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Mitt Romney Retires To Fainting Couch After Suggesting Trump May Be Acting Ignobly. The Saturday Quote. Dogs For Willard “SAD! LOSER! ,” a voice shrieked from deep within a padded room… “‘The best personnel decision [Trump] made was not choosing me [to be Secretary of State],’ Mr. Seems strange for Willard to boast about not getting the job because he would be You’re Fired’ed fast, but whatevs.

Sharing Means Caring, fool! Like this: Like Loading... Related Stepford Ann says... ...that it's time to unzip Willard: Ann Romney, asked in an interview Monday if she has to defend her husband against charges that he is too "stiff," responded, "we better unzip him and let the real Mitt Romney out because he is not! " In "2012 Goat Rodeo" Unhappy Days Are Here Again The 2012 Goat Rodeo So, it is going to be Charlie Pierce's Zombie-eyed Granny-starver, Paul Ryan as the running-mate for magical panties enthusiast Willard Romney, eh?

Willard Works His Magic In "2018 Pie Fight" Mitt Romney wants to ‘decide Trump’s fate’ in a Senate trial — and he’s ‘freaking Republicans out’: report. All Right, Mitt Romney, It Might Be Up to You to Stand Up to Donald Trump and Help Save America. Spineless Mitt Romney Calls Legislative Efforts To Get Trump's Taxes 'Moronic' Robot Mitt Romney Got a Twinkie Cake For His Birthday. Mitt Romney Issues Wildly Useless WaPo Op-Ed Saying 'Trump Bad' Mitt Romney Doubts President Donald Trump's Character in Op-Ed - Romney Is No Resistance Leader, He's a Fake. Mitt Romney Rips Trump’s Character in New Op-ed. Mitt Romney is ready to be the new Jeff Flake. Photo: George Frey/Getty Images Mitt Romney is looking for a fight. Two days before he’s sworn in as Utah’s junior senator, the on-again, off-again critic of President Trump announced his arrival in Washington with an op-ed bashing the president’s character and praising his policies.

“The Trump presidency made a deep descent in December,” Romney wrote in an op-ed published by Trump’s most hated newspaper, the Washington Post. He lists some of the ways Trump has failed in his eyes and declares that Trump’s “conduct over the past two years, particularly his actions this month, is evidence that the president has not risen to the mantle of the office.” Romney is quick to point out that he supported Trump making the rich richer through tax cuts and he loves the dismantling of regulations at the expense of consumers and the environment. But Trump’s personality? To a great degree, a presidency shapes the public character of the nation. Romney's back and that's a problem for Trump that could get worse. WASHINGTON — Mitt Romney is a serious political threat to President Donald Trump. That explains why Trump, in defiance of his change-agent brand, is encouraging Sen.

Orrin Hatch to run for an eighth term — which could block Romney's path to the Senate. The potential danger posed by Romney is why Trump is choosing kind words for the failed 2012 presidential hopeful. And it's why some Republicans think Romney ought to throw caution and courtesy to the wind and run whether or not Hatch does. "All the old lanes and rules and mores and norms have just been blown apart because of Trump. You end up in a situation where the last person playing by the rules loses," said Rick Wilson, a Florida-based GOP strategist and major Trump critic. "Mitt Romney should consider running for the seat. " While that's a nightmare for Trump, it's a dreamscape for Republicans who feel like their party, and its commitment to conservatism, was hijacked. "He's a good man," Trump replied. The Humbling Of Mitt Romney, By Donald J. Trump | The Huffington Post.

Does Mitt Romney Have Enough Dignity to Turn Down Donald Trump? By his own standards laid out in March, the president-elect is still a ‘phony,’ so how can the former Republican nominee possibly work for him? Editor's Note: This story has been updated. Mitt Romney and Donald Trump have had their meeting, and my, my, what a new Mitt we’re seeing now. The statement he read last night started with a reference to the president-elect’s “message of inclusion” and ended with the 2012 standard bearer expressing his “increasing hope that President-elect Trump is the very man who can lead us to that better future.”

That's quite different from Romney’s view back in March, when among others things he warned that if Republicans chose Trump as their nominee, “the prospects for a safe and prosperous future are greatly diminished.” If Romney is offered the secretary of state position and accepts, he will have done everything in life precisely as his father, George, did it. Trump is a man for whom Romney clearly has heaping disdain. Hear that harp music? Thank You! Mr. ‘I’ve made a terrible mistake’: Internet ridicules photo of Romney’s painful dinner with Trump. Inside Trump and Romney's Jean Georges dinner. Instead of being joined by their wives, which was the original expectation, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus was their only other guest.

He was tapped by Trump to become his chief of staff when he enters the White House in January. The three men ordered a young garlic soup with thyme and sautéed frog legs, and diver scallops with caramelized cauliflower and caper-raisin emulsion as appetizers, according to a readout to reporters. Priebus and Trump ordered a prime sirloin with citrus glazed carrots for their main course and Romney ordered lamb chops with a mushroom bolognese sauce. All three of the men had a chocolate cake for dessert.

CNN asked Trump after the dinner if Romney will be the next secretary of state, to which he responded, "Well, we're going to see what happens. " And Romney addressed reporters in the lobby about the dinner, where he said he had a "wonderful evening" with Trump. He added: "By the way, it's not easy winning. Mitt Romney: I gave that speech because history will one day ask, “What did you do to stop Donald Trump?” Former Massachusetts governor and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney spoke to Matt Lauer on NBC’s “Today” show Friday morning to discuss his “unprecedented” decision to attack GOP front-runner Donald Trump hours before a debate.

“The people who think you’re a hero” for criticizing Trump are asking a question, Lauer began, which is “why did you wait so long?” “I’ve wanted to be involved in the campaign as a referee, and if there were a few foul balls, I could keep them guided on the path to becoming the next president,” Romney said, clearly unaware of which sports metaphor he was employing. “The time came when Trump’s outrage made me have to speak out,” he added, “because it comes to the point where your grandchildren are going to say, ‘Poppa, what did you do to stop Donald Trump?

'” Lauer replied that “experts are calling this an ‘unprecedented’ event in modern political history, a former nominee in a party issuing a scathing take-down of the current front-runner.” Stephen Colbert just laid bare Mitt Romney’s breathtaking hypocrisy. “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert last night touched upon the GOP’s last-minute scramble to nominate anyone but Donald Trump. The Republican establishment is “in a deep, deep panic,” Colbert said, because, “they don’t want to be with this guy, but the voters are choosing this.” “It’s like an arranged marriage,” he continued. “And unlike Trump’s other marriages, this one could last eight years.” In desperation mode, the establishment “tried a new approach of a very old approach” by dusting off Mitt Romney, who spent a good portion of a speech yesterday morning telling voters every reason not to vote for Trump. “They broke the seal on Mitt’s hyperbaric dignity chamber,” Colbert said. “And he shambled out and brought the pain.” On Romney’s claims that Trump is not a “business genius” — evidenced by Trump Steaks, Airline, Vodka, et al. — Colbert said, “True, Trump has put his name on some terrible investments.

Watch the full segment below: Mitt Romney Calls On South Carolina To Remove Confederate Flag At Statehouse. Mitt Romney on Saturday called on South Carolina to take down the Confederate flag flying outside its statehouse. The former Republican presidential nominee has long been opposed to the flag, saying in a 2008 debate that it "shouldn’t be flown" and "that’s not a flag I recognize. " Calls for the flag's removal have grown in the wake of a shooting at a historically black church in Charleston Wednesday night that left nine people dead at the hands of a white gunman. NAACP President Cornell Brooks also called Friday for the flag's removal and a White House spokesman said President Barack Obama thinks the flag belongs in a museum. The 2016 Republican presidential field has been mostly silent about the issue. South Carolina's own Sen. Lindsey Graham, who is running for president, has defended the flag as an integral "part of who we are.

" A South Carolina state representative said he plans to sponsor legislation in the next session to take down the flag. Mitt Romney gives a brutal PowerPoint critique of Obama’s foreign policy. Mitt Romney gives a speech to conservative activists in 2013. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin) PARK CITY, Utah — Ever since Mitt Romney’s loss to President Obama in 2012, it has become a mantra in the Republican Party that on foreign policy especially, “Romney was right.” In a stuffy mountain lodge here Friday night, Romney joined the chorus. Dusting off a page from his management consulting playbook, the former Republican nominee delivered a speech by PowerPoint to more than 200 corporate CEOs and other attendees of his annual ideas festival about what he deemed (and titled his slides): “The Most Consequential Obama Foreign Policy Mistakes.” Slide by slide, Romney ticked through 20 mistakes, from Obama’s “Middle East apology tour” to the president’s lack of support for Iran’s green revolution to the administration’s infamous “reset” with Russia.

“With all that bad news, is it not true that arguably President Obama is the worst foreign policy president in history?” Then he mocked her. Romney's foreign policy stuck in Cold War. Mitt Romney: Hillary Clinton Politicized Baltimore Tragedy To Get Support From The Black Community. Mitt Romney: Hillary Clinton Email Controversy An Example Of 'Clintons Behaving Badly' Former Massachusetts governor and 2012 presidential candidate Mitt Romney said former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's use of a personal email while at the State Department is an example of "Clintons behaving badly. " In an interview with Yahoo global news anchor Katie Couric, Romney said the controversy over Clinton's emails is "a mess.

" "I mean, it's always something with the Clintons. Which is that they have rules which they describe before they get into something, and then they decide they don't have to follow their own rules," Romney said. "That I think is gonna be a real problem for her. " Romney argued Clinton chose not to follow federal guidelines over email.

"She was making policy that represents history for this country, that will shape the relations between our country and other countries. Romney also told Couric a 2016 run is "not happening" for him. Romney officially announced he wouldn't be running for president in January. Mitt Romney's Re-Invention As Anti-Poverty Warrior. With the shake of an Etch-A-Sketch, Mitt Romney reintroduced himself to the Republican Party on Friday as a man interested in running for president because of his desire to address poverty and income inequality. One only wonders why the former governor of Massachusetts neglected to focus on the growing problems the last time he held the title of GOP standard bearer. Addressing a gathering of Republican National Committee officials below deck of the decommissioned U.S.S. Midway aircraft carrier in San Diego, California, Romney ticked off three priorities crucial to what he called the "post-Obama era": making the world safer with a more muscular foreign policy, providing opportunity to all Americans, and lifting people out of poverty.

"It's a tragedy, a human tragedy, that the middle class in this country by and large doesn't believe that the future will be better than the past," he said. "We haven't seen rising incomes over decades. " "I'm in this race because I care about Americans. Romney’s best bud flees: Mitt’s most reliable media hack turns her back on him. There’s one question that has to be answered before World’s Best Grandpa Mitt Romney officially launches his third campaign for the White House: who actually wants him to do this? There are more than a few rich dummy Republicans who are Ready For Mitt and can’t wait to throw money at him, and he probably trusts their judgment because More Money = Better Than. Mitt has also surrounded himself with a gaggle of “advisers” who have unwavering faith in his ability to save the country and the world from Obamaism. A few of them talked to the Boston Globe and described Mitt as an American messiah-in-waiting who is doing us all the favor of seriously contemplating another presidential run: “If you believe in your heart that this country is going to hell in a hand basket and is worse than ever, you owe it to your country to think about this,” one longtime Romney adviser said.

“There’s a burden there to think this thing through carefully.” On one level, another Romney run is preposterous. I Refuse to Believe Romney ’16 Is Real -- NYMag. When the Washington Post reported last Friday that Mitt Romney had assembled donors and told them he wants to be president, I refused to believe it. Then the Post reported last night that Romney has said he “almost certainly will” run for president. I still don’t believe it. I don’t care how many people he tells. Nothing could convince me that Romney will actually run for president, not even Romney taking the oath of office. My reasoning here is that another Romney candidacy would be insane, and Romney is not insane. During the last presidential cycle, I insisted repeatedly that Mitt Romney stood almost no chance of capturing the Republican nomination, though the competition dragged on for months, and he nearly lost states like Michigan and Ohio even though his only remotely legitimate competition, Rick Perry, imploded well before the first primary.

On the other side of the ledger, one can think of numerous ways that Romney has made himself less attractive. He has to, right? Mitt Romney Will Have His Revenge. There was a moment when it appeared that the next presidential contest was simply going to lumber into existence. A slowly emerging field would pace their way through the so-called invisible primary, sides would be chosen, teams selected, camps erected, and at the end, a kind of pecking order would emerge. Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush surely played his part, dipping a toe in, letting the world know that he was sniffing at the brass ring, but not demanding an inappropriate amount of our time and attention. But that's over now. And the man who loosed the blood-tide upon us? If you can find some kind of calm purchase to examine what the 2016 race -- at least, on the GOP side of the affair -- has become in just a matter of days since Romney, suddenly and (let's face it) unexpectedly opted to stake a claim for himself, you might be able to appreciate what Romney's done: unleashed a narrative-savaging, surrealist fever dream of pure Discordiana.

Romney Adviser: If Mitt Were President, 'There Wouldn't Be An ISIS At All' There were several interesting details in this Boston Globe story about Mitt Romney's rationale for jumping back into the presidential foray -- advisers urging the former governor of Massachusetts to "be more comfortable in public," for one -- but what elicited the most chatter was the insistence of one adviser that many of the biggest foreign policy challenges under President Barack Obama's second term would simply not exist under a Romney presidency.

“There wouldn’t be an ISIS at all, and Putin would know his place in life. Domestically, things would be in better shape," a longtime adviser told the Globe. If that play sounds familiar, it's because Romney's aides attempted it before. Just a few days following the 2012 terror attacks on a U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, a top foreign policy aide to Romney claimed that the circumstances that led to the death of Amb.

Christopher Stevens also would not have occurred under the governor's steady hand. The selling of Mitt 3.0 - Maggie Haberman and James Hohmann - POLITICO. It's Happening: Mitt Romney Considering Another Run For President. Mitt Says Jeb Would be Toast. Backers: Romney more open to 2016 run - Ben White and Maggie Haberman - POLITICO. Romney: Democrats Lost Because They Weren't 'Proud' Enough Of Obama. Mitt Romney: I Would Have Done A Better Job Than Obama. Romney Takes Obama to Task on ISIS, Immigration. Mitt Romney: 'Circumstances Can Change,' But I'm Still Probably Not Running In 2016. Mitt Romney Had The Perfect Response After Taking The Ice Bucket Challenge.

Romney: How Republicans Will Take Back the White House. Mitt Romney returns to political stage as Republicans prepare for midterms. Romney's Recent Moves Fuel Speculation About 2016 Run. Romney's Terrifying Google Search History Leaked | Video. Mitt Romney On 47 Percent Remark: 'Actually, I Didn't Say That' About Personal Responsibility. Mitt Romney: Hurricane Sandy 'Didn't Come At The Right Time' Mitt Romney: 'I Was Very Upset' Over 47 Percent Comments. Mitt Romney's 2014 Plans Include Campaigning For GOP Candidates. Romney To Undergo Gender Reassignment Surgery To Better Connect With Women Voters | Video. Romney Drops By To See How Down-And-Out Family He Met On Campaign Trail Doing.

Romney Enchants Nation With Lovely Concession Song. '47 Percent' Filmmaker: Romney Has No Clue What Regular Americans Go Through on Daily Basis. Romney Blames Loss On Successfully Communicating His Message To Minorities  6 Most Absurd Things the Romneys Said in Their First Post-Election Interview. Mitt Romney Still Blames The Moochers.

Post-Election Mitt Romney Looks Defeated, And We Can't Look Away. Romney Locks Self In Oval Office During White House Visit | The Onion - America's Finest News Source | Onion News Network.