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These Are The Fastest Bikes In India With Price, Engine And Top Speed Information. Clothing Hacks. Which Are The 5 Interesting Youngsters In IPL To Watch Out For. Ever an effective launchpad for many a talented young cricketer, the IPL has made stars out of boys who stood the risk of remaining just obscure names.

Which Are The 5 Interesting Youngsters In IPL To Watch Out For

Windies answer back doubters in style, When commissioner Gordon in the legendary conclusion to the Dark Knight series- The Dark Knight Rises- pleads John Blake to reconsider his decision about leaving the police force, the young man confesses rather sadly.

Windies answer back doubters in style,

He refers to an inability to continue especially, “ When structures become shackles.” Smith in centre of storm, steps down as captain in rest of the series. Usually there aren’t really any dampeners as such where cricketing result and outcomes related to Australian cricket stand.

Smith in centre of storm, steps down as captain in rest of the series

They are, after all, a behemoth in international cricket. A team you can’t do without and cannot take away from spectacular scenes of high-adrenaline action. But it seems Australia have stamped on the gutter this time around in Protea land. “A very sad day for Australian cricket” In what was described by a senior official no other than Cricket Australia CEO James Sutherland, as a “really sad day in Australian cricket”, Smith and Warner may no longer be participating in their usual leadership roles for the Australian team. In a series no stranger to controversies, the South Africa versus Australia competition, rather saga has produced a latest development, which is in fact a sassy potboiler where the media pundits are concerned. A new controversy erupts in the ongoing Test series. Deadpool 2 Hindi Trailer Looks More Hilarious Than The Original One - RapidLeaksIndia. We all have been there done that in certain instances, one of those is watching English movies with Hindi dubbing.

Deadpool 2 Hindi Trailer Looks More Hilarious Than The Original One - RapidLeaksIndia

Be it in the Harry Potter world or The Mummy, we all have somehow made it through these worlds first with a substituted language to suit our perspective. Then we grew up and realised how morally and socially wrong the entire phenomenon was, even though it was followed by almost everyone. But one film changed it all for the entire nation, and that was Deadpool. Beyond The Clouds Trailer: This Ishaan Khattar Tells A Beautiful Story Of Love, Loss, And Family. When the news first broke out that Majid Majidi is casting Ishaan Khattar for his new Indian project, everyone held high hopes and was excited about the arrival.

Beyond The Clouds Trailer: This Ishaan Khattar Tells A Beautiful Story Of Love, Loss, And Family

Soon the first Beyond The Clouds trailer dropped and it stood true to Majidi’s filmmaking eye, along with Ishaan Khattar flawless acting in the trailer. Now, little less than a month to release, the makers have decided to release a new Beyond The Clouds trailer and it shows another side to the story, something that was missing entirely from the first one. The new trailer looks amazing and rather than centering around the brother-sister relationship, it bent more towards the addition of a new family to Amir’s (Ishaan Khattar) journey. 8 Fashion Problems Every Girl Faces In Their Daily Life. You wake up.

8 Fashion Problems Every Girl Faces In Their Daily Life

Already tired, because who does wake up feeling refreshed and amazing in real life? Get out of your bed while checking your phone and panning intensely through every social media notification you receive, along with keeping a check on what has happened in the past 6 hours when you’re sleeping. Mumbai Rail Roko: More Than 500 Students Were Protesting On Railway Track Today. Mumbai’s local trains are the only source of transportation for lakhs of people in the city, on a day to day basis.

Mumbai Rail Roko: More Than 500 Students Were Protesting On Railway Track Today

It is one of the easiest and fast modes of transportation, though crowded, in Mumbai. However, on Tuesday, since 7 am, the city is observing a standstill in this popular mode of transit, around various stations, leaving a lot of commuters stranded and late. 5 Fashion Trends That Are Gonna Rock On Instagram This Summer! From the time Instagram has become a trustworthy source of fashion trends and tips, people rarely wait for magazine editions to follow the newest vogue in town.

5 Fashion Trends That Are Gonna Rock On Instagram This Summer!

The best part of following fashion trends on Instagram is that we stay updated regularly and get enough time to reboot our wardrobe accordingly, 'Roti Bank' Is Feeding Families Of Patients At City's Hospitals In Bangalore And It Proves Humanity Still Exists! While we kept crossing paths with people who are homeless, sleep at footpath and can hardly afford food every day.

'Roti Bank' Is Feeding Families Of Patients At City's Hospitals In Bangalore And It Proves Humanity Still Exists!

We feel bad and move on as we have our lives to take care of. However, a group of 25 volunteers in Bangalore is ensuring that they do something about people who are hungry and are unable to afford food. Isn’t it the kindest gesture and a step forward in restoring humanity? It brings back the faith that we humans still care about others. while many only talk about, and discuss problems, these handful of people are contributing their bit to provide as much as they can to the people who are in need. They are providing food to patients, relatives, family, and friends who are at the hospitals and cannot afford food for themselves. 7 Core Strengthening Exercises That Will Give You Toned Abs In No Time. Don’t we all want a bit more from our bodies, at all time?

7 Core Strengthening Exercises That Will Give You Toned Abs In No Time

A little less here, a little more and literally tons of other altercations all around and while some would tell you to love yourself at all times, no matter what, isn’t it equally important to work on the areas you don’t admire a lot in yourself? After all, change is more acceptable and easy to work on when you truly want it to work. Which is why there’s no shame or regret in choosing to be a certain way and look a certain way and admire to do things a certain way.

Because if there was, Gyms would not have been as jam-packed as they usually are. In case, you want to a kick-ass and toned midriff, we have accumulated 7 core strengthening exercises for you that will not only give you the midriff of your dreams but also corrects your posture, reduces the risk of back injury and back pain. Core muscles include a ton of muscles like Internal Abdominal Obliques, External Abdominal Obliques, Glutes, Pelvic Floor and others. 6 Movies On Netflix That Are Sexier Than Porn! Netflix and chill is the new motto for people now. It doesn’t matter if you have a setup box or not a Netflix connection is mandatory. However, when it comes sensual content we all know that you open your incognito window and visit various porn sites. Believe it or not but steamy sexual movies offer an experience that is sexier than porn and the best part of such movies is that they are all about close to the real experience. So if you thought that Netflix can only provide you various genres of movies and TV series other than sexual content, wait till you watch these movies that are high on erotic pleasure.

Baaghi 2’s Lo Safar Song Is A Very Romantic And Hummable Track. The makers of Baaghi 2 have donned the movie as one of the most-awaited Bollywood movies this year and they have released a brand new romantic track from the film for their awaiting audience. Titled Lo Safar, this is the third track from Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani starrer Baaghi 2. Deemed as the heart-touching love song of 2018, Lo Safar indeed has beautiful lyrics and a great music to go with it.

However, music videos are less about the music and more the videos of a song. In the Lo Safar video, Tiger Shroff can be seen roaming the streets, looking for Disha Patani’s character. Patani appears in the song, looking her lovely self, chasing Shroff’s character like a dream, literally. Along with this, there are many little snippets from their early days in the story of the film. 10 Things Every 20-Something Should Stop Giving A Shit About. You know, there’s nothing more confusing than being a 20-something. Yes, even though these are considered to be the best time of any human’s life, they indeed bring in a lot of complications, responsibilities and self-doubt situations. Untitled. 7 Bollywood Films That Boast Female Characters! Women characters in Bollywood movies have made their special place over the years. Now, the actresses are not a mere glamorous part of the movies, they have become an inevitable part. With the recent focus towards women equality and empowerment, Bollywood too started boasting some strong and life-defining female characters.

8 Amazing Short Films On The Lives Of Indian Women. Short films have grown to become one of the most favoured sources of entertainment for a huge chunk of the audience in the country. While there are various reasons behind the transition, the biggest stand out to be the fact that more and more great stories are made through short movies. Filmmakers can actually do what they want with their project without worrying about the producer or any other person, something that stands to be a huge problem in Bollywood. Producers in big-budget movies are shy of experimenting and always go for a much-more typecasted idea because that is what brings the cash in. However, short films are growing more and more popular among the masses, all thanks to the actors they have, stories they tell and different perspective on life they provide.

One of the most popular genres in the short film category has to be women-centric short films (something Bollywood doesn’t like to experiment a lot with). 7 Bollywood Films That Boast Female Characters! New world. Updates On Mohammed Shami and Hasin Jahan Infidelity & Leaked Pictures Case. Delhi’s IGI Airport Named The Best Airport In The World. 7 Things No One Tells You About Period Sex! 8 Foods For Healthy Kidneys - RapidLeaksIndia.

Kidneys are one of the essential human organs, along with something that can easily fail to do its job, if not taken care of. Here Is How You Can Charge Your iPhone Much Quicker! Apple may have a huge consumer base but one thing that has always been a problem is their inability to provide a better battery life. iPhone is revolutionary and all but one thing that makes it blemish is the span of its battery life. Some Of The Most Profound Gabriel García Márquez Quotes For Your Soul. Veteran Bollywood Actress Shammi Passes Away At 89. Bollywood veteran actress Shammi passed away at 89 on Tuesday. David Warner’s Off-Field Spat With Quinton de Kock Was Actually About Warner's Wife! A video of David Warner and Quinton de Kock which has been doing rounds on social media on Day 4 of the ongoing Durban Test between South Africa and Australia has taken people by a storm.

Drunk Man Pays More Than Rs 1 Lakh For Selecting A Wrong Drop Location On Uber! 5 Ways To Get Slimmer Without Gymming And Workout! - RapidLeaksIndia. Oscars 2018 Winners: Who Won What, From Best Film To Everything! Rochelle Rao And Keith Sequeira Are Married And They Had A Beautiful Beach Wedding. These Pictures Of Super Blue Blood Moon From Around The World Are Amazing AF! This Is How You Can Slow Down Signs Of Ageing In The Easiest Ways Possible. This Park In Tamil Nadu Has Banned The Entry Of Unmarried Couple And Our Head Is Spinning! Days Out & Places to Visit. PLACES. 10 Inspirations To Wear Tiny Sunglasses This Season - RapidLeaksIndia.

PPF Investments: Lesser Known Facts About Public Provident Fund - RapidLeaksIndia. IPL 2018: Brendon McCullum Excited About Joining Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers. A Gang Hijacked The Police Vehicle, Donned Uniform To Kidnap A Girl In MP! Rishi Kapoor Bats About Gender Equality At The IPL Auction And It Baffles Twitterati. These Were The Best Dressed At The 2018 Grammy Awards. The Body Part You Should Get A Tattoo According To Your Zodiac Sign! - RapidLeaksIndia. 5 Best Places In Delhi To Plan Your Valentine Date! Mumbai IIT Engineer Sanket Parekh decides to renounce everything. The Emoji Movie Was The First Movie To Be Shown In Saudi Arabia After 35 Years Of Cinema Ban. God, Sex and Truth Trailer: It Lacks God And Truth Only To Sum It Up In Sex! 3 Sex Positions That Will Be Perfect For Your Afternoon! Cristiano Ronaldo Is Furious With Real Madrid Over Neymar’s Rumors.

15 Trendy AF Ways To Wear Velvet This Season. InFocus Vision 3 Review: It Offers A Lot Other Than Being The Cheapest Bezel-Less Smartphone - RapidLeaksIndia. Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus Launched: Price Specifications And Review. 8 Makeup Mistakes You’re Making Without Even Knowing. Toilet Paper Lips Trend Is Taking Over The Instagram And That's Simply Bizarre! - RapidLeaksIndia. Here Are The Most Googled Topics Of 2017 Including Movies, Questions, And Many Other Things! Cristiano Ronaldo Has Broken Another Record Previously Held By Lionel Messi. As The Year Comes To A Close, Delhi Runs For Women Safety. Micromax Bolt Q3001: An Entry Level Smartphone With 4GB RAM - RapidLeaksIndia. 9 Celebrities Who Have Plastic Surgeries That Turn Out To Be Disasters! - RapidLeaksIndia. Xiaomi Redmi Note 5: Detailed Specifications And Features Leaked - RapidLeaksIndia.

The New Wine Coloured Hair Trend Is Taking The Internet By Storm. Wayne Rooney Has Outperformed Every Other Footballer In Europe For 2017/18. LG V30+ Launched In India: Price, Specifications And Review. 7 Orgasm Hacks To Get It Better! Why Are Christmas Eyebrows Making New Fashion News. 15 Tiny Tattoos You’ll Never Regret Getting. Did You Know That Mt. Hope Is United Kingdom's Highest Peak. Lionel Messi And Luis Suarez: Barcelona FC Seems Over Reliant On The Duo. A Habit That Is Ruining Your Life According To Your Zodiac Sign! 10 Things We All Do But Would Probably Never Admit To. Ballon d’Or 2017: Brazilian Legend Gives A Huge Compliment To Cristiano Ronaldo On His 5th Award.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Trailer Will Thrill You Up With Its Explosive Shots! Oppo F5 Youth Launched In India: Price, Specifications And Review. LG Signature Edition Is Essentially A V30 But Is More Expensive Than The iPhone X. Easy Ways To Remove Dry And Dark Skin Around Your Neck! 7 Secrets To Spice Up Your Sex Life Like Never Before! 7 Places He Would Love To Have Sex With You, And They Are Not Your Bed! 5 Sex Positions For Lazy Sexy Mornings! Same-Sex Marriage Is Finally Legal In Australia. Will India Be Allowed To Travel Pakistan For World Cup For Blind. What's Obstructing Your Performance In The Office According To Your Zodiac Sign!

Have You Visited India’s Most Instagrammed Locations In 2017, Yet? Honor View 10 Launched: Price, Specifications And Review. Why Are There So Many Bicycles In Hangzhou? Xiaomi Mi A1 Gets A Price Cut But You Have A Limited Timeframe To Avail This Discount - RapidLeaksIndia. 5 Reasons Why Every Student Should Intern At A Startup, At Least Once.

Ravindra Jadeja To Receive Knighthood By The Queen But MS Dhoni Repels The Decision. Most Followed Indians On Twitter: PM Modi At No. 1, Virat Kohli Debuts In Top 10 - RapidLeaksIndia. What Do The New Rules In The IPL Entail? Google For India: The Tech Giant Tries To Pursue The Common Man. These Are The Most Retweeted Tweets Of 2017 That Created All The Buzz On Twitter. Why We Must Celebrate Lubaina Himid? Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Is Here And Xiaomi Will Be The First To Use It. Cristiano Ronaldo Might Quit Real Madrid Due To Messi. IPL Records: 10 Of The Biggest Numbers From The Indian Premier League - RapidLeaksIndia. These Most Watched Movies Are Proof That People Love A Great Storyline. Are Eggs Vegetarian Or Non-Vegetarian? Here Comes The Final Answer.

iPhone X: 5 Unique Features That Apple Is Betting On. MS Dhoni Is Still The Best In Business, Says Ravi Shastri.