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Other Atheist Imagery, Page 69. Top Ten List. I Dont Want to Live on This Planet Anymore. - StumbleUpon. How My Six Year Old Boy Debunked Intelligent Design. I was attempting to explain to my son, Brance, who just turned six two weeks ago, why it was better to refrain from saying “Oh God!”

How My Six Year Old Boy Debunked Intelligent Design

Especially around his grandparents. He didn’t understand why it was such a big deal to them and asked if “God” was a bad word. This caught me off guard a bit. I had no reason to think that he should have known what or who God was. I half suspected that either the Mormon or Catholic set of grandparents had tried to explain it to him already. I had been spending so much time teaching him about evolution by natural selection that I forgot to tell him the lie he would be confronted with someday. I decided that it was time that he heard the creation story that I grew up with. I read on, “So, he put all the water in one place and all the dry land in another.”

“Why do we have to save water then? After I finished reading about the third day he was beginning to catch on. “Well that’s what some people believe,” I stated, “but I don’t think so.” “The sun is a star.”


This is the best way I've ever seen to teach someone evolution - Think Atheist - StumbleUpon. - StumbleUpon. - StumbleUpon. - StumbleUpon. Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Delaware Association for Humanism (Wilmington, DE) Open to all ethical atheists, agnostics, skeptics and other freethinkers, the Delaware Association for Humanism exists for the betterment of humanity and for the planet we all share. DAH is an affiliate of the Council for Secular Humanism and is a charter chapter of the American Humanist Association.

As such, we adhere to the humanist philosophy these organizations embody. In addition to getting together to socialize and discuss beliefs, philosophies and the challenges of being 'outsiders', we aim to become a real presence in the Delaware community. By improving our visibility, we can work to thwart church-state violations on the local level and add our voices to the efforts of groups working on the national level.

If you share the desire to see reason replace faith; if you champion the efforts of rational thought and human compassion in improving our Delaware communities, then we hope you will join us! Meetup group has a new link location for those linking to this page or. Atheists Wager - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - StumbleUpon. One formulation of the Atheist's Wager suggests that one should live a good life without religion, since Martin writes that a loving and kind god would reward good deeds, and if no gods exist, a good person will leave behind a positive legacy.[1][2] The second formulation suggests that, instead of rewarding belief as in Pascal's wager, a god may reward disbelief, in which case one would risk losing infinite happiness by believing in a god unjustly, rather than disbelieving justly.[3] Explanation[edit] The Wager states that if you were to analyze your options in regard to how to live your life, you would come out with the following possibilities:[1][4][5] The following table shows the values assigned to each possible outcome: A benevolent god exists No benevolent god exists References[edit]

Atheists Wager - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - StumbleUpon

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