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Travel Insurance. Single trip travel insurance is designed for and caters to people who look for complete coverage of their one-off abroad trip mostly for leisure purpose.

Travel Insurance

It covers almost every unforeseen event that might occur during the specific insured trip. Be it loss of passport, delay or cancelling of the trip or even medical expenses on the trip, the traveller is covered in it. While you’re out into a new place, looking for some quality time, the single trip insurance makes sure you’re focused on just that and not worried about anything that might go wrong. Multi-trip insurance, unlike single trip insurance, is available for a period of 365 days, of which you should not be spending more than 180 days abroad. This overseas travel insurance is designed for and caters to the frequent travellers. While none of these insurance requires medical reports, you’re required to be in a good health condition while travelling.

Health Insurance Premium Calculator. With the rising medical costs, the most effective way to secure your future as well as your family’s future is to buy a health insurance cover.

Health Insurance Premium Calculator

Buying a health insurance is an imperative step that you can take so as to protect yours and your loved one’s health. It gives you coverage against heavy medical expenses that may arise due to any sickness or health injury. Health insurance policies are designed to provide wider health coverage so to reduce the burden on finances during medical emergencies. Arogya Sanjeevani Policy. Two Wheeler Insurance. The NCB will be offered as per your eligibility on renewal.

Two Wheeler Insurance

Three Year Policy: For a New vehicle, the NCB will normally begin at 0% and will remain so for the duration of the policy. Car Insurance Online. Home Insurance: Property Insurance for your home. Home Insurance offers protection to the house owner, in the event of physical destruction or damage caused to the home building by fire and allied perils like storm, tempest, flood and inundation.

Home Insurance: Property Insurance for your home

It also offers protection to the loss or damage caused to the household articles placed within the house. Key Features of the Home Building insurance Policy can be taken for a longer tenure of up to 20 years. Sum Insured should reflect the reconstruction cost, in the event of a total loss. Facility to include the financier’s name in the policy. Home Insurance offers protection to the house owner, in the event of physical destruction or damage caused to the home building by fire and allied perils like storm, tempest, flood and inundation.

Travel Insurance Online. Personal Accident Insurance Plan. If you need to make a claim under Personal Accident Insurance, here's a step-by-step guide: 1.

Personal Accident Insurance Plan

Request a Claim Form To request for a claim form, call us at 1860 425 0000. You can also send an email to at the earliest, and not later than 30 days after the accident. Health Insurance Plan. Two Wheeler Insurance. Health Insurance Premium Calculator. Arogya Sanjeevani Policy. Home Insurance Online. Health Insurance premium calculator. Arogya Sanjeevani Health Insurance. Medical insurance. Home Insurance Quote. Bike insurance status. The Insurance and Regulatory Development Authority of India (IRDAI) regulates the two-wheeler bike insurance sector in India.

bike insurance status

Bike insurance insures your two-wheeler against damage, loss, theft, and covers the damages caused to a third party by the insured vehicle. It provides a “Personal Accident cover” to owner-driver, wherein if the vehicle meets with an accident, the owner-driver is covered against severe injury and even death. As per the new Supreme Court directive, insurance cover should be compulsorily purchased while buying the new two-wheeler and will be provided by the dealer himself (You have the option of suggesting the insurance company of your choice). For renewal of existing policies, just before the expiration of the policy term, you can renew the cover on the web portal of the insurer under the relevant section.

The following data is required if you need to buy a new policy, and renew or verify an existing policy - – Car Insurance Online. Health Insurance Premium Calculator. Health Insurance Plans. Personal Accident Insurance Plan at Rs.2/Day. Home Insurance. Travel Insurance. Asthma Insurance. Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the airways of the lungs in which the airways narrow, swell, and produce extra mucus.

Asthma Insurance

Asthma can make breathing difficult and trigger coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath. As many different factors come together to cause asthma, there are many different types of the disease, based on age and severity. For some people, asthma may be a minor nuisance. For others, it can be a severe problem that may interfere with daily activities and may lead to a life-threatening asthma attack.

Types of Asthmas include Childhood asthma, Adult-onset asthma, Occupational asthma, Seasonal asthma, Difficult-to-control and severe asthma. Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the airways of the lungs in which the airways narrow, swell, and produce extra mucus. As many different factors come together to cause asthma, there are many different types of the disease, based on age and severity. Health Insurance Plan. Car Insurance Online.

Health Insurance Premium Calculator. Family Floater Health Insurance Plan Online. Key features of Family Plus are as mentioned below: Coverage for 19 different relations in the same policy.

Family Floater Health Insurance Plan Online

Legally married spouse as long as he or she continues to be married to You Son Daughter-in-law Daughter Father Mother Father-in-law as long as Your spouse continues to be married to You Mother-in-law as long as Your spouse continues to be married to You Grandfather Grandmother Grandson Granddaughter Son-in-law Brother Sister Sister-in-law Brother-in-law Nephew Niece 1.

A unique combination of Individual SI+ Floater SI in the same policy. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Individual Health Insurance. If you are a globe trotter and looking for a Health Insurance Plan which provides best coverage in India as well as Abroad, then Lifeline Elite is the plan for you.

Individual Health Insurance

Any individual above 18 years of age can purchase Lifeline. Lifeline is offered as an Individual plan and as a Family Floater plan for self, spouse and children. Cover Options: In an effort to give you the best of current day medical and healthcare facilities, Royal Sundaram has launched the Lifeline Elite Health Insurance Plan which offers comprehensive health cover with Sum Insured options of Rs.25 lacs, Rs.30 lacs, Rs.50 lacs, Rs.1 crore and Rs.1.5 crores.

In addition to high Sum Insured options, Lifeline Elite comes with a wide range of medical benefits covering critical illnesses, international treatment, maternity expenses (covers up to 2 deliveries if both husband and wife are covered under the same family floater policy), severe medical conditions and accidents. Key Benefits: Health Insurance. Two Wheeler Insurance. RTO Bangalore South. Kidney stone treatment in India. Health Insurance in India The main contributor to the increase in mineral levels in the blood and consumption of unknown salts is changing lifestyle.

Kidney stone treatment in India

Life is becoming stressful day-after-day. Increase in working hours leads to less time for making homemade meals, which is causing many to switch to a diet involving junk food. A decent health insurance policy shall usually cover most of the expenses made towards doctor in terms of consultation fees, costs towards certain listed medical tests, ambulance charges, most importantly the hospitalization charges and even post-hospitalization recovery charges to a certain extent. Coronavirus Symptoms. Coronavirus is the newly diagnosed common human virus known to have originated from Wuhan, China. The virus is spreading fast across the nation and travelling to other countries, taking a toll on the lives of many people along the way. More than 4500 people have been diagnosed with symptoms, and hundreds of them have lost the battle fighting the disease. Although the majority of the cases have been found in China, several other countries like the U.S, Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan, have also been put on high alert with odd cases of patients with similar symptoms being reported in recent times.

Here are some insights into Coronavirus: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment; Honda Bikes. RTO Karnataka. Dengue Fever Symptoms. What is crop insurance. Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojna (PMFBY) was introduced in 2016, replacing all the existing yield insurance schemes in India. The scheme has extended coverage under localized risks, post-harvest losses etc. and aims at adoption of technology for yield estimation. Maternity Health Insurance Online. Pregnancy brings a lot of emotions in a woman’s life: the wonder of creating a new life, the joy of a cute baby, the uncertainty of the future, and fear of increasing finances. With all the happiness that pregnancy and motherhood brings, there is always a shadow of medical bills lurking in the background. Pregnant women require constant care and medical attention – right from vitamins to monthly tests to delivery, hospital bills just keep piling up. If not for the hospitalization and delivery itself, it’s the post-delivery care that is also equally expensive.

This can be a huge burden to bear for expecting parents. Joint family advantages. Posted by Royal Sundaram on 07 Feb 2018 You know the feeling of excitement when someone give you a delicious scoop of ice-cream. Living in a joint family is like receiving a triple scoop of your favourite ice-cream. Health Insurance Plan for Senior citizen. Posted by Royal Sundaram on 13 May 2019 Advancing age of our parents needs special attention.

It is our responsibility to take precaution and adequate measure to ensure that our parents get proper medical attention at the time of need. In the coming years, an increase of 15 to 18% can happen in the health care sector. As a policy for senior citizens has different coverage options, do your research thoroughly. RTO Karnataka. Dengue Fever Symptoms. 10 Tips for a Healthy Heart - Take Care Your Heart. The heart is an organ that works for your health and welfare non-stop every single day. However, in the hustle and bustle of stressful lives, people pay much attention to the well-being of their hearts. This is why heart disease is one of the most common ailments for causing death amongst men and women in the world.

However, there are several measures and good habits that can make a real difference and take care of the health of the heart. Evaluate Your Risks There are several reasons why you may develop heart diseases. Regular Checks It is advisable for everyone to undergo a full body check-up. Be Fit. How is a Critical Illness Plan Different from Health Insurance Plan. With people’s current lifestyle – working late, poor sleep, late night-outs, poor eating habits, and high levels of stress; they are increasingly falling prey to numerous lifestyle diseases. Studies have shown that one in four Indians is at the risk of dying an untimely death from either cancer, cardiovascular ailments, or other stress-related illnesses. Having a healthy, balanced diet and regular physical exercise can keep many of these lifestyle problems at bay. Advice for People with Health Conditions Amid Coronavirus. The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the world, with millions of active cases and thousands of deaths.

To manage the spread of the virus, governments across the world have implemented various measures like social distancing, country-wide lockdowns, regular issue of health guidelines, etc. Age Group with Higher Risk of Coronavirus Infection. How to Safeguard your Mental and Physical Health during Quarantine.

Quarantining and self-isolating yourself to prevent yourself as well as others from the infection is one of the most integral pointers of coronavirus dos and don’ts. However, this does not eliminate the fact that change from your normal routine life is going to be easy and non-disrupting. During this time, your mental and physical well-being is likely to be affected and therefore, you should ensure that you take sufficient care of the same.

Health Insurance. Two Wheeler Insurance. Car Insurance. RTO Bengaluru. Honda Upcoming Bikes. RTO Karnataka. Dengue Cover Policy. Kidney Stone Treatment in India. Appendicitis Treatment. Appendicitis treatment generally requires an operation to extract the infected appendix. Before the procedure, the patient may be administered a dose of antibiotics to tackle the infection. Asthma Health Insurance. Health Insurance Plan Online. Health Insurance. Coronavirus Symptoms. Maternity Health Insurance. Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza. Launched in 2016, Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza is a subcompact crossover SUV. Since its release, the Brezza has been demanding attention due to it's unique, and class apart looks. Although a crossover, the car is and distinct in its own rights. Something more unique about the vehicle is its multiple colour scheme.

The Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza is offered in only one engine, i.e., a 1.3-litre DDiS200 diesel unit. It generates 90PS of power and 200Nm of peak torque. It is a sub-4 metre SUV is equipped quite well in terms of features. Health Insurance premium calculator. Health Insurance Plan for Family. Health Insurance Plan for Individuals. Medical Insurance. Car Insurance. Health Insurance. Car Insurance. Karnataka RTO List. Appendicitis Treatment. Asthma Health Insurance. Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza.

Good Health Insurance for Parents. Get Two Wheeler Insurance. Car Insurance Cover. Family Health Insurance. Individual Health Insurance. Health Insurance. Health Insurance: Buy Health Insurance Plan Online. Two Wheeler Insurance. Coronavirus Causes. Women's Pregnancy Insurance. Best Health Insurance for Parents above 50. Purchase Two Wheeler Insurance Online. Low Price Car Insurance. Coronavirus Insurance. Car Insurance Renewal. Car Insurance Online. Bike Insurance. Bike Insurance. 2 wheeler insurance online. Health Insurance Plans.

Car Insurance Renewal. Health Insurance Policy. Two Wheeler Insurance. 2 wheeler insurance online.