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EMC - Network Storage, Data Recovery, Information Management RSA Security Console no "last used authenticate" Hi guys, Good day, one of the account has no info. about the "last used authenticate", we need that info to help us see ... January 16, 2014 EMC - Network Storage, Data Recovery, Information Management
The Green Grid
Uptime Institute
Forrester Research
Green Data Center News Green Data Center News Once limited to scientific research, many businesses now use High-Performance Computing (HPC) clusters. Lisa Rhodes, VP corporate strategy and marketing development at Verne Global, explains why. HPC clusters are used to underpin big data platforms that analyse large amounts of data, or to run applications like advanced 3D modelling and event simulation. As more and more businesses turn to these sophisticated tools, Lisa Rhodes, VP of corporate strategy and business development, at Verne Global talks us through the five reasons why HPC applications can - and should - be hosted in a green data centre:
Cambridge Technology Partners
Data Center Map

Data Center Map

Welcome to Data Center Map - your guide to the global data center market, with focus on colocation, IP transit, cloud and various hosting services. Navigate through the map below, browse through our text-based index, use our search function or request a quote via our quote service. Non-neutral DC's