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The Fine Art of Rock Balancing - GIF on Imgur. Since 2001, Korean artist Yeesookyung has taken shards of discarded porcelain and reconfigured them into impressive abstract sculptures.

Called Translated Vase, these bulbous forms feature a myriad of colors, shapes, and surface designs whose separate parts all converge into single towering pieces. Despite their mismatched elements, Yeesookyung’s work feels cohesive because of their adhesive; she uses 24-karat gold leaf to line the cracks, recalling the Japanese art of kintsugi—a repair method that celebrates the artifact’s history by emphasizing its imperfections.

The Translated Vase was inspired by Yeesookyung’s interest in a tradition held by Korean artisans—they destroy porcelain works that have minor defects in order to keep the rarity and value of surviving vessels. Saving these fragments, Yeesookyung puts them back together in “the manner of three-dimensional jigsaw puzzles.” Yeesookyung: Website via [Colossal] All images via Locks Gallery. Boîte (8) Boîte (7) Boîte (6) Boîte (5) Boîte (4) Boîte (3) Boîte (2) Boîte (1) Structure (1) Structure (6) Structure (5) Artist Yong Ho Ji takes discarded tires and makes them into unbelievable animal sculptures. Subodh Gupta. Bhclgfeat. Images. Mike Kelley. Pplaceman.

Holy smoke. Paper extravaganza charles clary 19. Paper extravaganza 3. Microbial Diddlation Movement 16. Paper extravaganza 1. Oeuvres en papier par Yulia Brodskaya. Yulia Brodskaya est une jeune graphiste illustratrice qui a commencé sa carrière en 2006.

Oeuvres en papier par Yulia Brodskaya

Rapidement elle laisse de coté son ordinateur pour se concentrer sur ses collages. Son talent n’a pas tardé à émerger et de grandes marques lui ont fait confiance (Hermès, Starbucks,Target, Sephora, Le New York Times Magazine, …). Je vous présente aujourd’hui son travail personnel avec quelques oeuvres inspirées par la vieillesse. Pour en savoir plus sur Yulia Brodskaya, cliquez ici Photos © Yulia Brodskaya Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It.

Vannerie de papier journal, jeux, tressage de panier, recup, tutorial. Pansy and Dahlia Fabric Flower Tutorial. Photography by James Ransom for Martha Stewart Living I’m so excited to share this fabric flower tutorial from Martha Stewart Living with you.

Pansy and Dahlia Fabric Flower Tutorial

Such beauties! Easy to make, there’s plenty of time to create them for your Mother, Grandmother or daughter in the next day or two. There is a template for one of the flowers, but for the other, you need only needle, thread and some fabric scraps. Making fabric flowers for mom is a gift that keeps giving because of the plethora of ways to show them off. Kirigami : le matériel de base. La réalisation des kirigami ne nécessite pas de matériel très particulier.

Kirigami : le matériel de base

Les créations proposées sur Loisir Créatif demandent : • du papier • un cutter • un Xacto • une paire de ciseaux • du ruban adhésif double face • un bâton de colle • un compas • un réglet métallique gradué en centimètres et en millimètres. Paper Flowers – Anyone Can Do That. Japanese Kusudama, this tutorial is featured on Craftuts Anyone can do that, I assure you.

Paper Flowers – Anyone Can Do That

The proof: I can, just take a quick look at my result below. Peter Dahmen · Grafikdesign. Ends in 21 days: January 30 → March 26, 2016 The Bernard Bouche Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of Etienne-Martin, from Saturday, January 30.

This exhibition will include ancient works, most of them never shown and the theme of the exhibition will be plaster, by far the artist’s favourite material. This exhibition is about sculpture, about sculptural impasto — it is especially about the série de Têtes, charged and overloaded with plaster, which with hindsight, are highly surprising. It is a research on light and on the circulation of air in the sculpture. Later on, the wire becomes associated with the work of plaster, which accentuates the line in the space, as it can be seen in the nude studies or in Nageuse celeste as well as in Etienne-Martin’s first Demeures (Dwellings).

Vue de l’exposition Plâtres & Fils de fer Courtesy Galerie Bernard Bouche, Paris Étienne-Martin (1913-1995) is one of the major artists of the second half of the XXth century. Maria catuogno. Mathieu rousseau. Isabelle leourier..csulpture.porcelaine.textile. Isabelle Sylvain Bissonnier3. Sylvain Bissonnier2. Degas. Stanza. Art hong kong 2010 7. Papier decoupe 036. Cloud. + rc. Samantha morris 01. Gregory minton branfoot 05. Kiss of death 2003b. 225 × 337 - 600 × 600 - 621 × 480 - 493 × 500 - 236 × 185 - 540 × 540 - 500 × 361 - 3776 × 2520 -

Filodoferus. Stillness in Motion1 Olga ZIEMSKA. Samantha morris 01. Assemblage nuage. Le roi et la reine.