Art History

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Remembering the great and irreplaceable, Robert Hughes: 1938-2012
African Art Is Under Threat in Djenne-Djenno
Kimono with carp, water lilies, and morning glories [Japan] (2006.73.2) | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Guo Xis Early Spring
The Fineries of Ancient Nomads - Slide Show
Professor Sir Ernst Gombrich OM was born in Vienna in 1909 and died in London on November 3, 2001, aged 92. He studied at the Theresianum and then at the Second Institute of Art History at the University of Vienna under Julius von Schlosser (1928-33). He then worked as a Research Assistant and collaborator with the museum curator and Freudian analyst Ernst Kris. The Gombrich Archive The Gombrich Archive