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Recyclage. Green Christmas Crafts. Upcycling Plastic. Making Fused Plastic. March 12th, 2013 I’ve been wanting to experiment with fused plastic for ages so what better place to try it out than here on Tutorial Tuesday and share my experiences with you.

Making Fused Plastic

I’ve got lots of plastic bags stored in the kitchen from a few online supermarket deliveries we’ve done since Milo was born and I’ve just never got round to taking them back to the supermarkets for recycling. Good job too as then I wouldn’t have any bags to experiment with. As I was experimenting and learning at the same time, the images in the tutorial below show different bags all at different stages – I hope it’s not too confusing! What you will need: - Sharp Scissors - Plastic Bags - Iron - Ironing Board - Greaseproof Paper - Large Wooden Chopping Board - Metal Ruler - Craft Knife - Cutting Mat Step One The first thing you need to do is lay your plastic bag out flat and cut off the bottom and the top so that you’re left with a large tube of plastic. Stretch and flatten this out and put aside. Step Two Step Three. Upcycling Plastic. How To Unravel A Sweater To Recycle Yarn.

This is the sweater we will be unraveling.

How To Unravel A Sweater To Recycle Yarn

Turn your sweater inside-out, grab a pair of sharp scissors and let's get started! There are good seams and bad seams. This is an example of a good seam. It looks like two tiny braids side-by-side. You can cut between those two braids of a good seam and unravel a super-long strand of yarn that you can wind into a huge skein. Newbie unravelers will want to cut the thread one bit at a time, which is fine. I've cut the seam from the bottom of the sweater to the end of the sleeve.

At the top of the sleeve are little loops! FLASH FORWARD: See the pile of yarn ramen in this photo? When you unravel a sweater that is made of many colors, you will usually find a knot where the two colors meet. Here is the collar and shoulder seams of the sweater, still waiting to be unraveled. This is what a bad seam looks like. On a whim I pull the little thread. But what do we do about the bad seam on each shoulder? Tips for specific yarns.

Festive Stars made from Recycled Drinks Cans. November 1st, 2011 I’m preparing for a couple of craft fairs (details coming soon) at the moment and decided to have a go at making some Festive decorations by recycling some drinks cans I’ve been collecting.

Festive Stars made from Recycled Drinks Cans

I found this tutorial the other day and thought I could adapt it to me own needs. So here goes… Crissy's Crafts: Metal Flowers Picture Tutorial. I am just in love with my metal flowers!!

Crissy's Crafts: Metal Flowers Picture Tutorial

Love making them in all different sizes and shapes. Getting better at each time! So many ways you can use them. Hope the picture tutorial will help you make some pretty ones too! Enjoy! Using a scrapbook brad, secure your flowers together. After this project, I end up with a lot of soda can bottoms. Found a way to use some of them by making this upcycle project!! How to be fashionable and on trend without ever actually owning clothes. Determined to start a social enterprise to help transition the fashion industry towards environmental and social responsibility, I enrolled at Australia’s School for Social Entrepreneurs.

How to be fashionable and on trend without ever actually owning clothes

Business models I considered included a media content platform, an e-retailer, or a fashion brand selling more environmentally and socially responsible clothing that would appeal to a growing market of conscious or aspirational consumers. However, in a study (pdf) conducted by Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology with Gap in 419 retail and 155 outlet stores, the only positive impact on sales as a result of sustainability labeling was found among female shoppers in retail stores, where sales increased by 8%.

Disillusioned, I wondered if there was another way. The problem with how we currently consume fashion According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation, in 2010, total textile fibre demand reached 69.7m tons (pdf), surpassing the previous 2007 peak of 67.7m tons. Climate, energy, sustainability. С виду это просто старый ржавый грузовой контейнер, но стоит лишь заглянуть в... Жилье из старых контейнеров – это отличная возможность использовать то, что иначе было бы выброшено.

С виду это просто старый ржавый грузовой контейнер, но стоит лишь заглянуть в...

Ниже представлены самые удивительные дома из контейнеров. 1. Этот дом в Саванне (штат Джорджия) был разработан проектной командой «Price Street Projects». Facebook ВКонтакте Одноклассники Original Modified Светло, скромно и современно... Playful Troels the Troll is built out of recycled wood pallets and scrap Troels the Troll by Thomas Dambo. THNK - Institute for Creative Leadership and Entrepreneurship.