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Elementary Library Makerspace Resources. Collaborative Resources created with Mrs.

Elementary Library Makerspace Resources

Aasl13 SL Makerspaces. AASL Standards for Makerspaces.pdf. Makerspace Resources. The resources below were compiled as part of my research while writing Makerspaces: A Practical Guide for Librarians (Rowman and Littlefield, 2014).

Makerspace Resources

You might also be interested in the results from the Makerspaces in Libraries Survey I conducted in 2013. General Makerspace ResourcesMakerspace DirectoriesLibrary-Focused Maker ResourcesProject SitesMaker ProductsMakerspace Funding and Donation SourcesDiscussion ListsTwitter Hashtags and Folks to FollowFacebook GroupsGeneral Technology Sites and Blogs General Makerspace Resources Make:: The website for Make: magazine contains a blog, videos, project information, and links to the other Maker Media sites.

The projects are sorted by category and rated for difficulty. Maker book lists: A series of maker book lists created by Meredith Nelson, Johnson County Public Library, organized by age and by type of making. Maker Movement Manifesto: Chapter 1 - Mark Hatch, 2014. Grants for Makerspace schools. ISTE Lauds Two School Librarians as Tech Trailblazers. Diana Rendina and Shannon McClintock Miller both received nods from their peers at the 2016International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference held in Denver from June 26–29.

ISTE Lauds Two School Librarians as Tech Trailblazers

Each year, ISTE’s awards recognize individuals whose exemplary work provides a model for learning, teaching, and leading in the digital age. “Our 2016 award winners are creating innovative digital age learning environments for their students, transforming lives and expanding horizons,” said Jessica Medaille, ISTE chief collaboration officer. “We are excited to congratulate these visionary leaders and celebrate their achievements.” Diana Rendina presiding over the maker space in her library Rendina, well under the age cut-off of 35, nabbed the Award for Outstanding Young Educator. Wisconsin District Successfully Appeals for Maker Spaces in Every School Library.

A recess-time design challenge at Longfellow Middle School.

Wisconsin District Successfully Appeals for Maker Spaces in Every School Library

The voluntary activity served as a teaser of what kids can look forward to come fall. Photo by C.T. Kruger Maker spaces have finally made their way into Wauwatosa, WI, school district libraries. The creativity-harnessing environments were made possible by an educational grant furnished by the nonprofit organization, the Education Foundation of Wauwatosa (EFW). School Library Makerspace Resources. Case Study: Elementary School Library Makerspace. Last week we were super impressed and inspired by the librarians we met at the American Library Association’s Midwinter Conference #alamw2015.

Case Study: Elementary School Library Makerspace

To keep the good vibes flowing, this week we have a case study from teacher-librarian Collette J. who is using littleBits as a learning tool in her elementary makerspace. Read more about her experiences below: Download Case Study PDF Submit Your Own littleBits Case Study Submission By: Collette J. Title: Teacher-Librarian.

Create a school makerspace in 3 simple steps. As maker education gains steam, many educators are looking for ways to incorporate making and tinkering into their schools and classrooms — often on a shoestring budget. “Kids are saying they want to learn more about technology and science, but they also want to experience it creatively and use it personally,” said Dale Dougherty, founder of Make Media, which produces Maker Faire and Make Magazine. He’ll address how educators can deliver these types of experimental learning experiences during ISTE 2014’s EdTekTalks, a provocative series of mini-keynotes from thought leaders beyond the world of ed tech.

“One of the ways we can do that is create more makerspaces for kids. Part of my talk will be leading the charge to say let’s build more makerspaces inside schools, libraries and even community centers.” ACCESS - KESLibraryLearningCommons. The Library is available during school hours, 7:20 A.M. – 3:00 P.M. * (as well as other hours by appointment) We are here to serve you.

ACCESS - KESLibraryLearningCommons

Please let us know how we can meet your needs. Providing open access to all students and staff allows for optimal utilization of our services on demand. Students in kindergarten, first and second grade are scheduled for weekly visits which include a lively story time and the opportunity to check out books, magazines and other materials. As established library users, students in grades three, four and five engage in flexibly scheduled, content-based learning experiences throughout the year driven by authentic, collaboratively planned and facilitated lessons. Starting a School Makerspace from Scratch. With the National Week of Making behind us, you might be ready to start a makerspace in your school -- but not know where to start.

Starting a School Makerspace from Scratch

Will purchasing a costly 3D printer and the latest robotics kit ensure learning and maker success? What are some steps to starting a successful makerspace from scratch? Step 1: Immerse Yourself in Maker Education Before you can build your own community of makers, you need to join one! Create, Collaborate, Innovate. Recently I read an article discussing how libraries are converting to makerspaces. I found this wording dangerous because I love libraries and my library is not just a makerspace.

My library is still a library. Yes, we are a learning commons, yes we have a makerspace, but at our core, we are still a library. Getting Buy-in for Makerspaces in Schools. Funding Makerspaces in Schools Once you have the vendors added, how will you actually get funding?

Getting Buy-in for Makerspaces in Schools

First, search and apply for grants that apply to you. You should aim to write at least two grants every year — one for makerspace resources and another for extra books, because you can never have enough books. Read the emails you get from MackinVIA because they have an excellent grant channel. Plus, they are a great resource for funding ideas. If you are having trouble adding vendors, or your grants do not get funded, consider crowdsourcing your funding by writing a grant. Sharing the Great Things Happening in Your Library Share what you are doing on social media.

Once you make some changes and get your makerspace programming in place, start spreading the word. "Making" Readers: How the Maker Movement Can Impact Literacy. School Library Makerspace Strategies Webinar.