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Ravi Dadhich

Jitendra is an SEO Advisor in BR Softech Pvt. Ltd. – Virtual Reality App Development Company. Likes to share his opinions on IT industry via blogs. His interest is to write on the latest and advanced IT technologies which include VR game development, Virtual Reality App, [Virtual Reality App Development Services]( Classified, Video streaming app and web development.

How To Create AI Voice Assistant Apps For Android? In the modern world, AI (Artificial Intelligence) based voice assistants apps for Android users have an extensive scope.

How To Create AI Voice Assistant Apps For Android?

Currently, we have various virtual voice assistants apps such as Siri, Bixby, Ok Google, Cortana, etc. that are changing our lives much better. Soon, these Artificial Intelligence apps will take up much of our lifetime via Voice App Development. These days, each Android Mobile phone is including an AI-based virtual assistant app for the ease of the users. School management software - BR Softech. Why is Android Application Development Successfully Increasingly Popular? - Android Application. Unique Platforms Of Blockchain Is Basic Concept For A Beginner. The Role of Voice Assistant Input for Humans and Machine Interactions. Top Benefits of Robotic Process Automation for Your Business. There is no doubt that the adoption of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) will only provide benefits to businesses by delivering enhanced operation control and quick ROI.

Top Benefits of Robotic Process Automation for Your Business

Additionally, when Robotic Automation Development Services are combined with the solutions related to traditional business, it can boost the digital transformation. It can be done by permitting associations to analyze and visualize end-to-end business procedures to keep the foundation for continuing procedure improvement.RPA software adoption signifies a swivel from people to model based on software.

iOS and Android Programming Language. Sep30 iOS and Android Programming Language with Golang Mobile Development Nowadays, there are available, so many languages for mobile app development and Golang is also one of them.

iOS and Android Programming Language

Although Golang app development is not new, still it has gained so much popularity in the past two years. Augmented Reality Services Provider. Using this trending augmented reality we provide with advanced 3D & Animation Designing based game, Mobile App development, customized the services of web & app development.

Augmented Reality Services Provider

Along with, It is the perfect platform which is compatible with all smartphone device operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows, and blackberry. As a top-rated augmented reality development company, we provide with following AR business services: AR Software developmentAR Game developmentAR App DevelopmentAR iOS & Android development. In 2020: How Much Does Google Flutter App Development Cost? A Detailed Comparison of Flutter Vs React Native. A Complete Guide to Hyperledger Blockchain Development. Jitendradadhich.bcz. The technology world is growing with the speed of light worldwide.


Numerous industries are looking forward to embracing the recent technology trends for multiplying their customer base and sales rapidly. Here we will throw some light on one such technology, virtual assistant app. Also known as voice assistant worldwide, it is all the rage these days among different sector industries. Voice app development requires the use of skills to enable developers in integrating high-functionality tools for designing the feature-rich software. Why Do We Need Online Classroom Software? Along with other industries, the pandemic of COVID-19 has severely hit the educational system as well.

Why Do We Need Online Classroom Software?

With the news of the government ordering the schools and institutes to remain closed and postpone the classes as well as the examination, the management is resorting to an online live class platform to conduct the classes. This article aims to tell you about the need of online classroom software and how it can be useful in running school operations smoothly via an online platform.

Virtual classrooms is a trending concept that can be seen rapidly adopted by the educational institutes and commercial purposes to train the employees. It is used to conduct live-stream classes (online), an alternative to the regular classroom sessions. The need for Online Examination System and Education in the Time of COVID-19 Pandemic.

In recent times, coronavirus has become the centre of every person’s conversation, but one must understand how it has affected most of the aspects of life.

The need for Online Examination System and Education in the Time of COVID-19 Pandemic

Every industry has been affected badly in terms of financial and economic losses. Teaching Online vs The Classroom – How Do They Compare? - Tech Daily Times. Best 10 Sites like RPA - Robotic Process Automation. The technology sector is advancing at a rapid pace.

Best 10 Sites like RPA - Robotic Process Automation

The role of developers is to design software for industries to simplify the task of employees and staff. Companies involve numerous functions to be carried out day in and day out. In large organizations, there is a risk of human errors by the staff of the companies. Here, Robotic Process Automation software comes into the picture to help employees reduce the chance of mistakes while doing organizational work at the office.

The Comparison Between Node.JS and Golang: Which One best Web Developer to Choose? Increase Student and Teacher Engagement While Using Online Classroom Software? Online Live Classes Software With Top Additional Virtual Classroom Tools. 5 Things You Should Think Before Choosing Online Exam Software. Amidst covid19 outbreak, the digital era is flourishing at a rapid pace.

5 Things You Should Think Before Choosing Online Exam Software

Different industries are reaching new heights through online mediums. Right from grocery stores to the medicine delivery to online school software, people are now able to access any damn thing through online medium. This practice reduces the spread of corona virus. One such sector is taking exams. In today’s date, students can take exams through an online channel with ease. What is RPA? And Advantage and Disadvantage of RPA. RPA that is known as intelligent robotic process automation refers to seizing human-driven tasks previously as small and self-reliant software applications outside the ICT system, a business required for daily work.

What is RPA? And Advantage and Disadvantage of RPA

These robotic process automation applications help to complete the tasks that operate ICT systems that can be chained up and run on-demand to complex action series. They only concentrate on the business decisions required to be made in the organization. Advantages and Disadvantages of Robotic Automation The growing popularity of RPA robotic process automation across various sectors is all set to continue over the coming few years because businesses are getting many benefits through it. Ethereum Vs Hyperledger Which Platform Is the Best for The Blockchain World. Ethereum and Hyperledger have brought a boom of interest in the world of Blockchain technology. Both of these blockchain technology platforms are finding feasible applications in industry as open-source platforms as well as collecting host developers for their reason and heartening the collaborative blockchain-based tools and framework’s development.

So, if you are also having some confusion about choosing between Ethereum and Hyperledger, then in this article you will get rid of this dilemma through provided details of Ethereum and Hyperledger blockchain development. Cool 10 Ways To Using Voice Technology In The Classroom. Pros And Cons Of Hyperledger Fabric For Blockchain Development Networks. It has been more than a decade, and blockchain technology is still one of the hot topics of 2020. The watercooler topic has a new addition to it, it is the ‘Enterprise blockchain’. Hyperledger blockchain development services are the best-suited blockchain framework for the benefit of a single or group of enterprises. Enterprise blockchain is all about inculcating the modern tech into the current and future enterprises to shape the storage and flow of information and much more. The Most 5 Reasons Why It's High Time to Invest in Node.js Development|Jitendra Dadhich|note. Node.JS known as JavaScript runtime environment has gained popularity in minimum time and event-oriented architecture is also suitable for chat and real-time applications and games.Over the years, it has pushed itself forward as one of the most extensively used JavaScript tools available recently.

Top Reasons Why You Should Start Investing in Node.js Let's take a look at these most important reasons that will help to draw the attention towards Node.js development services and becoming its most-used backend technologies at present. 1. Data StreamingThe HTTP requests and responses are measured as remote events in legacy web platforms but Node.js measures them as data streams.It powers these data streams for reducing the overall procedure time through proceeding the files while uploading.This feature also supports audio encoding and real-time video and it is used by Netflix. 2.

What Are The New Features in Angular 10? Angular 10 that is known as a popular framework for web development has now launched additionally five beta releases of the typescript-based platform. This angular.js up-gradation to Google-developed framework is projected to concentrate more on the ecosystem rather than features. Angular.js development services are likely to be smarter than the previous version. Golang For DevOps, Golang For Microservices, And What Is Golang Really Good For? Features of UI Path RPA Development With Golang – We Consent. Technologies in the world are getting advanced at the speed of light.

Future Trends Of Android Apps AI MR AR VR IoT 2020 Editions. Amazing Highly Effective Modules for School Management Software. AR/VR in healthcare! How can Medical Businesses use it?

Why AR/VR in healthcare! How can Medical Businesses use it?

Top 7 Hyperledger Blockchain Development Company USA. How‌ ‌Robotic‌ ‌Process‌ ‌Automation‌ ‌Helps‌ ‌in‌ ‌Banking‌ ‌ &‌ ‌Finance – Wackulus. Brjitendra0709.wixsite. What are the most compelling reasons to invest in IoT solutions in 2020. Posted by nitingarg on March 18th, 2020 There are several technologies that everyone is talking about in town. There are emerging technologies that really change the way we work. Role of the School Management System Software in Success of School.

Affordable and Recommended IoT App Development Company with Best Features|Jitendra Dadhich|note. IoT is essentially a platform where embedded devices are connected to each other through the internet so that they can collect and exchange data.With the help of IoT, devices can learn from each other's experiences, interact, and collaborate, as humans do.It is the trending technology due to its independence of operation and less reliability on humans for their procedure.

The IoT app development companies promise to add immense value to our lives.The Internet of Things could be the next frontier for its wallet share in the race through advanced wireless networks, superior sensors and revolutionary computing technologies. In just 1-year internet-connected devices went from 5 million to billions.Business Insider Intelligence estimates that 24 billion IoT devices would be installed by the year 2020, generating a revenue of over 300 billion.

IoT Security 2020 Trends: Solutions, Technologies, Challenges, Platform. Secure IoT devices and networks with TLS (Transport Layer Security)Need for digital certificates to send a public key directly.Use SSL (Secure Socket layer) for secure, private, and end to end communication.Use multi-dimensional security analytics for IoT devices and networks.Always verify device authentication using biometrics, two-factor authentication, and digital certificatesSome of the ways to protect the IoT system from damage are disabling device backdoor channels, hardening, firewalls, and lightweight encryption. How to Build a Web Application with Golang? Go is a compiled programming language that combines efficiency and security and other static languages. Top 10 Google Golang Web Framework in 2020 - Go Frameworks. Flutter App Development Cost, Estimate Cost for Flutter App. Top 7 programming language should look out in 2020 -

How can Machine learning helps in Driven Innovation in Agriculture? - Golang v/s Python - Golang is the Best to Substitute for Python.