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Minneapolis: What is a Juicy Lucy? - Food Republic. How 2-Michelin-Starred Acadia Serves Its Burgers - Food Republic. What is a two-Michelin-star chef doing in the midst of our Burger Week, talking about ground beef ratios?

How 2-Michelin-Starred Acadia Serves Its Burgers - Food Republic

Shouldn’t he instead be explaining standouts from the 10-course tasting menu, expounding on what a recent Chicago Tribune rave review called “an elegant composition of osetra caviar, avocado puree and barley-ale ice cream”? The chef-owner of Chicago’s Acadia, Ryan McCaskey, seems to enjoy defying logic. In a city of steakhouses and trendy bistros, the quietly intense chef decided to open Acadia, a restaurant devoted to highlighting coastal Maine cuisine — albeit with a classical sophistication that’s more akin to French gastronomy. The 2012 bow made people attention, and the restaurant has continued to thrive, earning a first Michelin star, and then last year, adding a second — making it one of only five in Chicago with at least two stars.

Miyas. DELAFIELD, WI—Ice cream truck driver Robert Shaw, 35, made sure no adults were watching before leading some kids in a chase around the cul-de-sac. Helpful Waitress Asks Recently Seated Couple If They’ve Eaten Food Before. MICHIGAN CITY, IN—Having greeted the table and handed out the restaurant’s menu, City Bistro waitress Amanda Meese helpfully inquired Tuesday if a recently seated couple had ever eaten food before, sources confirmed.

Helpful Waitress Asks Recently Seated Couple If They’ve Eaten Food Before

“You folks ever put food in your mouth, chewed it for a few seconds with your teeth, and then swallowed it?” Meese asked, thoughtfully guiding the diners through the process of employing their lips, tongue, and jaws in unison to break down edible material in preparation for entry to the stomach. “Cutting your meal into smaller pieces with a knife and fork is really popular, but be sure you’re not actually eating the knife and fork. Male Gaze Falls On Buffalo Chicken Bites. BINGHAMTON, NY—Patrons at Thirsty’s Tavern and Grill confirmed Monday that the objectifying male gaze has fallen upon a $6.95 plate of buffalo chicken bites, resulting in the menu item being treated as if it serves no purpose beyond providing pleasure to the man who ordered it.

Male Gaze Falls On Buffalo Chicken Bites

By valuing the dish only for its ability to satisfy male appetites, the gaze has reportedly stripped the food of its individuality and reinforced outmoded, centuries-old attitudes toward deep-fried chicken. According to sources, the man could be seen almost drooling as he projected his desires onto the platter before him, looking upon the happy-hour favorite as nothing more than a passive “thing” to be dunked in ranch dressing and eagerly consumed. Man Brings Lunch From Home To Cut Down On Small Joys.

RICHMOND, VA—Speaking with reporters while opening Ziploc baggies of pretzel twists and baby carrots, local man Stan Keppler said Monday that he has started bringing in lunch from home to cut down on his small joys.

Man Brings Lunch From Home To Cut Down On Small Joys

“Making your own lunch each day is a great way to reduce your simple pleasures throughout the week—it’s already made a huge difference for me,” the 38-year-old insurance underwriter said as he unwrapped a plain turkey sandwich from aluminum foil that he had woken up 15 minutes early this morning to prepare. “I used to go out for lunch with coworkers and actually enjoy myself every day, but now I just sit at my desk and eat something I packed from home.

It’s quick, easy, and has cut my weekly sense of gratification by at least half.” Keppler went on to say that he is considering canceling his cable service as well, which would save him 90 hours of genuine relaxation time a month. The Best Diners in America - Classic American Diners - 24-Hour Diners. Uptown - Perry's Steakhouse & Grille. Perry’s offers the most unique private dining experience for your most important business and personal moments.

Uptown - Perry's Steakhouse & Grille

With options available to accommodate groups, from six to 40, Perry’s private dining rooms were each designed with a different mood and feel to create the perfect setting, no matter what the occasion. From an important business lunch to a casual group get-together to special family celebrations to the most elegant affair, Perry’s dedicated team will ensure your event meets all your expectations. Our Sales Managers will provide attention to even the smallest detail, assisting with menu selection and pairings with the perfect wine from our list of hundred of unique choices. It’s five-star service made to order…and it’s a quintessential Perry’s experience. Sample Menu. Want To Enhance The Flavor Of Your Food? Put On The Right Music. Researchers at the University of Oxford have been looking for a link between sound and taste.

Want To Enhance The Flavor Of Your Food? Put On The Right Music hide caption itoggle caption Researchers at the University of Oxford have been looking for a link between sound and taste. Dining at The Three Chimneys. We’d wanted to get out on bikes, but the weather was just relentless: day seven now in Scotland of gusting wind, rain and the occasional spray of hail.

Dining at The Three Chimneys

Now we were on the Isle of Skye, getting hit by western island’s wettest month plus a bit of Hurricane Gonzalo’s wrath. Still, the will to bike beat out the will to stay comfortable, so we packed the rentals in the back of the truck and set out for a good spot to spin to between our house in Breakish and our afternoon destination in Colbost, about 50 miles away and as far northwest as you can get on Skye, or in Scotland for that matter. After a few hours we rolled in to small parking lot alongside a bay, soaked to the bone and very cold. Our colleague Chris met us with the car and we pulled down the street into an empty gravel lot to strip naked and put on dry clothes.

I forgot shoes, so I put on boots a few sizes too big; Sung forgot pants, so he was going to be very cold for the rest of the day. Best All-Day Breakfast in Dallas - Garden Café - Norma’s Café - Buzzbrews. Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck Dallas. Truluck's » Seafood Steak & Crab House. We invite you to escape to Truluck's.

Truluck's » Seafood Steak & Crab House

A getaway for the senses. Come savor the freshest Crab, direct from our own fisheries. Delight in our fresh-catch seafood menu or select tender, juicy steaks prepared to perfection. Then complement it all with delicious wines by the glass and bottle. The Best Restaurants in America 2014 - Gato, The Commissary, and more. San Francisco, CA Lazy Bear It started as a dinner party that David Barzelay used to put on for friends, and then it became an underground pop-up, and then it became a cult sensation, and now it is a real restaurant.

The Best Restaurants in America 2014 - Gato, The Commissary, and more

But they still treat it like a dinner party. When you go in for one of the two seatings a night, you immediately go upstairs to the lounge area, which looks like a rich bachelor, who likes to hunt things, decided to open his loft for the night. Fill 'Er Up: The Joys Of Good Gas Station Food. A look inside the kitchen of the Whoa Nellie Deli, in Lee Vining, Calif.

Fill 'Er Up: The Joys Of Good Gas Station Food

The casual eatery, which operates out of a Mobil gas station, turns out everything from vegetarian chili to wild buffalo meatloaf and fish tacos. Courtesy of Tioga Gas Mart hide caption. Method Coffee - Dallas, TX. Best New Coffee Shops - New American Coffee Shops. The Best Mexican Restaurants in San Diego, Los Angeles, Austin and Other Cities Across America. From tiny holes-in-the-wall to mom-and-pop joints to upscale tortilla temples, great Mexican joints take many shapes and sizes -- but no matter where you go, you'll find the same warm, inviting... tortillas.

And smiles too, though that's less important. So, to pay homage to those Mexican restaurants out there that are doing it right (outside of killer nachos and burritos), we compiled this handy list of the 21 best in the country. Best Pizza in Dallas - Cadillac Pizza Pub - Cane Rosso - Urban Crust - Coal Vines. Bowen House Dallas. Taco Diner. Trombino's Bistro Italiano – Italian Restaurants – Fine Dining, steakhouse, seafood, fine wines, Albuquerque, NM.

Mercat Bistro. Nob Hill Bar & Grill. No More Reservations: Exclusive Restaurants Require Tickets Instead. A peek inside the kitchen of Next, an early adopter of the ticket system that's replacing reservations at some restaurants. Courtesy of Christian Seel hide caption itoggle captionCourtesy of Christian Seel A peek inside the kitchen of Next, an early adopter of the ticket system that's replacing reservations at some restaurants. Courtesy of Christian Seel Have you ever wanted a ticket to see your favorite band so much that you could taste it? Astoria Caffe - Addison Circle Cafe in Addison, TX -Contact us. Contact Us Astoria Caffe Telephone: +1 972 239 5853 15701 Quorum Dr. One Man's Exhaustive Search For The Best Fish Taco In San Diego. Acclaimed food critic Jonathan Gold has written that "Entire religions have been founded on miracles less profound than the Ensenada fish taco. " If anyone ever heeds his call and founds a religion dedicated to the worship of the fish taco, they would certainly build the high church in Ensenada, a seaside city of 270,000 in the Mexican state of Baja California.

It was there that, at some point in the middle of the 20th century, some forgotten culinary genius first put fried fish, cabbage, crema (a sort of thinner sour cream) and pico de gallo on a corn tortilla. And many still consider it the best place in the world for fish tacos. But if Ensenada is the Mecca of this new faith, San Diego is its Medina. Legend has it that the first American to taste real fish tacos was a San Diego State student named Ralph Rubio. I polled friends from the area and scoured the Internet to put together an ambitious fish taco itinerary for the weekend.

Nurse To Grab Lunch Right After She Finishes Draining Bile From Man’s Liver. CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA—Saying that she could go for Thai or maybe Mexican, nurse Rhonda Merritt reportedly told colleagues at Martha Jefferson Hospital today that she plans to grab lunch as soon as she finishes draining all the bile from an elderly patient’s infected liver. “Pad thai wouldn’t be bad, but I just had that a couple days ago, so maybe Chipotle?” 7 of the most hilarious American-themed restaurants in the world. 13 Food Wisdoms To Live By, According To Ron Swanson.

The Most Pretentious Food Terms Of All Time. One of the biggest complaints people have with the food industry is the pretentious attitude. 26 Food Things Only A Chicagoan Would Understand. Waffle dogs, Kimchi Benedict, and 9 more insane brunch foods around the country. At its worst, brunch is waiting in line for an hour to spend $15 on a plate of scrambled eggs you could've made yourself, and, at its best, the line is only 45mins long. Restaurant In Nigeria Shut Down For Serving Roasted Human Heads. Shanghai Warms Up To A New Cuisine: Chinese Food, American-Style : The Salt. Hide captionThe majority of patrons at Shanghai's Fortune Cookie restaurant are foreigners, particularly Americans who crave the American-Chinese food they grew up with but can't find in China. Best Breakfast Sandwiches in SF to Cure a Hangover on National Hangover Day. In honor of football, drinking, America, and YOU, we proclaim the Monday after the Super Bowl shall henceforth be known as National Hangover Day.

LA's best under-the-radar burgers - Thrillist Los Angeles. The Perfect Way to Hold a Hamburger, Proven by Science. Sandwich Monday: The White Castle Slider : The Salt. Hide captionSliders come in five-packs, or as White Castle calls them, "swarms. " Most Iconic American foods. Top 10 Kitchen Nightmares moments. Prison Food Menu - Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Prison Food.

'Table For One' Booth Makes Us Want To Laugh And Cry At The Same Time. Waffle House - 12 things you didn't know about the Southern breakfast chain. Hot Dog Styles - Chicago, Sonoran, Wiener, Half Smoke, and More Regional Styles. Best Burgers of 2013 - The Year's Best Burgers. 11 Ways You've Been Eating Your Food All Wrong (VIDEOS) The Best Restaurant Openings of 2013 - America's Best New Restaurants. The 25 Best Restaurants in America.

This Is What America's School Lunches Really Look Like : The Salt. L.A. Food Truck King Tells His Story One Recipe At A Time : The Salt. How A Portland Cook Became A 'Proud Copycat' Of Thai Food : The Salt. Critical Smackdown: The 20 Most Ferocious Restaurant Reviews of All Time. A Brief History of Critics Being Kicked Out of Restaurants. Maid café. Magic Restroom Cafe Becomes America's First Toilet-Themed Restaurant (PHOTOS) The Sad State Of School Lunch In The U.S. (PHOTOS) This is the weirdest edible art in the illustrious history of weird edible art. Arby's Now Charging $2.99 To Let Customers Go Behind Counter, Grab Handfuls Of Roast Beef. Dining out: What is it like to eat alone at a fancy restaurant? Fitness: The Least Awful Fast-Food Burgers to Eat Post-Workout: The Q. USDA Rolls Out New School Brunch Program For Wealthier School Districts. Restaurant's Extreme Burger Challenge Moved Down To Regular Menu. Food Critic Alan Richman's Review of the Restaurant M. Wells: Alan Richman.

Fight back against restaurants' cruel abuse of wine drinkers. The Best Restaurants in Dallas - Eat - Thrillist Dallas. Where to Eat and Drink in Denver - Eat - Thrillist Denver. Where to Eat and Drink in London - Eat - Thrillist London. Where to Eat and Drink in Dallas - Eat - Thrillist Dallas. Restaurant Review - Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque in the East Village. Secret Menus Give Restaurants A Not-So-Secret Boost : The Salt. An Under-the-Radar Food Market, Beneath London's Railway Arches Gardenista. Portside Parlour. The Oldest Bar in San Francisco.

Putting Pizazz Back on Amsterdam’s Menus. Arlington Club on the Upper East Side - Restaurant Review. What is the “buy back” policy and how does it work? « Caskstrength. 12 Restaurant Triumphs of 2012. Restaurant Review - L’Apicio in the East Village. Restaurant Review - Guy’s American Kitchen & Bar in Times Square.

Restaurant Review - Talde in Park Slope. Restaurant Review - Blanca in Bushwick. Anneli Rufus: Filet-O-Fancypants: Gourmet Chefs Create Lush Three-Course Feast Entirely from McDonald's Ingredients. Where Madrid Chefs Go for ‘Real’ Spanish Food. Restaurant Review - Yunnan Kitchen on the Lower East Side. Tasting Menus Can Be Too Much of a Good Thing. English Food: The Recipes You'll Need To Stay Warm All Winter (PHOTOS) The Daily Meal: America's Best Pizza. Home - The Cedars Social. Excellence on the Plate, Even Without a Chef’s Edge.

Restaurant Review - Le Cirque in Midtown Manhattan. Room Service. Chrysan. Union Park Dallas I Eat, Drink & Play. East Hampton Sandwich Co. Marisol Simoes, Mambo Restaurant Owner, Created Fake Sex Site Profile Of Customer Who Wrote Bad Review. Dramatic Reading Of A Yelp Review Is The Best. Real Actors Read Yelp Reviews: Times Square Olive Garden Edition. What Restaurants Know (About You)