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HI WORLD. I'M DRAKO! United as One, For One & For All.. Check My GRAVITY & Check Out Snowball Theory. I'm Here To HELP!


  1. cloudexplorer Dec 9 2011
    You might wanna try updating your website link on your profile screen, it leads to a non functional web location. Just felt like helping you out there. Nice to meet ya & I like your work thus far on Pearltrees.
  2. predrax Sep 14 2011
    Hey Asimka Glad to hear from You so fast ;) Excellent. The chat room is great too. Absolutely R.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N.A.R.Y. It will be 3D & in real time one day I hope... #Pearltrees4Ever -o)-<!; #GodSpeed
  3. amsika Sep 14 2011
    Hi ! I'm working for Pearltrees :) I'm the community manager. About your questions: -we are doing backups everyday in 3 different datacenters. -we are following security best practices (obviously we are less secure than a Bank) Let me know if you have other questions!
  4. predrax Sep 14 2011
    Halo Amsika, I Wondered Where I Could Speak To The PearlCrew I Love The Format... Like Cell Signal pathways Maps... Superb. Are You Backed Up & Secure... Database Escape Strings & Logic Checking ???