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Seeing the Trees through the Forest

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Iranian-American Like Me. Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the last Shah of Iran, grabbed a fistful of Iranian soil before leaving Iran forever in January 1979.

Iranian-American Like Me

After months of bloody demonstrations and a call for his removal from power, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the last Shah of Iran, grabbed a fistful of Iranian soil before leaving Iran forever in January 1979. It was a symbolic gesture; one filled with love for his native land, but it also signaled the knowledge that he would never return. A Harrowing Account of What It’s Like to Die From a Snakebite. Why Families Are Bringing Kids to a Drug-Fueled Desert Hippie Festival.

Seeing the Forest through the Trees

Sonder: the Realization that Everyone has a Story. Fuckit_sowhat comments on [Serious] What is an alarming fact that the next generation is going to have to deal with? Ccccolegenrock comments on The All American Strip Mall. A (rather humorous) interactive journey in and around a refugee camp in Iraq- features incredibly detailed sketches, live cam and video interviews. : InternetIsBeautiful. The whistleblower's tale: How an accountant took on Halliburton.

This story was produced in collaboration with ProPublica.

The whistleblower's tale: How an accountant took on Halliburton

The email that ruined Tony Menendez’s life arrived on a warm and sunny February afternoon in 2006. Menendez is, by nature, precise and logical, but his first instinct was somewhat irrational. He got up to close the door to his office, as if that might somehow keep the message from speeding across cyberspace. Then he sat down at his desk to puzzle out what had just happened.

The email was sent by Mark McCollum, Halliburton’s chief accounting officer, and a top-ranking executive at Halliburton, where Menendez worked. Panic gripped Menendez. Ten minutes passed, maybe fifteen. Menendez drove around for hours. “Ondy,” he cried out to her, frantic. As shocked as Menendez was, his wife had seen something like this coming. Mkultra123 comments on TIL of Central American Stingless Bees that have been cultivated by Mayans for thousands of years. The bees are regarded as pets and their hives hung in and around the home. Some hives have been recorded as lasting over 80 years, be. I Can't See Faces: 5 Weird Facts About My Life. Have you ever had that weird feeling that comes with failing to recognize someone you've known all your life?

I Can't See Faces: 5 Weird Facts About My Life

Maybe it's a friend you haven't seen in six months who's lost 70 pounds since you last saw them, or your doctor turning up at the grocery store in a Hawaiian shirt and a week of vacation-beard stubble. It's almost like they're in disguise. Now imagine this is your experience with every single person you know -- including your own family, spouse, and best friend. Constantly having to squint and say, "Bobby?

Is that you? " #5. 8 Things Vietnam War Movies Leave Out (By an Enemy Soldier) Even if your knowledge of the Vietnam War comes exclusively from Hollywood films and Texan textbooks that only refer to it as "that one the good guys lost," you've probably heard about the Viet Cong.

8 Things Vietnam War Movies Leave Out (By an Enemy Soldier)

They were a bunch of jungle-fighting guerrilla warriors who killed American boys via night-time ambushes and terrifying traps. Well, that's one side of the story. 6 People Who Had No Clue Their Faces Were World-Famous. Becoming accidentally famous must be an unpleasantly surreal experience.

6 People Who Had No Clue Their Faces Were World-Famous

Rebecca Black is the most cited example of the phenomenon these days (as though she was just dancing down the street one day and accidentally passed through a terrible music video) but she's far from the most mind blowing example. For instance, imagine driving through the streets of, say, Beijing, and suddenly seeing your face on a billboard for instant noodles. Imagine you then find out your face is the Chinese equivalent of the Gerber's Baby, and has been for decades, and you never had a clue. This apparently happens all the time. Why Are So Many People Living Underground in Beijing? Expand Personally, I like living without windows, but I work a lot in the dark and may be part vampire.

Why Are So Many People Living Underground in Beijing?

What it's like to be a bartender in Antarctica. Spend A Year Inside The Loneliest (And Coldest) Place On Earth. Kinja is in read-only mode.

Spend A Year Inside The Loneliest (And Coldest) Place On Earth

We are working to restore service. "I missed the stars and the nighttime before I missed the sun. " Why do toilets in China smell so bad? Chinese public toilet. What was life like for Russians in the days and weeks following the collapse of the Soviet Union? : AskReddit. Traveled to Mexico to buy chemicals to humanely kill myself, bought a mound of cocaine and spent a week fucking prostitutes two at a time : casualiama. Went to Mexico to buy barbiturates for a humane and peaceful death.

Traveled to Mexico to buy chemicals to humanely kill myself, bought a mound of cocaine and spent a week fucking prostitutes two at a time : casualiama

Decided that if I was gonna die anyway I might as well fuck a prostitute before it was all over. After that a cab driver offered to sell me cocaine. One thing lead to another, and I got a room above a whore house equipped with a heart shaped bed, a stripper pole, and a hot tub. Spent a full week snorting coke off tits, popping pain meds, drinking tequila, eating handfuls of Viagra to fight the whiskey/coke dick, and had three FFM threesomes. LifeInAPost - Where Reddit shares life stories. The diaries of nearly 4,000 World War One soldiers are now online. IamA 94 year old WWII Veteran who was conscripted by the Soviets, captured by the Germans, and emigrated to the United States, AMA. : IAmA. Turkish Shepherds Use "Plug-and-Play Donkeys" To Get Online. "Fast Company"'s web site claims: The devices, marketed by the Turkish solar panel company Ser-Gün as a "plug-and-play donkey," produce between five and seven kilowatts of electricity, enough to charge many laptops.

Turkish Shepherds Use "Plug-and-Play Donkeys" To Get Online

What is it like being a single bachelor in China knowing that the men outnumber women by 34 million? : AskReddit. Tacticalvision comments on 32 Tanks Enter Ukraine From Russia. Homeless man called a bum, this will change your perspective. "A friend of mine visited a Falcon shop in Doha, Qatar." xpost from /r/pics : travel. Edge of the abyss. Daddy’s little girl … Michael Schofield with his daughter, Janni, in 2006.

Edge of the abyss

The first weeks of Janni's life, my wife, Susan, and I are taking lots of home video, imagining her watching these tapes alongside us and her friends as a teenager, pretending to be mortified, but happy on the inside knowing how important she's been to us from the beginning. About a week into her life, she stops sleeping, aside from 20 to 30 naps within a 24-hour day. We're still recording, though. We don't want to miss anything, although we do need to sleep at some point. IamA Michael Schofield, father of Jani Schofield, diagnosed with child-onset schizophrenia at age 6 and author of January First. AMA! : IAmA. Gorbachev Tried To Get George Bush To Spoil Who Killed Laura Palmer. Kinja is in read-only mode. We are working to restore service. How Ta-Nehisi Coates Inspired a Book About the Hunt for Vulcan. The Curse of Kiseki: How One Of Japan's Biggest RPGs Barely Made It To America. Mr_blehlup comments on Captain docks 5,000 ton tanker at Port of Galway.

Diary of Soviet Ambassador to London Rewrites History of World War II. I Was Told I Needed To “Repent” For Being Raped At My Christian College - xoJane. Trigger warning: This article discusses rape and sexual assault. Please read with caution. My back was pressed up against plexiglass, a wall of windows facing out into the hallway. I was on display, an exhibit for other college students to peer at as they walked to their classes. 5 Insane Realities At My Fundamentalist Christian College. Religious schools are as old as religion itself, and there's nothing wrong with keeping the "God" in education(g). But when college students are sent to live at a Christian school where their every move is monitored, well, there is a certain potential for things to get weird. Pensacola Christian College, for instance, has come under fire for what has been described as a cult-like atmosphere, along with the little matter of not having any accreditation at all.

We spoke to one former student who we'll call "Lilith. " She attended PCC and told us ... Bingewatching History: I Relived 16 Depressing Years Of The Daily Show. Iva Toguri D'Aquino. Early life[edit] On July 5, 1941, Toguri sailed for Japan from the San Pedro, Los Angeles area, to visit an ailing relative.[2][8] The U.S. State Department issued her a Certificate of Identification; she did not have a passport.[9][10] In August, Toguri applied to the U.S. Vice Consul in Japan for a passport, stating she wished to return to her home in the U.S.[11] Her request was forwarded to the State Department, but following the attack on Pearl Harbor (December 7, 1941), the State Department refused to certify her citizenship in 1942.[12] The Zero Hour[edit] Film of Iva Toguri D'Aquino and an unidentified announcer recreating propaganda broadcasts.

Postwar arrest and trial[edit] Arrest[edit] Toguri being interviewed by the press in September 1945 Treason trial[edit] Presidential pardon[edit] Flaresandbeer comments on When was that ''moment'' you realized that you're hanging out with the wrong crowd? Bulllee comments on Toronto on brink of a mob war, Italy warns. Fried spider, anyone? - Features - Food and Drink - The Independent. Just over an hour outside the capital Phnom Penh, Skuon sits on the main route to Angkor Wat - Cambodia's biggest tourist draw. At first glance, it appears to be little more than a dusty trucker's stop; perhaps a dozen scruffy roadside restaurants round a roundabout carved from the tracks of passing vehicles.

But few drive through Skuon without halting their journey, and the roundabout has grown increasingly fuzzy at the edges as bus after bus skids to a stop to grab its fill of arachnid treats. Phnom Penh resident Punthea Khoeun has come to stock up on fresh Skuon spiders, or "a-ping" as they are locally known. "I just love them," she says, "every time I pass through Skuon I have to stop, but today I've come specially. " Like many other connoisseurs, Punthea has a particular taste for pregnant females which, laden with eggs, offer both enhanced nutritional value and taste. The origins of arachnid consumption, however, are founded in necessity rather than extravagance. Eating spiders in Skuon, Cambodia - rhymer rigby, cuttings and work. Americans, what should a Brit NOT do when in the states? : AskReddit. Bradenlikestoreddit comments on Skateboarding Accuracy.

Ivy League Admissions Are a Sham: Confessions of a Harvard Gatekeeper. Kursed_Valeth comments on ELI5: What happens in my brain when I remember something that I had previously forgotten? Medieval Crime Reports Are A Treasure Trove Of Details On Daily Life. The Bizarre True-Life Tale Of The Hoax Behind The Book I, Libertine. I listened to Jean Shepherd all the time in the '60s. over 18? Nearly Everyone In This Alaska Town Lives In A Single Building. Discuss all things Kurdistan. ItsonFire911 comments on One of the strangest scenes I have ever come across while exploring. Columns made of old dolls and toys inside an abandoned middle school. (Full set in comments) DEFY_member comments on It's the Earth that's moving! _Postmaster_ comments on TIL Keiko, the orca who starred in Free Willy was released in the wild in July of 2002 after being in captivity for 23 years. A few weeks after his release, he showed up at a Norwegian fjord in hopes of seeking human contact and w.

0xdeadf001 comments on How can independent/unknown developers make better, decent, and far more superior applications than Microsoft? I grew up with blind parents, AMA! : IAmA. Titanic Engineers. [Self] The math required to accurately fire a howitzer (info in comments) : theydidthemath. Gdj11 comments on Definitely fooled me...! The ladyboy pageant of Thailand.

DangerChips comments on Relationship between age and happiness in countries around the world. TheOneCalledAtlas comments on recorded myself saying "i love you", printed the the wave form and put it in a locket for my sister. 10 of the Most Important Life Lessons I Learned from My 20s. What are some of the happiest moments in history? : AskHistorians. BrittSprink comments on Blind people of Reddit, what is sexual attraction like for you? Ex-Cons, if I had an upcoming prison sentence, what should I do to help prepare myself for my incarceration? : AskReddit. I paid a woman to be my friend at a Tokyo Maid Cafe. Holly_Tyler comments on Today's Pearls Before Swine. I accompanied someone to the police station to report a sexual assault, and this is what happened - A Day in the Life of a Sexologist. Electricmink comments on I believe its insensitive to expect the poor to "pick themselves up by the bootstraps" CMV.

Flooglyooll comments on What are some awesome things I'm missing out in the "Non english internet" ? Mistresses of reddit - Why do you do it? : AskReddit. Archive. What it's like to live with short-term memory loss. I live with my mother, who has severe short term memory loss related to various auto-immune conditions. Theoccassional comments on Schizophrenia, Understanding Delusion, and Buddhist Philosophy. ObviouslyAnnie comments on Redditors who have been in a coma - how did you realise how much time had passed, and were you surprised?

IAmA former German citizen under Hitler's third reich. I lived there from when I was born in 1936 to 1956. AMAA. : IAmA. IamA 102 year old WWII vet, still mobile, healthy and in touch with the world. AMA! : IAmA. My grandfather was an image analyst for U-2 spy planes in the 1950's, he's slowly losing his memory due to Alzheimer’s. Who should I get in contact with to make sure his story is recorded? : AskHistorians.

Ors who have undergone Sexual Reassignment, how do people treat you differently now that you're a different sex? [serious] : AskReddit. Nightcrawler616 comments on No you shitlord! I am too Asexual. I am very much attracted to some people but I am not SEXUALLY attracted to them. I just want to have sex with them... UGH! WOW! The Crazy Story Of How A Skyscraper Became A 45-Story Slum. Secretsuperhero comments on ELI5:How dangerous are American ghettos ? IamA Prison Guard at a maximum security prison, AmA, though you may not like what you hear. : IAmA. Phrases used by Kelly Thomas begging for his life while getting beat to death by police officers. : MorbidReality.

My Daughter’s Homework Is Killing Me - Karl Taro Greenfeld. 5 Ways Delivering Food Is Like Living in a Tarantino Movie. Ukraine's Capital is literally revolting (Livestream) : worldnews. Iranian-American Like Me. My life of hell in an Afghan harem. Phyllis Chesler, 72, is a feminist scholar and a professor emerita of psychology and women’s studies at City University of New York. Texts from my son during the Arapahoe shooting. ViciousNakedMoleRat comments on Cleared out an old tenants flat for my father last year. This is what was inside.