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To each Dom a Sub is waiting. To each Sub a Dom is waiting.

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How To Eat Pussy – A Magical Guide For Evolved People. About Me This article is an anonymous contribution.

How To Eat Pussy – A Magical Guide For Evolved People

We want to send out a big thanks to the original authors of this masterpiece. Much love from the MyTinySecrets Team. When a woman finds a man who gives good head, she’s found a treasure she’s not going to let go of too quickly. This is one rare customer and she knows it. To Domspace, Dom-drop and Beyond! – A Submissive's Initiative. Roles, Orientations and Genders Terminology. Asexual: A person who does not experience sexual attraction.

Roles, Orientations and Genders Terminology

Unlike celibacy, which people choose, asexuality is an intrinsic part of who we are. There is considerable diversity among the asexual community; each asexual person experiences things like relationships, attraction, and arousal somewhat differently. Asexuality does not make our lives any worse or any better, we just face a different set of challenges than most sexual people. A Mentor is Not Your Dom: Learning How to Connect with Experienced People For Submissive Development. From Submissive Guide Newsletter 11-6-10 When someone says they have a mentor and that they are learning so much from them I’m happy for them.

A Mentor is Not Your Dom: Learning How to Connect with Experienced People For Submissive Development

That is until they start saying that they are having sex with their mentor, or that they play intensely with them. It goes against everything I ever learned about mentors and rubs me wrong and I’ll be telling you why in a moment. But first let’s go back to school, no really, think about your high school and college days. Mentoring in the BDSM Community. What is a Mentor?

Mentoring in the BDSM Community

The Merriam-Webster online dictionary definition for “mentor” reads: 1men·tor noun \ˈmen-ˌtȯr, -tər\ : someone who teaches or gives help and advice to a less experienced and often younger person Full Definition of MENTOR. Protocol. A protocol is any defined, enforced code of behavior, and or rituals whether it be within the confines of a particular group, community, or other interpersonal dynamic (such as a power exchange relationship).


Protocols are a set of governing rules that dictate the body, behavior and attitudes through an enforced code of behavior and/or rituals whether it be within the confines of a particular group, community, or interpersonal dynamic. Protocols are often referred to those found within a power exchange relationship. The reason there is no set rules about universal protocols is because every power exchange relationship is different, not just based on relationship style, but more specifically on the individuals involved in the relationship and their needs and wants.

Pillow Princess Dom - Kink Weekly BDSM. So I was having a conversation a while back with a friend of mine.

Pillow Princess Dom - Kink Weekly BDSM

If you know me personally, you know my memory sucks and I can’t remember the details of the conversation. However, what I do remember is that, for whatever reason, the way she was describing a Dom caused me to blurt out, “He’s a pillow princess Dom!” I then had to explain what a “pillow princess” was. If you haven’t heard this term before – here is the Urban Dictionary definition: Pillow Princess: A woman, usually in a curious/bisexual context, who wants to experience pleasure from oral sex, but who is unwilling to reciprocate.

Paracord Bullwhip. Hello everybody!

Paracord Bullwhip

I've been enjoying this site for long and have finally found enough time to write a first Instructable by myself. I'll will share with you how to make a real paracord bullwhip. It should not be that hard for those of you who know their way through ropes, knots and braiding. Protocol. A Mentor is Not Your Dom: Learning How to Connect with Experienced People For Submissive Development.

Punishments in BDSM Relationships. Guide to choking during sex. Rules+Punishments For Dd/lg Couples — New to DDLG - A Daddy Dom. Rules+Punishments For Dd/lg Couples — Owner and I's Rules & Regulations. BDSM Contracts Really Exist — I'm A Sexual Submissive And Here's How 'Fifty Shades' Got Them Wrong. Fifty Shades of Grey might have gotten a lot wrong about the BDSM experience, but there’s one thing it got very right: The presence of a BDSM contract when a couple is negotiating the particulars of their relationship.

BDSM Contracts Really Exist — I'm A Sexual Submissive And Here's How 'Fifty Shades' Got Them Wrong

Before he had so much as seen her naked, Christian Grey pulled out a stack of papers for Anastasia Steele to fill out, outlining the terms of their agreement — everything from when they would spend time together to what they each would and wouldn’t do sexually. The contract wasn’t just a figment of author E. L. James’ imagination. In BDSM communities, these kinds of contracts help dominants and submissives play with each other safely, both emotionally and physically. Things You Need to Know: How to Interview a Dom/Master Prospect. Your prince is out there, seeking you, hungering for you, wondering where you are.

Things You Need to Know: How to Interview a Dom/Master Prospect

But crouching between you and him are dozens of frogs and trolls. A few of these are even handsome and well-spoken. And you must wade through them, trying not to get slimed or bitten, before reaching your eventual partner. Just how are you to discern a poser from a dependable, balanced dominant gentleman? Daddies and littles – Sex(uality) & the City. By Randall S.

Daddies and littles – Sex(uality) & the City

Frederick My friend Sara and I talk about almost everything, especially sex. I think our entire friendship is, in some sense, always coming back to sex because when we first met, we were playing that curious game of Shock where you trade stories, always trying to shock one another until one of you concedes. Wow. I can’t top that. Slave positions. The Infamous "Special Ring Device" So, what is the "Special Ring Device" or "SRD" anyway? Simply, the SRD is a device made up of two metal rings that lets you take up slack in a piece of rope. A piece of rope is fed through two steel rings in such a way that friction causes the rope to slide in one direction but not the other. The device is most commonly used by self-bondage enthusiasts to perform strict bondage scenarios that would otherwise be very difficult if not impossible without a partner.

A very tight hogtie can, for example, be accomplished by attaching the SRD between bound feet and hands. When the SRD is pulled taught, the hands and feet are drawn together. 21 First Steps for Daddy Dom & little girl Beginners – Cumming Without Permission. Starting out with a new DD/lg lifestyle can be a little frightening and very exciting. It can also be easy to shy away from the hard parts, and jump head-first into the “fun” parts. Often, feelings and boundaries are overlooked by the sparkle (and “newness”) of a DD/lg relationship. What Makes You A Daddy Dom? – A Submissive's Initiative. What Makes You A Daddy Dom? – A Submissive's Initiative. Daddy Dom Vs. Traditional Dom – Daddy After Dark. There are many kinds of Dominants.

I’m not an authority on any kind of Dominant except the Daddy Dom , so I’ll focus on Daddy Doms specifically. The Daddy Dom is by far the gentlest, most nurturing of all the Dominants. He loves his little with an undying passion and always has his little’s best interest in mind, even if it conflicts with his personal desires. That doesn’t mean that he gives in to her every whim. There’s a big difference between her desires and her real needs. Daddy Doms and Baby Girls.

What is a daddy dom? This single question is why we started this site. A Daddy Dom is a slight variation from a traditional dominant in a dominant/submissive relationship in that they must consider their subs inner child dynamic. A typical top/bottom or dom/sub relationship has is based upon a relationship in which the sub will give total control and decision making to their dominant.

There are a huge number of scenarios that can play out in these relationships, but in most of them the submissive will ask for a variety of controls, punishments, rewards and work at the beck and call of their master. There can be BDSM, service, humiliation, and degradation that goes along with these typical relationships.

How to Deal With Conflicting Emotions as a Submissive - While being a submissive might be all that you’ve ever wanted in your bedroom life, or perhaps in your entire life, that doesn’t mean there aren’t complicated feelings. After all, much of society tells us that it’s many of our desires are wrong, that being submissive is weak, the ideas we have are sick and that you should always be ‘in charge’ of your own decisions. To navigate these complex issues, you need to do some personal work so that you can not only be a great submissive for your Dominant, but so you can enjoy your choice.

Ideas About Submission and "Types" of Submissives. Ideas About Submission and "Types" of Submissives. A submissives journey - Types of submissives. BDSM Basics: Daily Rules, Tasks and Assignments – A Submissive's Initiative. Knots, Ropes and Take that on Pinterest. Shibari circle (Three girls tied) – RopeTopia. Circle legs bondage in line cuff. Circle legs bondage in line cuff. The Restrained Elegance lexicon of slavegirl bondage poses and positions. The Restrained Elegance lexicon of slavegirl bondage poses and positions.

Kneeling & Positions...Practice Makes Perfect. Slave Positions Guide. Sexual Pleasure Literally Puts You Into A Trance. 長田流 Home. BondageU - Bondage Techniques by Dr. Bondage. CRAM - Chicago Rope and Mummification Club. Japanese Rope ARt - ibari - Kinbaku Tutorials - Nawa Dojo. Tawse - Cobra Whips. Whips, Paddles & Canes - BDSM Gear - Riding Crops. BDSM - Shop McHurt - Vintage Riding Whip, Long MWH201. Read our Beginners Spanking Guide Now. The hidden tricks of powerful persuasion. Violet Wand Renaissance Plus Kit Violet Wand Kit renaissance : Violet Wand Store, Simply Electrifying. Taoist Testicular Breathing - All About Tantra. Become Aware Of Your Own Excitement - A Method To Control Your Sexual Energy for Men - All About Tantra. In Your Eyes: The Power of Eye Gazing. What Does it Mean to be “Primal”?