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Using macros and snippets with Keybow - Pimoroni Yarr-niversity. The real power of Keybow is in its ability to become a macro keyboard, triggering a whole series of keypresses from just a single key, for example "control-alt-delete" or typing "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog".

Using macros and snippets with Keybow - Pimoroni Yarr-niversity

This is great for setting up actions that you can never quite remember, like the shortcut to import photos to Lightroom (command/control-shift-I), by just linking them to a single key. You could also create a Keybow layout that stored all your frequently-used bits of text, like code snippets, email templates, or even complex sets of actions like opening a web browser, then entering an URL or search term and hitting enter. The world is your lobster! As well as these custom actions, we've put together a couple of files full of handy snippets for Windows and Mac; these are common actions like peeking the desktop, snapping windows to one side or the other, a Spotlight search on Mac, and lots more. You can link these straight to keypresses in your layout files. Setting up the Keybow OS - Pimoroni Yarr-niversity. In this tutorial, we'll look a little at how the Keybow OS works (you don't really need to worry about this bit too much, but you might find it interesting and useful), then we'll get onto how to set up a micro-SD card with the software.

Setting up the Keybow OS - Pimoroni Yarr-niversity

Last, we'll look at simple examples of how to customise the keys and lights on your Keybow. How it all works The Keybow OS is a custom OS that runs on the Raspberry Pi Zero WH that's included in your Keybow kit. It consists of a few different unique parts: A stripped-down OS based on RaspbianA ramdisk, into which the entire OS is loaded at bootLua files for setting the key mappings, layouts, and lightingSome C code behind the scenes that sets up and controls the USB HID that Keybow uses to act as a keyboard The ramdisk means that once the OS is loaded into it during boot, the SD card is no longer accessed or required. Strato Pi - Industrial Raspberry Pi - UPS RTC CAN RS485 RS232 CE FCC. A high quality and stable power supply is extremely important to ensure reliable operation of your Raspberry Pi.

Strato Pi - Industrial Raspberry Pi - UPS RTC CAN RS485 RS232 CE FCC

Most USB power supplies are designed to recharge mobile devices, and not for continuous 24/7 loads in harsh industrial environments. Strato Pi accepts a wide power supply range and is able to effectively handle substantial amounts of ripple, noise and supply voltage fluctuations. The power supply stage is a heavily protected and filtered circuit, using oversized electrolytic capacitors, diodes and inductors, and a high efficiency voltage regulator. The step-down converter is based on advanced, high-output-current PWM converter integrated circuits with low resistance MOSFET, with approximately 95% efficiency and up to 3A continuous output current. Fresh hacks every day. Rainbow Cube - Wiki. In this box, you’ll find everything you need to build a ready to shine Rainbow Cube!

Rainbow Cube - Wiki

Have some fun and start creating a masterpiece today with this 4x4x4 RGB LED cube kit from Seeed Studio: The “Rainbow Cube – Ready to Shine” requires no soldering and comes pre-assembled with a Rainbowduino (Arduino-compatible) LED driver controller. Just plug it in to your PC or Mac, grab a copy of the free design software, and you’ll discover just how easy it is to program this spectacular device and see the results in real time. The Pack consist of: Arduino,Raspberry-Pi,Sparkfun,Adafruit,mbed + more. Eth(Embedded) – Ethereum Clients on Embedded Devices.

GitHub - EthEmbedded/Raspi-Eth-Install. Raspberry Pi Looper/synth/drum thing. Python : Mon application destinée aux jardiniers – MIAMONDO. Edit du 03/ 04/2017 Je viens de déposer la totalité du code source sur Framagit : Pour lancer l’application: il faut télécharger le fichier compressé contenant le dossier mon_jardin et le fichier

Python : Mon application destinée aux jardiniers – MIAMONDO

Puis, il faut décompresser le fichier et placer mon_jardin et dans votre répertoire courant (par exemple, chez moi, c’est « /home/benoit »).Ensuite, il faut rendre exécutable. C’est ce fichier qui lance l’application.Enfin, il faut entrer dans un terminal la commande suivante, par exemple chez moi : /home/benoit/

Bonjour, Cela fait un an et demi que j’ai commencé à coder divers programmes en Python et du coup, je me suis dit que ce serait peut-être une bonne idée de tous les rassembler dans une même application destinée aux jardiniers amateurs désireux de gérer leurs semis, plantations et récoltes. Par conséquent, je me permets de poster une vidéo dans laquelle je vous présente ladite application. Voici le code source: WordPress: J'aime chargement… How to create a GUI application with Python. There comes a time in the journey of most any programmer when they are ready to branch out past the basic examples and start to build a graphical interface to their program.

How to create a GUI application with Python

In Python, the steps to get started with GUI programming are not terribly complex, but they do require the user to begin making some choices. By its nature as a general purpose programming language with interpreters available across every common operating system, Python has to be fairly agnostic as to the choices it presents for creating graphical user interfaces. Fortunately, there are many options available for programmers looking to create an easy way for users to interact with their programs. Pimoroni - Raspberry Pi, Adafruit, SparkFun from the UK. Dexter Industries. Program LEGO Mindstorms robots over WiFi with BrickPi. For the past year, I've been teaching students how to build and program robots using the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 platform.

Program LEGO Mindstorms robots over WiFi with BrickPi

From the outset, I wanted to find a way to use Scratch and other open source programming languages to extend the capabilities of the platform. That search led me to BrickPi, a Raspberry Pi add-on board from Dexter Industries that easily interfaces with Mindstorms sensors and motors. I requested a teacher trial to see what it could do. Hardware The US $99 base kit includes: BrickPi add-on boardBattery pack that holds eight AA batteriesAcrylic case. Gladys 3 est maintenant disponible sur la Raspberry Pi ! Aujourd’hui, le Gladys Project se met à jour, et passe à la version 3 !

Gladys 3 est maintenant disponible sur la Raspberry Pi !

Cette nouvelle version de Gladys apporte bien entendu son lot de nouveautés mais également plusieurs améliorations. En effet, depuis le teasing fait il y a quelques mois de ça, nous n’avions pas eu grand chose à nous mettre sous la dent ! Mais depuis quelques jours le Twitter officiel bouillonne de tweets et teasings, nous laissant croire à une sortie prochaine !

Et c’est bien ce qui s’est passé ! Mais avant d’aller plus loin, savez-vous ce qu’est le Gladys Project ? Gladys, qu’est ce que c’est ?