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Craig Mod — Books and essays on walking, Japan, photography, and publishing. TRISTAN HARRIS. Rebel Wisdom - ignite, inspire, transform. World – WID – World Wealth & Income Database. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) What is

World – WID – World Wealth & Income Database

For more information on and its history, click here. For more information on the network of researchers, click here. For more information on methodology, click here. How to read graphs? Click here for help on how to navigate through menus and graphs. I encounter technical problems on, what should I do? First, accept our apologies. What distinguishes’s inequality data from the OECD, the World Bank, or other inequality data providers?

Only few institutions provide inequality estimates and those who do so (e.g. the the OECD or the World Bank data portals) rely for the most part on household surveys. In contrast, combines national accounts and survey data with fiscal data sources. Should you have further questions on the data, do not hesitate to contact us. What distinguishes’s national accounts data from the UN, the IMF, the World Bank, or other national accounts data providers?

Institute of Ideas. Birthing the New Reality – Saturn at Galactic Centre – Solar Eclipse Pisces – Cosmic*Intelligence*Agency. Saturn at the Galactic Centre 2017 Saturn at the Galactic Centre during 2017 makes the times we are living in ever more interesting.

Birthing the New Reality – Saturn at Galactic Centre – Solar Eclipse Pisces – Cosmic*Intelligence*Agency

As a relatively new area of exploration and a new concept for astrologers, after exploring the images and the symbols of such a potent energy and planets in this area in the past, I can certainly see merit in using the Galactic Centre as a representation of not only being pulled into something larger than life, but also as a conduit to a great symbol of a most creative force that exists in oneself and in our collective destiny. The Galactic Centre is the point around which our whole galaxy, The Milky Way turns. It was discovered in Feb 1974, fittingly with the North Node at 27° Sagittarius and Saturn at the South Node. The Galactic centre moves like a fixed star at the rate of precession through the zodiac at 1° every 72 years, forward in the tropical zodiac(as the Aries point moves backward) and is currently at 26°59′ Sagittarius.

Powerful stuff! Developing as Rational Persons: Viewing Our Develo. Humans are capable of developing into rational beings.

Developing as Rational Persons: Viewing Our Develo

This is our ultimate assumption. At some level all of us want to effectively analyze and solve our problems. We want to live significant, meaningful lives. We want to be persons of integrity. We did not consciously choose to be selfish and egocentric, any more than we consciously chose to think unclearly, inaccurately, irrelevantly, superficially, narrow-mindedly, or illogically. In this paper, we focus on one multi-faceted tool — a theory of the stages required for rational development. Stage One We Begin as Unreflective Thinkers We all begin as largely unreflective thinkers, fundamentally unaware of the determining role that thinking is playing in our lives. Leah Reich - Being an empathetic company. ”Empathy has morphed into a sort of catch-all for our collective desire to give a shit” When one of Leah’s bosses made her cry she was taught that under no circumstances was she allowed to cry at work and that the office was no place for emotions.

Leah Reich - Being an empathetic company

It’s out of this premise that she talks about the importance of empathy at work in order to be able to look at things from different perspectives. This gets even more relevant when we’re nowadays expected to bring our whole selves to the office. At its most basic, empathy it’s the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. This ability is well needed if we effectively and meaningfully are to understand people that are shaped out of other norms, cultural preferences and experiences other than our own. Leah also talks about how empathy within a company is not merely the process of identify a need and fix it with a new product or service. The Peace Revolution Podcast. Peace is the way.

The Peace Revolution Podcast

The Revolution is in between Your Ears. Re-Contextualizing History... One Episode at a Time. Peace Revolution is a self-study curriculum produced by Tragedy and Hope dot com and funded by the Subscribers to the Tragedy and Hope Online Research and Development Community. Supporting T&H allows Peace Revolution to remain free of commercials and advertisements. Catalog - OR Books. The Tap Blog.