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The Great 3D Game Art Giveaway Thread! Come one, come all!

The Great 3D Game Art Giveaway Thread!

This is a thread which will give artists and animators an opportunity to give away free swag! I was inspired to make this thread after reading another by an animator asking if there were any good sources/resources for animators to get hold of meshes that they could use in their showreel. I had originally suggested that the animator make friends with some artist here and they collaborate, which seems like sound logic but it's not always that easy. And now, i've come up with a better solution! I'm going to give away some of my characters, and i strongly urge other artists to do the same! This is a fantastic way for artists to get their work out there, imagine that someone sees your work in an animation reel, there is no greater feeling than seeing a character you've made being given life.

To answer a couple of questions: 1. This thread will be dedicated to the free exchange of assets by artists. The Artist giving away assets must be aware that: List of swag! The Great 3D Game Art Giveaway Thread! Find the Invisible Cow. Monsters of the deep cards. Ninja – Plug n Play. Forum - View Single Post - What Are You Working On? 2014 Edition. Orange by Yuliandress on DeviantArt. My big list of portfolios. Will Harbottle - Digital Sculpt Thread - Page 19. Buy Nexus 5 Designer Cases & Covers Online In India DailyObjects. Pinterest. Sort a Done. Its almost there... I swear... Female Anatomy Study. Free Texture - Free Brick Texture 20_10_2010 004 - Brick. Every resource provided on texturemate is considered completely royalty free!

Free Texture - Free Brick Texture 20_10_2010 004 - Brick

The stock textures, texture packs, brush packs, and any other resources available for download on this site are completely free and may be used in commercial or non-commercial applications. Credit to texturemate for use of available textures or brushes is appreciated, but not required. These textures may be used in 3D modeling software packages where their appearance is altered, such as Blender, 3DS Max, Solidworks, CAD, or Second Life.

They may also be used in scrapbooking applications. The only exception is that they cannot be redistributed commercially in their unedited form. Architextures — Free Visualisation Resources for Architects. Architextures — Free Visualisation Resources for Architects. A Game Artist’s Guide Back to Creativity. A photo I took at Arches National Park in 2011.

A Game Artist’s Guide Back to Creativity

T he last few years have been interesting. I’ve been on sort of a mental crusade to retake a part of me that has been missing now for a few years – a part of me that I know existed at one point. This missing piece of me was responsible for finishing college, breaking in to the game industry, and eventually starting this website. It was the part of me who understood what it took to be successful, focused, energetic and passionate in my hobbies. The part of me that jumped in to puddles, balanced on random obstacles on the street, and never stepped on a crack while crossing a road. That part of me was able to love, heal, confide, and grow on command, to pivot on a bad day and make things well, to smile and remember that all happiness is, is a choice. Noisli - background noise and color generator for working and relaxing. Noisli - background noise and color generator for working and relaxing. Danilo Athayde. Will Harbottle - Digital Sculpt Thread. Hi Everyone!

Will Harbottle - Digital Sculpt Thread

I've been a lurker here for about 3 years, and I thought it was finally time to post some of my works. I'm a digital sculptor for Gentle Giant Studios. Primarily I make action figures, which I usually can't show for at least a year, but recently I made my first statue. Because this is a product we are producing ourselves, I'm able to show it alot sooner than usual. This is Sweet Pea from the upcoming Zach Snyder movie Sucker Punch. The likeness was originally from scan data, but the rest is from scratch. Latest work - Page 6. Forum - Half-Life 2 News & Tutorials. Hi, thanks jimonions, I guess 512x512 is favoured more than other sizes I should keep this in mind.

Forum - Half-Life 2 News & Tutorials

I have this doubt in my mind that all my models are not going to work in hammer for some reason. Yeah about skins I have to edit the meshes I have changed then copy them back the pipe texture I should be lucky in that stretching or warping the texture of the pipe does not distort the texture on the model that much I guess, because there is not that much detail on the pipe to begin with. Skull free 3d model (ztl,obj) CG Techniques. I’ve long wanted to upload a fully furnished, fully staged interior scene to the warehouse.

CG Techniques

I have a few environments there already, including this one, this one, and this one. But these are virtually empty scenes, to be furnished and populated. The idea here was to provide a finished scene. The point of this lies … Just a little render of the famous armchair by Gio Ponti (though I took some liberties with the fabric). As suggested in the headline, I have a problem and I need some help.

I will be back with some traditional archviz (after the Kongresshalle and the Neue Nationalgalerie, time for another Berlin project). Well, there is nothing very secret about The Secret. A few days ago, Ronen Bekerman posted some strangely hypnotic images by artist Lee Griggs. Dishonored work. Skull free 3d model (ztl,obj) (92) 17 Rock and Concrete Textures. Google Image Result for. Peco buffer stop. Google Image Result for.