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Anamorphose ou carte des temps de transport

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Xiaoji Chen's Design Weblog » Map of Paris: Visualizing Urban Transportation. Update: If you are interested in isochronic maps, I have more detailed explaination of the process in my graduate thesis Seeing Differently: Cartography for Subjective Maps Based on Dynamic Urban Data, and the source code (Processing) is on GitHub.

Xiaoji Chen's Design Weblog » Map of Paris: Visualizing Urban Transportation

What is your mental map of a city? I bet it’s not measured in miles. This project is part of my work in the SENSEable City’s workshop this semester. Isokron. La France en train depuis Paris. Conjecture de Zahavi. Blog Archive » Time travel. Map in photo above is a part of one of my final projects I did for my last school, London College of Printing (now London College of Communication).

Blog Archive » Time travel

It was an attemt to redesign the London Underground map. In the beginning when I didn’t know what to do with the project, I called it “impossible mission”. How could I come up with some innovative ideas to this piece of design that is by many considered as one of the best in graphic design ever? Well, I knew couldn’t just do a normal re-design; something had to be added.