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This Spider Destroys Female Genitalia to Prevent Future Mating. Talk about tough love—some male spiders lop off parts of females' genitalia to prevent her from mating again, a new study says.

This Spider Destroys Female Genitalia to Prevent Future Mating

The behavior, which guarantees that the male will father all of her offspring, is the first to suggest that males evolve behaviors to maim external parts of the female genitalia. “All the time, we’re discovering [such] new, astonishing adaptations,” says Jutta Schneider, a biologist at the University of Hamburg who wasn’t involved in the study but has collaborated with some of its authors. “This competition has enormous power.”

Spiders in particular get freaky in the pursuit of sexual success, deploying everything from cannibalism to self-castration to land a mate. (See "'Castrated' Spiders Are Better Fighters, Study Says. ") The team observed that after mating, many females were missing their scapus, a bicycle seat-shaped knob that sits above the genitalia. Spiders tune their webs like guitars. Today's Trends. Pycnogonida. These Newly Discovered Spiders Might Cure Your Arachnophobia. Posted Aug 03, by Justine Figueroa This newly discovered spider may cure your arachnophobia.

These Newly Discovered Spiders Might Cure Your Arachnophobia

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Peacock spiders are one of the newest discoveries in the scientific community. The baby peacock spiders are even smaller and are totally transparent. La sorprendente capacidad de las hormigas ante la falta de gravedad - BBC Mundo. Videoclub – Mortal Insect Kombat: ¿quién ganará el combate entre un avispón y una tarántula? Ariapsa - Ciudades de hormigas. Newly discovered ant species uses pro-spy techniques to infiltrate colonies. Walks like a turtle ant, acts like a turtle ant - and looks like a mirror turtle ant?

Newly discovered ant species uses pro-spy techniques to infiltrate colonies

Researchers from George Washington University discovered a new ant species that survives by infiltrating other species and accessing their food. The ants were found among a colony of turtle ants in Brazil. "I did a true double-take when I first saw this new species," said Dr. Scott Powell, the researcher who made the discovery, in a press release. "As I turned away, after seeing what appeared to be large numbers of host foragers, it registered that a couple of the ants I had just laid eyes on were not quite like the others.

Japanese Coffee Shop Offers Anatomically Correct Gummy Insect Larvae. Lone Star: La garrapata que vuelve vegetariano a la fuerza a quienes muerde. Un extraño aumento de alergias a la carne se ha registrado en la zona de Long Island (Nueva York, Estados Unidos) en el último tiempo.

Lone Star: La garrapata que vuelve vegetariano a la fuerza a quienes muerde

Curiosamente, los afectados -cerca de 200- habían sido mordidos por una rara especie de garrapata, según informó la cadena NBC. Estos escorpiones diminutos viven en tus libros viejos « Pijamasurf - Noticias e Información alternativa. Para añadir vida, terror e imaginación a los libros viejos que están tautológicamente guardados en estanterías de bibliotecas y casas, existen los llamados “escorpiones de libro” que los recorren sin cansancio.

Estos escorpiones diminutos viven en tus libros viejos « Pijamasurf - Noticias e Información alternativa

25 imágenes que muestran el mágico mundo de los caracoles. El fotógrafo Ukraniano, Vyacheslav Mishenko, se ha vuelto reconocido por sus singulares imágenes macro de la naturaleza donde los insectos son los principales protagonistas.

25 imágenes que muestran el mágico mundo de los caracoles

Hormigas, chinitas, mariposas y libélulas han posado para la cámara de Mishenko que retrata su pequeño mundo en miniatura. Video: Horseshoe Crabs Mate in Annual Beach "Orgy" Up and down the U.S.

Video: Horseshoe Crabs Mate in Annual Beach "Orgy"

Eastern Seaboard, horseshoe crabs, which have been around for some 450 million years (200 million years before dinosaurs), are spawning. The crabs live in the ocean year-round but come ashore like clockwork every year between the May and June full moons to mate and lay eggs. On any night during the spawning season, volunteers troll eastern beaches to help conduct the population surveys managed by state fisheries departments and marine and conservation organizations.

Some coastal areas—in Massachusetts and New York, for instance—may yield as few as 20 crabs in a night. But along the shores of the Delaware Bay, where crabs have been counted since the early 1990s, they may number in the tens of thousands. Spider Evolution Should Make You Even More Terrified Of Spiders. It seems like one day the spiders took a dislike to anything with a spine and decided to expend a lot of energy evolving the toxin to kill it, whether its death would greatly help the widow or not.

Spider Evolution Should Make You Even More Terrified Of Spiders

Must...control...pedantic...evolution major...fist...of...death... Creatures do not want genetic traits and then develop them. Lamarck argued that, and listening to Lamarck caused a lot of Russians to starve. One day a spider was born that had a weird batch of venom. Some random mutation caused it to work different from other spiders from the same batch of eggs. The funnel web spider does not need to kill baby rats, though it probably eats them. The Secret Life of Snails. Ukrainian photographer Vyacheslav Mishchenko has a talent for capturing some of the smallest creatures on Earth in some of the most whimsical ways.

The Secret Life of Snails

We at IFLS are in love with his latest series about the hidden beauty of snails. If you’d like to see more photos of these snails and other creatures, be sure to check out his Facebook page. These photographs are all copyrighted by and credited to Vyacheslav Mishchenko and have been posted here with permission. Reproduction, copying, or redistribution is strictly prohibited without the express written permission of the author.

El cangrejo no tiene orejas pero sí un oído muy fino. Aunque pueden llegar a ser violonistas o tambores en el cine, los cangrejos no tienen orejas en su caparazón, pero ello no les impide percibir algunos sonidos de sus depredadores, han demostrado biólogos estadounidenses.

El cangrejo no tiene orejas pero sí un oído muy fino

Para comprobarlo, el equipo dirigido por Randall Hughes, biólogo marino de la Northeastern University (EEEUU), colocó un electrodo bajo el caparazón del animal cerca del estatocisto, una especie de oreja interna que gobierna el sentido del equilibrio en los invertebrados, para medir la actividad nerviosa cuando está en presencia de diferentes frecuencias sonoras. Cuatro cangrejos macho y cuatro hembras del tipo Panopeus seleccionados en un banco de ostras del Golfo de México han sido sometidos a esta prueba. Wonderful photos of insects wearing morning’s glowing dews. Morning has its own charming weather, the cold breathes, the moisture and the lovely dews which appears on tree leafs, grass and all the surfaces on earth, it looks beautiful and it glows in a catchy way specially on the tiniest insects, but it can’t be seen but through macro photography which enlarges objects and emerges their tiniest details.

Helped us in seeing these unseen details, the French photographer “David Chambon” which is a highly professional photographer specialized in wildlife photography and in macro insect photography, he has photographed many unbelievably beautiful photos of insects in many techniques, and in many conditions, that’s something he lived on for the past ten years. Con su Ternura estas arañas seguro curarán tu aracnofobia - Taringa!

Te presentamos a las más lindas arañas del planeta Tierra: las arañas saltadoras… Via cheezburger.comSon parte de la familia de los saltícidos (Salticidae). Son extremadamente lindas cuando son bebés: Via godotal.tumblr.comTambién son inofensivas y hay más de 4,000 especies alrededor de este maravilloso mundo. Videoclub - Un gigantesco 'monstruo arácnido' trepa por las casas de una ciudad rusa. The Most Horrifying (And Awesome) Creepy-Crawlies In The World. Just in case you didn't already think that insects were terrifying/awesome enough, here is a delightful collection of bugs that we are lucky enough to live amongst, coupled with some ever so dramatic videos for your viewing pleasure.

Botfly Botflies, or members of the Oestridae family, might sometimes look a little bit like a cute bumblebee, but I can guarantee you they’re far from cute. I wouldn’t read this if you’re squeamish. The larvae of botflies parasitize various different mammals and of course there is a human one, Dermatobia hominis, which can be found throughout Central and South America. The female grabs onto a blood-feeding mosquito mid-flight and sticks her eggs onto it, then off it goes on its merry way in search of a delicious human to go and irritate the heck out of. Image credit: Geoff Gallice, via Wikimedia Commons. Demencia Total. Empire. World's largest aquatic insect specimen found in China. By Zoe Li, CNN July 22, 2014 -- Updated 1152 GMT (1952 HKT) Large enough to cover the face of a human adult, this scary-looking insect is also known among entomologists as an indicator of good water quality.

This lacewing discovered in Sichuan province, has a wingspan of 21 cm, making it the largest known aquatic insect in the world. Villagers in the outskirts of Chengdu discovered the bugs under a streetlamp. The specimens are now at the Insect Museum of West China. Meet The Spider That Lives Its Entire Life In A Bubble Underwater. Araña acuática (Argyroneta aquatica) ~ Naturaleza Insólita.