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Dystopian short stories and poems for Unit

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Literacy%20circle%20roles. THE MACHINE STOPS ... E.M. Forster. Imagine, if you can, a small room, hexagonal in shape, like the cell of a bee.


It is lighted neither by window nor by lamp, yet it is filled with a soft radiance. There are no apertures for ventilation, yet the air is fresh. Dystopia-skyline-moebuis. Harrison Bergeron. Dystopia Unit. Sara Teasdale - There will come Soft Rain. Anyone lived in a pretty how town. Louis MacNeice - Prayer before Birth. Poetry | prints | cine | home I am not yet born; O hear me.

Louis MacNeice - Prayer before Birth

Let not the bloodsucking bat or the rat or the stoat or the club-footed ghoul come near me. I am not yet born, console me. I fear that the human race may with tall walls wall me, with strong drugs dope me, with wise lies lure me, on black racks rack me, in blood-baths roll me. I am not yet born; provide me With water to dandle me, grass to grow for me, trees to talk to me, sky to sing to me, birds and a white light in the back of my mind to guide me. The Unknown Citizen.