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Principles of Lean Startups, presentation for Maples Investments. Accel Home. Series AA Termsheet. Founders Fund. Meeting with a VC. Much has been written about the VC process over the years.

Meeting with a VC

The best VC and founder blogs have a done an amazing job at shedding some light and advice on a process that had previously been mysterious and confusing. Some of the important ways to prepare are to choose your VC targets wisely, do they have the same style as you do, do they share your vision, check references, and be clear about your objectives in the meeting. Partnering with a VC is a big one and should not be considered lightly. Yesterday, Mark Suster shared his thoughts about how to best prepare for the actual meeting itself. Mark describes a number of things in his post including who should be in the room, who should do the talking and an outline for your powerpoint deck. Going to Raise VC? Here’s a Primer on Process, People & Powerpoint Deck. If you want a very quick primer on all the stuff nobody ever tells you about raising venture capital check out this video where Mark Jeffrey & I break it down on This Week in VC.

Going to Raise VC? Here’s a Primer on Process, People & Powerpoint Deck

A summary of what we discussed is below: Not 100% in order of the video, but close. All of this is covered in more detail on the TWiVC video above (and much of it is covered in text on this blog on the “Raising VC” tab) 500 Startups: Blowing up Startups Since 2010. Support the Startup Founders Visa with a tweet. Venture Capital (VC) Blog Directory – 2011 Edition. This is the 4th edition of the Venture Capital Blog Directory (1st edition, 2nd edition, 3rd edition).

Venture Capital (VC) Blog Directory – 2011 Edition

This directory includes 149 venture capital, microVC/seed, and growth equity blogs. A VC. Global Venture Capital (VC) Blog Directory – Ranked By Monthly Uniques. Reader - Israeli VC Blogs. – chris dixon's blog. Thoughts. Foundry Group - Home. 4 Questions and 4 Pressure Tests To Decipher A VC’s Interest In Your Company. I have heard from a number of entrepreneurs over the past couple of months about how they wished VCs would give them a “quick no” more often.

4 Questions and 4 Pressure Tests To Decipher A VC’s Interest In Your Company

I think it’s a totally fair critique and have tried to improve in this area myself. In lieu of a “quick no”, I thought I’d give entrepreneurs 4 questions and 4 pressure tests to help you decipher a VC’s level of interest. These questions presume that you have already given the VC an initial pitch of your business, so they have enough information to at least be initially interested. After thinking about this post, I have a renewed personal commitment to make my interest level clear and prompt so that there’s nothing to “decipher”. A good working relationship should start before an investment is closed – so while I hope the advice is helpful in general, I hope that it’s advice you don’t have to take with me. 4 Questions 1.

This is more of a disqualifying question than a qualifying one. 2. For a productive process, it should be both. 3. 4. The Top 20 VC Power Bloggers Of 2010. Lightspeed Venture Partners Blog. Business Intelligence (BI) is the gift that keeps on giving.

Lightspeed Venture Partners Blog

For years, startups have popped up, promising better insights and faster decision making capabilities, consistently resulting in new waves of highly valued companies. Take a look at the past decade, which has seen massive consolidation as well as a hot new set of public companies. For example, SAP snapped up Business Objects for $6.8B in 2009, IBM acquired Cognos for $5B in 2008, and Oracle acquired Hyperion for $3.3B in 2007. The most recent set of public BI companies include upstarts such as Tableau, Qlikview, and Splunk which each captured the markets’ imagination with promises of Big Data and Analytics. Increasingly, BI has been recognized as a strategic tool by the world’s most successful and nimble enterprises which run their businesses on metrics and use BI tools to rapidly make data-driven decisions. However, despite the steady progress in technology, there is still a problem with BI.


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