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Clinton DNC Leaks and Russian Hacking

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Clinton IT Aide Who Defied Subpoena Says He Created A Cryptic Gmail Account And Sent It Nearly All Of Hillary’s Emails. All but four of Hillary Clinton’s 30,000 emails were copied, likely secretly, to a Gmail address called, according to a new Senate report.

Clinton IT Aide Who Defied Subpoena Says He Created A Cryptic Gmail Account And Sent It Nearly All Of Hillary’s Emails

The FBI says that the account was linked to Paul Combetta, an IT aide Clinton hired who used BleachBit to destroy emails after they were subpoenaed and misled FBI agents. Combetta said he sent all of her emails to the Gmail account as part of trying to copy them to a new server. Combetta was copying Clinton’s emails off of an old laptop that he was supposed send back in the mail, but there’s no evidence he returned it, according to the Department of Justice Inspector General. When an intel agent discovered the copying to a third-party account, he said Peter Strzok seemed uninterested. The intel agency feared the email account could be a link to a foreign power, but the FBI refused to explain it to them. Staff for GOP Sens. “Mr. “He said that he found this data point and reported it to the FBI.

Strzok ‘dismissive’ “Mr. 2016 Democratic National Committee Email Leak. US federal court exposes Democratic Party conspiracy against Assange and WikiLeaks. Judge dismisses DNC lawsuit By Eric London 31 July 2019 In a ruling published late Tuesday, Judge John Koeltl of the US District Court for the Southern District of New York delivered a devastating blow to the US-led conspiracy against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

US federal court exposes Democratic Party conspiracy against Assange and WikiLeaks

In his ruling, Judge Koeltl, a Bill Clinton nominee and former assistant special prosecutor for the Watergate Special Prosecution Force, dismissed “with prejudice” a civil lawsuit filed in April 2018 by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) alleging WikiLeaks was civilly liable for conspiring with the Russian government to steal DNC emails and data and leak them to the public. Jennifer Robinson, a leading lawyer for Assange, and other WikiLeaks attorneys welcomed the ruling as “an important win for free speech.” DUMBSTRUCK: a HomeFront Intelligence Report on how America was conned about the DNC hack. Part One: Cozy Bear and Fancy BearTo hear Dmitri Alperovitch tell it, the moment had all the tension of a Hollywood blockbuster: a phone call in the early morning hours, a quick exchange of words, and a sudden, dramatic realization — the Democratic National Committee was under attack.

DUMBSTRUCK: a HomeFront Intelligence Report on how America was conned about the DNC hack

“Are we sure it’s Russia? ,” Alperovitch asked the security analyst on the other end of the line. The analyst, a former intelligence officer trained in the art of cyber warfare, told Alperovitch that there was no doubt. Alperovitch is the 37-year-old chief technical officer of the cyber security company CrowdStrike. CrowdStrike’s proprietary cyber security software, named Falcon Host, a “next generation” endpoint security technology, had been installed on the servers of the Democratic National Committee just the night before, in response to a suspected intrusion. CrowdStrike has a corporate motto: “You don’t have a Malware Problem, You Have an Adversary Problem.” But CrowdStrike had to proceed carefully. US Govt's Entire Russia-DNC Hacking Narrative Based On Redacted Draft Of Crowdstrike Report.

Transfer Rate Suggests Guccifer 2 used a Thumb Drive in the US Central Timezone – The Forensicator. The Forensicator takes a closer at Guccifer 2’s file and reaches the surprising conclusion that its source data was likely copied from a thumb drive, at a location somewhere in the US Central Timezone.

Transfer Rate Suggests Guccifer 2 used a Thumb Drive in the US Central Timezone – The Forensicator

In When USB’s Fly: Recent Research Supports Forensicator’s Controversial Theory, we highlighted a discovery made by another researcher, Bruce Leidl (@bleidl) who analyzed the first Zip file archive that Guccifer 2 published (five/so days after his debut). Leidl analyzes information in Guccifer 2’s Zip file and concludes that the file was written on a computer that had Central Timezone settings in force when the Zip file was created.

As Leidl noted, this Zip file is written in a format that records last modified time, creation time, and last accessed time for each file. These times are recorded as high precision values, to the nearest tenth of a microsecond (100 nanoseconds). This is the time format used on Windows NTFS file systems. Conclusion #1 Files Seem Unrelated to DNC Leak. HILLARY’S CROWDSTRIKE: How to Hoax a Russian Hack – – The Conservative Voice in Global News. Hillary’s Crowd Strike: How to Hoax a Russian Hack GET TRUMP – Part 3 Written by Brendan Power for May 1, 2018. In “GET TRUMP” the eye watering, explosive 5 Part Series full of political corruption and intrigue , we take you behind the curtain, to give you a peek at what really happened in America’s 2016 Presidential race.GET TRUMP Part 1: Obstruction of Justice – Obama & Comey Clear & Cheer for HillaryGET TRUMP Part 2: Podesta launches the TRUMP RUSSIA SMEAR.

Indict Clinton For the Russian DNC Hack. As if neo-liberal sensibilities weren’t hurt enough, it’s time to get to the bottom of the Russian hacks.

Indict Clinton For the Russian DNC Hack

Thread by @Cynacin: "1/ I have conducted extensive research on the media reports, forensic evidence, statements and indictments of the 12 Russians alleged to hav. Intel Vets Challenge ‘Russia Hack’ Evidence. In a memo to President Trump, a group of former U.S. intelligence officers, including NSA specialists, cite new forensic studies to challenge the claim of the key Jan. 6 “assessment” that Russia “hacked” Democratic emails last year.

Intel Vets Challenge ‘Russia Hack’ Evidence

Editor’s Note: This VIPS Memo included two mistaken dates. Illegal Clinton fundraiser made tape fearing for his life. A Chinese-American businessman at the center of a Clinton campaign finance scandal secretly filmed a tell-all video as an 'insurance policy' - because he feared being murdered.

Illegal Clinton fundraiser made tape fearing for his life

In footage provided exclusively to, Johnny Chung spills details on how he illegally funneled money from Chinese officials to Bill Clinton's 1996 re-election bid. The Chinese-American Clinton fundraiser recorded the 'elaborate videotaped testimony' while in hiding in 2000. He smuggled it to trusted friends and family with instructions to release it to the media in the event of his untimely death because he believed he was at risk of being assassinated. Chung is believed to still be alive and living in China. The video was obtained by author and historian Doug Wead for his new book Game of Thorns, which traces Hillary Clinton's unsuccessful 2016 campaign and the Chinese government's long-running operation to buy political influence in Washington.

Clinton illegal fundraiser: I fear secrets will cost my life. Mueller Indictment Catches Ukraine  Robert Mueller is on a roll.

Mueller Indictment Catches Ukraine 

He’s making all the right moves and going nowhere with his indictments. If you read the following carefully, you’ll see the shell game he’s playing from every angle. CrowdStrike, The DNC’s Security Firm, Was Under Contract With The FBI. Claims of “Russian interference” have been ubiquitous in U.S. political discourse for almost a full year now; these often amount to a melange of allegations ranging from “hacking” to “influence campaigns” to “online trolls” sent by the Kremlin to harangue unsuspecting Midwestern voters.

CrowdStrike, The DNC’s Security Firm, Was Under Contract With The FBI

“Hacking,” however, remains the centerpiece of the narrative — the idea that Russian state actors “hacked” the Democratic National Committee and exfiltrated emails is routinely cited as the centerpiece of the overall “interference” thesis. After the alleged hacking, the DNC retained a private security firm — CrowdStrike — which made the determination that the Russian government was responsible, setting into motion a chain of Russia-related events that continue to unfold even now. What Mueller’s Latest Indictment Reveals About Russian and U.S. Spycraft. For example, the spear-phishing emails that John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign chair, and others received included links to the URL shortening service Bitly.

What Mueller’s Latest Indictment Reveals About Russian and U.S. Spycraft

The Bitly account that created these links was registered using the email address “” The attackers used that same email address to create an account on a provider where they leased a server, which they paid for using an “online cryptocurrency service” (based on the wording of some instructions quoted in the indictment, I think the service in question may be BitPay). This same cryptocurrency account was used to pay for registering the domain name This means that whoever was behind the spear-phishing campaign (and thus the DCCC and DNC hacks) also bought the domain name, and also leased this server. Before I bring up another example, here’s a quick note about how virtual private networks, or VPNs, work. PUTIN: Hillary Clinton Pocketed $400 Million Illegal Contribution in Tax-Free Russian Money During 2016 Election. Mueller’s Latest Indictment Ignores Evidence In The Public Domain.

NOTE: There will likely be various amendments made to this article over the next 24 hours. On July 13th, 2018, an indictment was filed by Special Counsel Robert Swan Mueller III. This author is responding to the indictment because it features claims about Guccifer 2.0 that are inconsistent with what has been discovered about the persona, including the following: Evidence was found over 500 days ago relating to the Guccifer 2.0 persona that showed they had deliberately manipulated files to have Russian metadata. Intel Vets Challenge ‘Russia Hack’ Evidence.

HILLARY’S CROWDSTRIKE: How to Hoax a Russian Hack – – The Conservative Voice in Global News. How The FBI And CIA Restarted The Cold War To Protect Themselves. New Analysis By The Forensicator Examines ‘Russian Fingerprints’ Left By Guccifer 2.0. DNC’s Alleged Hacker’s Claims & Contradictions Raise Doubts In InfoSec Industry.

Konstantin Kozlovskiy, a Russian hacker, made headlines throughout December with the revelation that he had confessed to hacking the Democratic National Committee, a story that even seemed to drag Kaspersky’s name into the mix. First came the claims he was responsible for hacking the DNC and doing so on orders from someone within the FSB, then came a second wave in the media with the added claim from Kozlovskiy that he had inserted a “poison pill” on the DNC’s servers in the form of data stored in a file with a “.dat” extension. The mainstream press, however, haven’t reported everything about Kozlovskiy and his claims. With a few exceptions (Jane Lytvynenko & Kevin Collier writing for BuzzFeed being a good example), many are leaving out important context, omitting contradictory details and have chosen not to report some of the more outlandish claims that have been made by Kozlovskiy.

FBI Director Stunningly Tells Russia: “We Are No Longer Functional” World's Largest English Language News Service with Over 500 Articles Updated Daily "The News You Need Today…For The World You’ll Live In Tomorrow. " What You Aren’t Being Told About The World You Live In How The “Conspiracy Theory” Label Was Conceived To Derail The Truth Movement How Covert American Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations September 30, 2017. BREAKING: Seth Rich Hush Money? More Holes in Russia-gate Narrative – Consortiumnews. Exclusive: New tests support the skepticism of U.S. intelligence veterans that Russia “hacked” the DNC’s computers, pointing instead to a download of emails by an insider, write ex-NSA official William Binney and ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern.

By William Binney and Ray McGovern. The Russian Hacking Story Continues to Unravel. BREAKING: Decision Makers Have Been Informed Of Evidence Against Russia Hack – Disobedient Media. We Caught Him! Guess Who Was Behind The Scenes In Helping Obama, Hillary, Comey Spy On Trump? The Nation is reviewing a story casting doubt on Russian hack of DNC. Russian President Vladimir Putin. (Mikhail Klimentyev/Sputnik, Kremlin Pool Photo via Associated Press) Guccifer2.0's Multi-Stage Fingerprint Fabrications: RSIDs. UPDATE (June 2nd 2017): This article has had it's title changed. The original title was "Evidence of Intent", however, it was correctly pointed out by Rob Colbert of Disobedient Media that the RSID evidence alone doesn't actually demonstrate intent. - This is true, in isolation, the RSID evidence only tells us about how the fingerprints were produced, it does not explain why they were produced. - To ascertain intent it is necessary to have knowledge of Guccifer 2.0's debunked claims, attribution efforts, the type of content he was apparently leaking and the timing of his actions & statements in relation to other events.

Russia and WikiLeaks: The Case of the Gilded Guccifer. Russiagate Narrative Crumbling With Seymour Hersh Phone Call. Seth Rich Police Detective: Department Gave Me 'Strict, Strict Rules,' If I Talk I'll Get 'Re-Assigned' - Big League Politics. Guccifer 2.0 is the DNC. The Need for Speed – The Forensicator. NSA Officials and Computer Expert: Forensic Evidence Proves DNC Emails Were LEAKED, Not Hacked. New Analysis Kills DNC Hacking Narrative, Shows Russian Data Trail Was Forged. Guccifer 2.0 - Game Over. Guccifer 2.0 NGP/VAN Metadata Analysis – The Forensicator. New Research Shows Guccifer 2.0 Files Were Copied Locally, Not Hacked – Disobedient Media. Further RTF Analysis Supports Russian Fingerprint Fabrication.

Ad Campaign Offers $130K to 'Debunk or Validate Conspiracy Theories' on Murdered DNC Staffer. As Americans Freaked Over Russian Fake News, FBI Quietly Released New Clinton Investigation Docs.