SCARY SCHOOL & Ivan Illich

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Ivan Illich - Wiki. Ivan Illich (/ɪˈvɑːn ˈɪlɪtʃ/;[1] 4 September 1926 – 2 December 2002) was an Austrian philosopher, Roman Catholic priest, and "maverick social critic"[2] of the institutions of contemporary Western culture and their effects on the provenance and practice of education, medicine, work, energy use, transportation, and economic development.

Ivan Illich - Wiki

Personal life[edit] Scary School Nightmare. The Pinky Show. Deschooling Society Ivan Illich. Contents Introduction xix 1 Why We Must Disestablish School 1 2 Phenomenology of School 25 3 Ritualization of Progress 34.

Deschooling Society Ivan Illich