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SCARY SCHOOL & Ivan Illich

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Ivan Illich - Wiki. Ivan Illich (/ɪˈvɑːn ˈɪlɪtʃ/;[1] 4 September 1926 – 2 December 2002) was an Austrian philosopher, Roman Catholic priest, and "maverick social critic"[2] of the institutions of contemporary Western culture and their effects on the provenance and practice of education, medicine, work, energy use, transportation, and economic development.

Ivan Illich - Wiki

Personal life[edit] He wrote a dissertation focusing on the historian Arnold J. Toynbee and would return to that subject in his later years. Scary School Nightmare. The Pinky Show. Deschooling Society Ivan Illich. Contents Introduction xix 1 Why We Must Disestablish School 1 2 Phenomenology of School 25 3 Ritualization of Progress 34.

Deschooling Society Ivan Illich