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Learning English - Home. Vokabeltrainer, online Englisch lernen, gratis Spanisch lernen. ESOL Courses - Free English Lessons Online. Audio Lingua - mp3 en anglais, allemand, espagnol, italien, russe, portugais et français. 100 Extensive University Libraries from Around the World that Anyone Can Access. Universities house an enormous amount of information and their libraries are often the center of it all.

You don't have to be affiliated with any university to take advantage of some of what they have to offer. From digital archives, to religious studies, to national libraries, these university libraries from around the world have plenty of information for you. Digital Libraries Capturing images of manuscripts, art, and artifacts, digital libraries are an excellent way of both preserving the past and sharing it with everyone. Harvard University Library.

International Digital Libraries These digital libraries either have a focus on a culture other than that of the United States or are housed in another country. The Digital South Asia Library. Texts These libraries offer books or texts for you to read online and free of charge. Universal Digital Library. Medical Libraries These libraries offer medical information for both the professional and the lay person. Welch Medical Library. Legal Libraries. Englisch Lernen mit Englische Grammatik Online. Mittelschulvorbereitung Englisch. Philosophers and Their Works. English Language (ESL) Learning Online. EnglishCentral.com.