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Complete Beginner Video Tutorial Series on setting up your own DIY Off Grid Solar Power from Start to finish. Fortunately for us off gridders, homesteaders or preppers, if the grid should ever go down we can generate our own electricity.

Complete Beginner Video Tutorial Series on setting up your own DIY Off Grid Solar Power from Start to finish

In This 6 part Video series we answer every question you would have in creating your own DIY off grid / grid down solar back up system. In this first part we look at assessing your needs to size and design your own system.In this second part we look at choosing and sizing batteries.In part 3 we talk about things to consider when mounting your solar panels.In the fourth part of the DIY Off Grid Solar System we take a look at wiring your solar panels.In part 5,we talk about the two popular types of charge controllers, PWM and MPPT, and the how they work with your solar system.Part 6 explains the battery box and safety items. via PracticalSurvivalist Related articles in Solar Power Recent articles.

Catching it, saving it, treating i, ... STARDOME, the most excellent bamboo dome. DIY Wooden Dome Built From Pallets. Like this article?

DIY Wooden Dome Built From Pallets

Natural Pools or Swimming Ponds. Natural Pools or Natural Swimming Ponds (NSPs) Let nature clean the water...

Natural Pools or Swimming Ponds

Chemical-free water garden and swimming pool. The plant portion, or regeneration zone, is separated from the swimming area by the wall seen a few inches below the water’s surface. The pools have skimmers and pumps that circulate the water through the regeneration zone and back into the swimming area. The aquatic plants filter out contaminants and use nutrients from the water as food which helps prevent algae.

Solar Panels made easy - VERY Easy! NOTE: the longer the panel that is exposed to the sun the hotter the air gets as it rises.

Solar Panels made easy - VERY Easy!

Let me explain on this page, so you understand why these panels work: At the bottom of the panel the air will enter at room temperature and be lifted through the panel (hot air rises)... as the heated air rises, it is exponentially being heated the more it travels before exiting the panel. Additionally, the black Cinefoil is very thin which heats quickly even on days where the sun goes in and out. The longer the panel is exposed to the sun, the better it will work.

DIY Solar Water Heater For About $30 In PVC Supplies And Paint. Did you know that 70% of your home energy cost are on water heating?

DIY Solar Water Heater For About $30 In PVC Supplies And Paint

In response to this, a Brazilian Eco Designer developed a low cost and intelligent method of reducing energy costs and preserving the environment reusing waste. He created a simple passive solar water heating using PET bottles and and some PVC pipe. According to his calculations this is an extremely low cost and safe project that you can do yourself at home. How to Solar Power Your Home. How to build a Solar Power Station. Turning soda cans into solar heating panels. Homemade Solar panels.

At the end, the solar absorber is painted black and placed in the diy solar panels casing.

Homemade Solar panels

The casing is covered with plexiglass that we attach to the frame and thoroughly corked with silicone. Polycarbonate / plexiglass is slightly convex in order to gain greater strength. You can see installed solar absorber without plexiglass in picture 18. Complete solar collector is shown on Picture 19, and finally, installed solar system can be seen in Picture 20. The following page shows complete specification of parts and material needed for building diy solar panels. Heat Your Home With 240 Recycled Aluminum Cans.

Heat your home with recycled aluminum cans.

Heat Your Home With 240 Recycled Aluminum Cans

It’s a simple idea, and one that many will look at and say, “Why didn’t I think of that?” This 240 can unit reportedly heats up to 10,000 BTUs or more according to the company and is “Maintenance free”. via: Youtube – “Jim Meaney, owner of Cansolair Inc. displays how he converts pop cans into a powerful solar heating panel.” “…Cansolair Inc. has developed a forced convection solar heating unit called the Model RA 240 SOLAR MAX.

Repurpose a Wooden Wine Crate Into a Planter. Where do you get wine barrels?

Repurpose a Wooden Wine Crate Into a Planter

Local vineyards? Local Wineries is the usual place (I live in the Barossa Valley in Australia, so its easier for me than some). With the wine barrels when you half them, you need to tech screw the straps into place to prevent collapse. Its a good idea to mount 4-5 heavy duty outdoor casters to the bottom to make them easy to roll about and prevent termites from getting at them. Wash them out well, the left over sludge from the winemaking process is great in compost, worms love it; but the alcohol can harm plants. High-tech dispenser. ATTiny based Electronic Candle. Our friend Pete Mills developed this great ATTiny based Electronic Candle, we have seen electronic candles before but what makes this one shine is how the flickering was done.

ATTiny based Electronic Candle

Pete actually sampled the actual flicker patterns of a real candle flame so that this reproduced flame would look as close to the real thing as possible. 10000 usos del Bicarbonato de Sodio. Propiedades del bicarbonato de sodio Hace un siglo, el bicarbonato comenzó a hacerse popular por sus asombrosos poderes curativos.

10000 usos del Bicarbonato de Sodio

Sin embargo, con el paso de los años se le fue dejando de lado y con el tiempo casi se olvidó por completo. Afortunadamente, ahora se le ha revalorado gracias a especialistas de la medicina, que han podido comprobar su gran efectividad. Actualmente el producto es utilizado por doctores en la diálisis de riñón con el objeto de reducir los niveles de acidez en el torrente sanguíneo de los pacientes.

La Administración de los Alimentos y Medicamentos (FDA), actualmente examina diversos beneficios ampliamente reconocidos de este producto. De acuerdo con lo más renombrados investigadores de la materia, este producto puede aplicarse de 500 formas diferentes par beneficio de su salud. Puede aliviar la irritación y comezón producida por las picaduras de mosquitos y abejas, las cuales normalmente tardan varios días en sanar.

[u]OTROS USOS MEDICINALES. How To Make Edible Water Bottles. The United States uses about 50 billion plastic water bottles each year, which requires 17 million barrels of oil. Sadly, less than a quarter of that plastic will get recycled. How To Build A Smartphone Microscope Stand for $10. Obtaining a high quality microscope for your home or a classroom doesn’t require a massive investment. For only $10, basic supplies from a hardware store can be turned into microscope stand for a smart phone capable of reaching up to 175x magnification. All that is required for this setup is a piece of plywood, some Plexiglass, the lens from a laser pointer, small LED light, and some nuts and bolts to hold it together.

By using a smartphone with the microscope, images and videos of the specimens can be taken easily. This is a great tool for getting up close and personal with everyday small objects like salt and pepper, but it can also be used to see plant cells easily. The video provides full instructions, but if you need a pictorial step-by-step guide, Instructables user kmyoshino has you covered here. [Hat tip: kmyoshino via Instructables] Futuristic and Unique Wallpaper with LED – LED Wallpaper.