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Raven Nightshade

My main interests are Conspiracy Theories...Space and Science...and issues that just makes your mind go WTF... Making it simply understood...As in the movie 'The Matrix' I have chosen to take the Red Pill and climb down the Rabbit Hole...For I do not believe in all that the Media tells us...I am looking for what is not said or seen...

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Favorite Movies. The Mandela Effect - The Men In Black - Glitch In The Matrix And The Hat Man. Christopher Greene of AMTV... Government and Conspiracy Theories... Anonymous... The Illuminati..... GQ / Keith Olbermann. Alex Jones's InfoWars. Noam Compsky. Bill Maher. Politics: Both Serious & Humor. Nano Technology. Quakes and Weather. George Carlin. Robin Williams. Michael Jackson. Truth About Mental Illness. The Truth About... Google has abandoned plans to make its own self-driving car.

Google, one of a handful of tech companies at the forefront of the self-driving car revolution, will not make its own autonomous vehicle, according to a new report from a reliable source.

Google has abandoned plans to make its own self-driving car

Don't Miss: Steve Jobs brought up the idea of new movies hitting iTunes while still in theaters six years ago According to information received by The Information, Google has refocused its efforts concerning the car business. 5 Famous People Descended to the Bottom.

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Great Comedy. Pictures and Photo Collection. Most Bizarre Beach Discoveries Ever. Watch Free Documentaries Online. Film Theory: Is Fake News KILLING the Internet?