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Web Templates - Download free xhtml css templates Web Templates - Download free xhtml css templates CSS templates are designs that use CSS (Cascading StyleSheets) not only for general formatting and styling, but also for positioning and sizing all page elements. This approach to Web design cleanly separates your content (ie. your HTML) from the way it's to be presented, giving you the ability to safely change one without messing up the other. If you can't find what you're looking for here, check out our premium templates.
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Would you like to be able to seamlessly modify the content of the website based on this particular template? It's never been easier - now you can order the addition of the CMS to this template which will be done by our partners from MotoCMS.com. Hosting Requirements: PHP v. 5.2, 5.3 or 5.4; Zend Optimizer v3.3 (for PHP 5.2) or Zend Guard Loader (for PHP 5.3 & 5.4). Flash template #21748 by Delta Flash template #21748 by Delta