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That Guy With The Glasses That Guy With The Glasses Adventure Time Vlogs: Fionna and Cake Nash: WTFIWWY Live: Midvale School for the Gifted Diamanda Hagan: Hagan Reviews - Prelude to Season 5 Brad: I, Frankenstein and The Nut Job Thumb Wars Ep 62 A Fond Farewell for Now Lotus Prince: Ico - Parts 1-3
Rooster Teeth IAWTV Awards TONIGHT!Rooster Teeth is nominated once again for the IAWTV Awards- but this time, we're nominated in 4 different categories! Best Host: The GauntletBest Hosted Series: The Gauntlet Best Documentary Series: A Simple Walk Into MordorBest Animated Series: RWBY A bunch of the crew is in Las Vegas, getting ready for the show tonight. You can watch along and cheer us on! Rooster Teeth