pain Device. Timex Men's Essentials Classic Wardrobe Style.

Harry Styles y Gucci, simplemente la pareja perfecta. Los próximos 30 y 31 de marzo de 2018, Harry Styles visitará Barcelona y Madrid. No lo hará solo. La gabardina de Zidane y otras nueve alternativas para este otoño. La Champions League devolvió la alegría a los madridistas, que vuelven de Alemania con la primera victoria en toda su historia en casa del Borussia Dortmund. La increíble colaboración entre Hans Zimmer y Radiohead para 'Planeta Azul' Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie's French Chateau – PropGoLuxury - Property News. How to Turn (Almost) Every Lady's Head.

The 7 Best Exercises to Build Arms That Turn Heads. Kreisel Electric Shows Off The World’s First EV Hummer. BÍku - Tree House Retreat - bíku Panama. Should you work out on an empty stomach? Mel Gibson pone a la venta su jungla de Costa Rica - Actualidad. What You Missed at Miami Swim Week. Get a sneak peek at Target's new Oh Joy! collab. LVMH Is Opening a $70 Million Theme Park in Paris - Condé Nast Traveler. Connecting Through Play. Connecting Through Play. Connecting Through Play. Irse de fiesta es un arte. The healthiest cocktails to order at a bar.

The healthiest cocktails to order at a bar. Menu - Menu Boxed Wine Tote "Baggy Winecoat" At AHA. Untitled. Superfood donuts with matcha and spirulina. These chocolate doughnuts require no cooking. The Labor Day Weekend party guide. Belle - A Powerful Bluetooth Speaker and Wireless Hub by Podo Labs. Belle Portable Bluetooth Radio.

Watermelon: 5 Creative Ways To Enjoy It This Summer. The Fall Movie Guide 2017. Watch Jim Carrey Art Documentary ‘I Needed Color’ Find Luxury Property & Real Estate - PropGOLuxury. Behold, The New Rolls-Royce-Phantom VIII. The Cary Briefcase - Navy and Tan by Stuart & Lau. 5 trucos de YouTube que quizás no conocías - BBC Mundo. Software para crear animaciones en linea. Explore Mystical Scenes of Abandoned Places Around the World - The Shutterstock Blog. It's Official: The 'Top Gun' Sequel Has a Release Date. The 2019 Aston Martin Valkyrie Is Going To Be Set Loose. 10 Best White Sneakers for Men in 2017 - 10 White Shoes to Wear Right Now. How to do a social media detox—and the benefits.

The 15 Ways to Stay Cool This Summer. Street Style: Paris Men’s Fashion Week - The New York Times. Cómo llevar una escultura en forma de bolso, de Issey Miyake. Surfing paradise Costa Rica - iFly KLM Magazine. Indossiamo la cultura - Google Arts & Culture. 37 Things a Man's Gotta Do This Summer 2017. Ibiza Glam: An Exclusive Mediterranean Rainbow Hotel Room. Mi Cocina: Handcrafted, Selvedge Denim Grilling Gear. GoPro Fusion. Waze te permite grabar tus propios comandos de voz. Drake's 21,000-Square-Foot Mansion in Toronto Is Captured By Drone Video. Why beige sneakers are the new trendy neutral. The 18 Essential Cannes Restaurants. Tea To Help Combat Seasonal Allergies.