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ChinaHush. 25 China Experts You Should Follow on Twitter - AdAgeChina - Spe. S January 2009 Trend Briefing, covering half a. January 2009 | Yup, it’s time for endless predictions.

s January 2009 Trend Briefing, covering half a

And while most of them are rather dark and gloomy, with economies around the world going downhill, there are still plenty of trends out there that are begging to be applied profitably, both now and long-term. Enjoy! Let’s begin with NICHETRIBUTES, which is about the power of making products and services relevant by incorporating ‘attributes’ and features that cater to distinct (if not niche) consumer lifestyles and situations. ChinaSMACK - Hot internet stories, pictures, & videos in China. A chat with blueprint, a digital creative collective. “From a deep pool of blue ink rises an image…” – this is written on Blueprint‘s homepage, a digital collective that describes itself as a Chinese creative group with no artistic bounds.

a chat with blueprint, a digital creative collective

In an “Internet world” filled with many options for exploring different kinds of creative content, we find ourselves frequently entering Blueprint’s creative world. Their distinctive style comes from the ambient / “lowercase” electronic sound they produce as well as their visual works, which exude a subtle mysticism. The depth and breadth of content under the “Blueprint” name actually comes from members who live in many cities, including Zhengzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Nanjing, among others.