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2016 Election Thoughts & Guesses

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Peter Thiel pulls back the curtain: Donald Trump is a pro-wrestling villain turned president. Using two wrestling terms he learned, Mr.

Peter Thiel pulls back the curtain: Donald Trump is a pro-wrestling villain turned president

Thiel says that many people assumed Mr. Trump was “kayfabe” — a move that looks real but is fake. But then his campaign turned into a “shoot” — the word for an unscripted move that suddenly becomes real. “People thought the whole Trump thing was fake, that it wasn’t going to go anywhere, that it was the most ridiculous thing imaginable, and then somehow he won, like [Hulk] Hogan did,” Mr. Thiel says. It is clear that Donald Trump is a political performance artist whose shtick is borrowed from professional wrestling. To reiterate: Professional wrestling is a type of scripted storytelling that uses athleticism and dramatis personæ to tell classic stories that draw upon basic archetypes that could easily be found in Shakespeare or ancient Greek mythology.

4 pieces of evidence showing FBI Director James Comey cost Clinton the election. Bill Clinton, Who May Have Cost Hillary the Election, Passes the Buck to James Comey. Anthony Weiner and the FBI were only in the picture because she felt the rules did not apply to her.

Bill Clinton, Who May Have Cost Hillary the Election, Passes the Buck to James Comey

She might still have won had her husband not felt the same. Former President Bill Clinton is quick to apportion blame for his wife’s defeat. “James Comey cost her the election,” Clinton was quoted telling a group of holiday shoppers during an impromptu chat in a Westchester County bookshop last week. But he has yet to place any blame at all on an otherwise great man with a great fault who bears considerably more responsibility for Hillary Clinton’s loss. That man is Bill Clinton himself. Log In. Photo The swirl of revelations and allegations about Russian involvement in the American presidential election, which has been building since the summer, can be difficult to keep straight.

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For example, though analysts often say that “hacked the election,” this shorthand refers to something much subtler than altering the vote itself — just one of many points of growing confusion. What follows is a guide to what is known and is not, and to separating fact from misconception. What was Russia’s role in the election? • Russian security agencies infiltrated email servers last year and again this spring, according to American intelligence assessments and several independent security firms. Narcissist-in-Chief: The Psychopathology That Explains Donald Trump's Depravity. Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr Reporter: What do you think people will take away from the [Republican National] Convention?

Narcissist-in-Chief: The Psychopathology That Explains Donald Trump's Depravity

What are you hoping? Donald Trump: From the convention? The fact that I'm very well liked. – New York Times, July 21, 2016. Untitled. If Jill Stein and die-hard Democrats get their way, recounts in three key states will take the presidency away from Donald Trump and hand it to Hillary Clinton.


While this effort is probably doomed to failure, the attempted do-over prompts a question: what exactly are we losing with this mother of all paths not taken, a Hillary Clinton administration? What elevates this theoretical exercise above a parlor game is the deep grief felt by tens of millions of Democrats, especially women. They believe not just that Donald Trump is a disaster, but that the United States will miss out on a great, inspiring leader in Hillary Clinton. For these bereft citizens, Hillary’s departure from the national political scene ranks alongside those of Adlai Stevenson and Al Gore — losing candidates who were clearly superior to the winners, whose loss left America much worse off. Trump opponents try to beat him at the Electoral College. BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Grassroots campaigns have sprung up around the country to try to persuade members of the Electoral College to do something that has never been done in American history — deny the presidency to the clear Election Day winner.

Trump opponents try to beat him at the Electoral College

Activists are circulating online petitions and using social media in hopes of influencing Republican electors to cast their ballots for someone other than President-elect Donald Trump and deprive him of the 270 Electoral College votes needed to become the next occupant of the White House. "Yes, I think it's a longshot, but I also think we're living in strange times," said Daniel Brezenoff, who created a petition in favor of Hillary Clinton and is asking signers to lobby electors by email or phone. "If it was ever plausible, it's this year.

" Trump has won 290 electoral votes to Clinton's 232, with Michigan undecided, but Clinton is on pace to win the popular vote by at least 1 million ballots. "As a Christian, I came to the conclusion that Mr. If "Did Not Vote" Had Been A Candidate In The 2016 US Presidential Election, It Would Have Won By a Landslide. Trump: a preposterous answer to a serious grievance. By grappling with class, however crudely, the President-elect has smashed a smug consensus by Thomas Frank / November 14, 2016 / Leave a commentPublished in December 2016 issue of Prospect Magazine Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally in Grand Rapids, Mich., 8th November, 2016.

Trump: a preposterous answer to a serious grievance

©Paul Sancya/AP/Press Association Images And so the United States has embraced the demagogue, a man who ran for the presidency as a kind of lone entrepreneur, without benefit of funding or even a political party, really. Every poll had him losing, some of them had him losing massively. How did it happen? The great promise of centrism was that it delivered political victories. 2016 US presidential election reading list. Following the recent US Presidential election, we have curated a reading list with resources that provide insight into the politics behind the 2016 election, and look at the key topics that stimulated some of the major debates from the election season.

2016 US presidential election reading list

We have selected books and other resources that detail American politics in the context of this election and investigate the issues that influenced the campaigns. Elections and Electoral Politics We explore content that relates to American political parties, voting history in the US, and election trends: American Political Parties and Elections, by L.

Sandy MaiselToward Democracy, by James T. Labor, Activism and Organizing. Trump Against the Machine: How Political Elites Failed. Slavoj Žižek: I know that even in the United States when you have someone like Donald Trump, I know that there is a lot of elitist liberal reaction.

Trump Against the Machine: How Political Elites Failed

Like here we see the limit of democracy but in the wrong sense, in the sense that you see stupid ordinary people are seduced and so on and so on. Well, although Noam Chomsky doesn't like me very much, I admire him sincerely and I must admit that I like his term. I think it's not just a journalistic term, it's a concept, which he took over from American tradition even mainstream right wing liberal of manufacturing consent. You know, Democracy is not only formal rules of elections, democracy is an entire thick network of how political consensus is built; a lot of unwritten rules. And now I think the United States are at a very important moment, at the moment when this machine to build consensus has broken down. Kurt Andersen on President-Elect Donald J. Trump. Editor's Note: The SPY pop-up blog ends today, following the election of the magazine's original antagonist, Donald Trump.

Kurt Andersen on President-Elect Donald J. Trump

To properly conclude our coverage, we asked SPY's original co-editor Kurt Andersen for his thoughts on Trump's improbable victory. From the beginning his candidacy seemed unreal, like a movie: Batman crossed with Who Framed Roger Rabbit, or Bulworth remade as a prequel to Idiocracy. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Why Do Many Around the World See Trump as a Peacenik? Moments after world media announced the unexpected victory of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, a friend at the Bulgarian armed forces sent me a euphoric text message. “Hooray for Trump,” it read. “This means I won’t have to die fighting my Russian brothers because some idiot yankee wants to show the world how masculine she is!”

Others agreed — at least with his main point. Why did Americans vote for Trump? On November 9th, 2016, Donald Trump was elected president of the United States of America. Now the rest of the world is wondering how it happened, what it means for the future and what the public should do now. Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama both urged Americans to unite behind Trump and support his policies, but that advice is profoundly controversial, which is perfectly illustrated by footage of conservatives celebrating Trump’s victory in bars and auditoriums while liberals protested and rioted in the streets, shouting slogans like, “Not my president.” Although 60 million people trusted Trump enough to for him, the stock market dropped the moment the election results came out as investors panicked. Around the world, non-Americans reacted with extreme degrees of fear, joy and confusion.

Final Election Update: There’s A Wide Range Of Outcomes, And Most Of Them Come Up Clinton. Throughout the election, our forecast models have consistently come to two conclusions. First, that Hillary Clinton was more likely than not to become the next president. And second, that the range of possible Electoral College outcomes — including the chance of a Donald Trump victory, but also a Clinton landslide that could see her winning states such as Arizona — was comparatively wide. That remains our outlook today in our final forecast of the year. Clinton is a 71 percent favorite to win the election according to our polls-only model and a 72 percent favorite according to our polls-plus model. President Trump: How America Got It So Wrong - Rolling Stone. Tuesday, November 8th, early afternoon. Outside the Trump Tower in Manhattan, a man in the telltale red Make America Great Again hat taps me on the shoulder.

"You press? " he says, looking at a set of lanyards around my neck. I nod. "Fuck yourself," he says, thrusting a middle finger in my face. How the Media Manufactured Hatred of Hillary Clinton - Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton speaks to members of the media aboard her campaign plane. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) As the late columnist Walter Winchell used to say: Onions. Onions to virtually everyone in the press corps for promoting a narrative that has, I believe, become a self-fulfilling prophecy. More than that, it is a narrative, I also believe, that undermines confidence in the election process and damages the country. 10 Shocking 2016 Election Facts: Old Political Assumptions Are out the Window. Photo Credit: As Americans try to understand what’s happening to the country and why Donald Trump was elected president, some stunning statistics and analysis are emerging. Clinton Couldn’t Win Over White Women.

Suffragette white. Hillary Clinton wore it in the biggest moments of her campaign: when she clinched the Democratic primary, when she accepted her party’s nomination, when she made her final debate appearance. Theconversation. US election 2016: Trump victory in maps. In a stunning election night the Republican nominee for president, Donald Trump, has secured victory after a string of formerly Democratic states including Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio and Iowa voted Republican.

Nationally, Donald Trump has won 47.5% of the vote, with Hillary Clinton taking 47.7% - yet this has translated into 279 electoral college votes for the Republicans and 228 for the Democrats. Michael Moore: Morning-After To-Do List. Photo Credit: Feinstein 1. Inside the Loss Clinton Saw Coming. Donald Trump's Winning Coalition.

Theconversation. A populist wave that began with Brexit in June reached the United States in stunning fashion on Tuesday night. Michael Moore: People will vote for Donald Trump as a giant “F**k you” — and he’ll win. Election Update: Why Our Model Is More Bullish Than Others On Trump. Trump campaign releases their electoral map prediction. Elevating Trump. Five reasons Donald Trump is a more effective orator than you think.

The Presidential Race: Checkmate? The Quiet Tragedy of Melania Trump. The Critics Trump Can’t Beat? Immigrants. The Fury and Failure of Donald Trump - Rolling Stone. The Second Debate Probably Didn’t Help Trump, And He Needed Help. Projects.fivethirtyeight. Hillary or Trump? Pick your poison. ‘Basket of inexplicables’: Bill Maher shreds the ‘charlatans’ who make up Trump’s cable TV advocates. 5 reasons Trump might fall in autumn. Why Is Trump Gaining On Clinton? Nigel Farage and Donald Trump: Heralds of dignified post-imperialism. A Voters Guide: What Is This Trump Campaign, And Where Is It Pivoting?

I love Donald Trump’s post-fact world. Trump was very smart to go to Louisiana. (But he still can’t quite help himself.) Republicans Set To Lose Senate Control. Here's what Donald Trump said in his foreign policy speech. Evan McMullin’s presidential run could potentially blow up the Republican Party. Why Is Hillary Clinton the Favorite? Because of These Trends in American Turnout. Maybe Donald Trump has really lost his mind: What if the GOP frontrunner isn’t crazy, but simply not well?

United Together (or) Everything You Need to Know About Campaign 2016 Can Be Learned from THE PRISONER. Why You’re Going to Vote for Trump and How You Can Win a Free Ticket to Mexico. Shock poll: Nate Silver’s election forecast now has Trump winning. Republican convention and Donald Trump's party victory. Will Donald Trump win the US presidential election? Donald Trump Has A 20 Percent Chance Of Becoming President.

If Trump Were a Clinton Plant, What Would He Do Differently? Abby Martin and Paul Jay - What Should Sanders Do Next? R.I.P., GOP: How Trump Is Killing the Republican Party. How I Acted Like A Pundit And Screwed Up On Donald Trump. Polls show Clinton, Trump tied in likely November matchup, record un-favorability. Untitled. Is It Paul Ryan’s Party Or Donald Trump’s Party? It’s not about sexism: Camille Paglia on Trump, Hillary’s “restless bitterness” and the end of the elites. Camille Paglia: Feminists have abortion wrong, Trump and Hillary miscues highlight a frozen national debate. Chaos spreads inside Trump’s campaign: After Wisconsin loss, his second-rate, overmatched staff might not be able to right the ship.

Donald Trump’s “days of rage”: As the GOP primary reaches its tipping point, Trump prepares for all-out war. How Donald Trump lost Wisconsin. Electoral Map Is a Reality Check to Donald Trump’s Bid. How in the World is Donald Trump Winning the Republican Nomination? Why Baby Boomers Don’t Get Bernie Sanders. Theconversation. Donald Trump Comes Out Of Iowa Looking Like Pat Buchanan. What Happens If Bernie Sanders Wins Iowa. Donald Trump Is Sarah Palin 2.0. Donald Trump Is Really Unpopular With General Election Voters. There’s One Thing Worse For The GOP Than A Trump Nomination. Republican Debate Recap - Trump Bullies Cruz in Charleston. Projects.fivethirtyeight. Three Theories Of Donald Trump’s Rise. The GOP’s chaotic last resort: Inside the calls for a brokered convention — and why it will never, ever happen. Big Phony And Loser Nate Silver Can’t Even See Donald Trump Is A Winner! What A Joke!

The Future Of Polling May Depend On Donald Trump’s Fate. Who Really Won The Democratic Debate? It’s Complicated (Duh) The Media Underestimated Hillary Clinton, But Overestimated Her Debate. Savvy observers think the GOP race is down to Bush and Rubio. Here's why I don't agree. Donald Trump and the Ghosts of Totalitarianism. The Republicans Are Now Officially the Party of White Paranoia. Donald Trump 2016, setting the GOP agenda. Anti-Hillary: Across the Spectrum. What Donald Trump gets about the electorate. Republican Assault on Trump May Only Make Him Stronger. Pat Buchanan is bullish on The Donald: Right-wing pundit predicts Trump will go the distance.