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Wordpress Plugins to Consider

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Amazon Link. This plugin is used to quickly add Amazon products links to your WordPress posts and pages.

Amazon Link

The product links can be simple text links, thumbnail images, full-size images, complex templates or full-blown Amazon flash widgets. The product links that can be for any of the Amazon domains (UK, US, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, India and Japan). The content of the product links can be statically entered by the Author (when the link is created), or dynamically refreshed when displayed using data from the Amazon site that is most appropriate for the nationality of the reader. The product links to be displayed can be specified when the link is created, using the built in Amazon search widget, or dynamically generated by searching the content of the site.

All product links will contain the Amazon affiliate ID of the site author and will be the relevant one for that locale. Key features Quick Start Latest Version - 3.2.4 Bug Fix - Save Affiliate IDs on Setup Screen. Any Mobile Theme Switcher. Broken Link Checker. This plugin will monitor your blog looking for broken links and let you know if any are found.

Broken Link Checker

Features Monitors links in your posts, pages, comments, the blogroll, and custom fields (optional).Detects links that don't work, missing images and redirects.Notifies you either via the Dashboard or by email.Makes broken links display differently in posts (optional).Prevents search engines from following broken links (optional).You can search and filter links by URL, anchor text and so on.Links can be edited directly from the plugin's page, without manually updating each post.Highly configurable. Basic Usage. WordPress Popular Posts. P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) WP Customer Reviews. There are many sites that are crawling for user-generated reviews now, including Google Places and Google Local Search.

WP Customer Reviews

WP Customer Reviews allows you to setup a specific page on your blog to receive customer testimonials for your business/service OR to write reviews about multiple products (using multiple pages). Big News! Version 3 is on the way. Click here for details WP Multisite and Multiuser (WPMU / WPMS / WordPress MU) compatible.All submissions are moderated, which means that YOU choose which reviews get shown.Reviews are displayed to visitors in a friendly format, but search engines see the hReview microformat (and RDFa soon!) This is a community-driven , donation-funded plugin. More information at: WP Customer Reviews. All-in-One WP Migration. The plugin allows you to export your database, media files, plugins, and themes.

All-in-One WP Migration

You can apply unlimited find/replace operations on your database and the plugin will also fix any serialization problems that occur during find/replace operations. All in One WP Plugin is the first plugin to offer true mobile experience on WordPress versions 3.3 and up. Works on all hosting providers. PressForward. PressForward is a free plugin that provides an editorial workflow for content aggregation and curation within the WordPress dashboard.


It is designed for bloggers and editorial teams who wish to collect, discuss, and share content from a variety of sources on the open web. PressForward includes: a feed reader embedded within the WordPress dashboarda bookmarklet to capture content from the webtools for collaborative, editorial worka process for republishing aggregated content The feed reader features: ExpressCurate. ExpressCurate plugin includes: RSS feeds and Google alerts importerCuration post composer and editorSEO optimizationKeyword analysis and managementFlexible publishing optionsCuration on-the-go: optional Chrome extension and Android app (both free) ExpressCurate is an ideal tool for professional bloggers, marketing agencies, and marketing professionals that need to rapidly scale content marketing efforts with limited budgets, time, and resources.


RSS feeds and Google Alerts. Flexible Posts Widget. The default Recent Posts widget is exceptionally basic.

Flexible Posts Widget

I always find myself in need of a way to easily display a selection of posts from any combination post type or taxonomy. Hence, Flexible Posts Widget. Flexible Posts Widget (FPW) is more than just a simple alternative to the default Recent Posts widget. Flexible Recent Posts. Advanced Random Posts Widget. This plugin will enable a custom, flexible and advanced random posts.

Advanced Random Posts Widget

It allows you to display a list of random posts via shortcode or widget with thumbnail, excerpt and post date, also you can display it from all or specific or multiple taxonomy. Important! Before asking a support question: Please see FAQ page to read common questions.Please see Other Notes to read how to use shortcode. Features Include WordPress 4.1 Support.Allow you to set title url.Display thumbnails, with customizable size and alignment.Display excerpt, with customizable length.Display from all, specific or multiple category.Display from all, specific or multiple tag.Display from all, specific or multiple taxonomy.Display post date.Post types.Post status.Allow you to set custom css class per widget.Add custom html or text before and/or after random posts.Multiple widgets.

Recent Posts Widget Extended. This plugin will enable a custom, flexible and super advanced recent posts, you can display it via shortcode or widget.

Recent Posts Widget Extended

Allows you to display a list of the most recent posts with thumbnail, excerpt and post date, also you can display it from all or specific or multiple taxonomy, post type and much more! New Features WordPress 4.0.1 Support.Shortcode feature. Special Recent Posts. Easy Bootstrap Shortcode. For plugin support go to Ready for WordPress 4.3 and support Twitter 3.2.0 Easy Bootstrap Shortcode is bootstrap 3.2.0 compatible plugin which add icons to wordpress editor (tinyMCE Shortcode Buttons) and one can add bootstrap style to their website just by clicking on tinyMCE editor icon.

Easy Bootstrap Shortcode

New improved EBS-Pro Version Just by one setting, you can use bootstrap styles in your themes, which are not bootstrap based themes using Bootstrap Shortcodes Features: Note : This settings is provided to remove the shortcode confliction with any other existing shortcode, but be careful while changing the Shortcode Prefix, as existing shortcodes (created with EBS Plugin) will not work if changed the existing prefix. Easy Bootstrap Shortcode provides following styles.

Epic Bootstrap Buttons. Easy Bootstrap Shortcode. Timed Content. The Timed Content plugin allows users to specify that a portion of a Page or Post should appear/be visible or disappear/be invisible based on given time characteristics. Suppose, for example, you embed a video into a Post; once the viewer has enough information from the video, the request to take a specific action can be set to appear.

You can also make portions of a Post or Page be visible at certain dates and times; you can even set up a schedule! The plugin adds the following: A "client-side" shortcode that allows the marking of content to appear or disappear after a given time interval; a "fade" effect is included. This functionality is intended to be used for special effects only, as content marked in this manner is still visible in the HTML source and, therefore, not a secure method of hiding content.Two "server-side" shortcodes that allow the marking of content to be visible only during specified date/time intervals.

Page Builder by WR Page Builder is a simple Drag and Drop page builder that helps you build a complete WordPress website in a few minutes without coding knowledge required. Designed with an intuitive interface, simple and extremely easy to use, this plugin gives a new experience for building pages and creating an entire online shop by visual drag-and-drop functionality. The plugin is similar to an advanced editor and used for both post and page. It includes full page elements, widget support, built-in short codes and much more options that provide an unlimited number of style variations so there is no need to touch any code. In particular, the remarkable improvement in the live preview mode, there will no longer be any feeling glitzy when creating too many things.

More detail: See demo: Page Builder by SiteOrigin. Page Builder by SiteOrigin is the most popular page creation plugin for WordPress. It makes it easy to create responsive column based content, using the widgets you know and love. Your content will accurately adapt to all mobile devices, ensuring your site is mobile-ready. Read more on SiteOrigin. We've created an intuitive interface that looks just like WordPress itself. It's easy to learn, so you'll be building beautiful, responsive content in no time. Page Builder works with standard WordPress widgets, so you'll always find the widget you need.

Story. Story|ftw extends the publishing power of your WordPress theme. Allows you to easily tell full screen — no header, footer, or menu — stories with a rich range of content and style elements. Publish on WordPress? Have mobile traffic that continues to rise? Are you fighting to keep your readers focused on your stories? Us too. Originally the plugin was created to better capture and convert the ever rising mobile traffic from paid Facebook ads. Playbuzz. The Playbuzz plugin enables WordPress users to easily embed #PlayfulContent items like quizzes, lists and polls, publishing these items as content fully integrated into your WordPress site.

Upgrade your site to include the highly engaging, viral content of the Playbuzz publishing platform. You can add all of this content to your site in just minutes! Features Quickly find the most relevant Playbuzz items to embed in the content you're working on, without leaving your edit screen.Refine results by content category, format, popularity and creation date.Automate the plugin to display only the content relevant to your site, using tag filters.Use of the plugin and content is 100% free. Listly: for blogs, brands & writers craving easy-to-author, socially compelling content. WordPress Visual Slide Box Builder. Custom Content Shortcode. SlickQuiz. Collapse-O-Matic. Adblock Notify by b*web. Yasr - Yet Another Stars Rating. Instagram Feed. Testimonials Widget. Redux Framework. Redux is a simple, truly extensible and fully responsive options framework for WordPress themes and plugins. Built on the WordPress Settings API, Redux supports a multitude of field types as well as custom error handling, custom field & validation types, and import/export functionality.

WP User Avatar. WordPress currently only allows you to use custom avatars that are uploaded through Gravatar. Anti-spam by CleanTalk - No Captcha, no comments & registrations spam. SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle. Child Theme Configurator. Child Theme Configurator is a fast and easy to use CSS editor that allows you to create Child Themes and customize them beyond the options of the theme Customizer. List category posts. Link Library. EWWW Image Optimizer. The EWWW Image Optimizer is a WordPress plugin that will automatically optimize your images as you upload them to your blog. It can optimize the images that you have already uploaded, convert your images automatically to the file format that will produce the smallest image size (make sure you read the WARNINGS), and optionally apply lossy reductions for PNG and JPG images. Why use EWWW Image Optimizer? Your pages will load faster. Smaller image sizes means faster page loads. WP Statistics. Content Aware Sidebars.

FB Comments Importer. Social Time Master. WP Pipes. Facebook Group to WordPress. Custom Facebook Feed. Custom Post Type UI. Facebook Comments. Advanced Custom Fields. WP-Optimize. Social Hashtags. Sponsors. ImageInject. Editorial Assistant by Zemanta. Media Library Assistant. Imsanity. Kraken Image Optimizer. Feed Them Social (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc) WP-Optimize. Page Builder by SiteOrigin. NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster. WP Lightbox 2. WP Optimize By xTraffic. Easing Slider. Simple Share Buttons Adder. Mashshare - Social Media Icons SEO Share Buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Subscribe. Share Buttons & Analytics By SoClever Social. Social Login & Sharing buttons with Analytics By SoClever. Feedweb. Ad Inserter. WP Advertize It. Advanced Ads. Advanced Ads. AdPlugg WordPress Ad Plugin.

Users Ultra. Viral Social Sharing by UP. Plugmatter Optin Feature Box. Zedity™ The easiest way of creating your content! Yuzo ̵ ̵ ̵ Related Posts. Listly: for bloggers, brands, publishers & journalists who want readers to engage. Embed Articles.