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Design Archives - +id:2134. PORTFOLIO magazine. PORTFOLIO magazine | 1950s Portfolio magazine, created in 1950, was a graphic designer's utopian dream.

PORTFOLIO magazine

The goal: complete creative freedom and no advertising. Drawscript - convert Illustrator shapes into code.


Editorial. Visual identity. Design Sustainably. Drawing Lessons: A Lesson in Shading with Mike Theuer - Learn how to properly shade your drawings to add depth and dimension in this entry into Mike Theuer’s drawing lessons series. Drawing Lessons: Shading Before you start to draw remember that light travels in a straight line. Recall how to shade simple objects like spheres, cylinders and cubes. And don’t worry about the materials you use. I use a 4B pencil only, regular drawing paper, a white eraser and a kneaded eraser.

Find the brightest light Look for the brightest light that illuminates your subject. EXERCISE – Find a piece of fruit or any similar-sized object. If you want to see more drawing lessons, including more drawing lessons from Mike Theuer, check out the “Drawing Lessons” section of Studio 602. About the Author. Drawing Lessons: Creating Textures - Learn how to add texture to your drawings in this entry into Diane Wright’s drawing lessons series.

Drawing Lessons: Creating Textures -

So what is texture? We touch an object and can feel that it is smooth or rough, but how do we translate what we feel into what we see. The type of surface and the amount of texture determines the amount of light that is reflected off the surface. Hard surfaces – A hard, smooth surface such as metal or glass is highly reflective. This means that the light hits more of the surface and bounces off. By using the pencil techniques described in Article Two and with a little practice, discovering how to draw textures can become one of the most favorite parts of drawing. Clouds and Skies – Clouds appear soft and cottony. The Draw Episode 5: A Victorian Delight. Illustration techniques: Sketch to vector. Feb142013 For those of you interested in how I created the updated version of my “Don’t hurt the Web” poster, I thought I’d share the various techniques I used in the process.

Before I get into the nuts and bolts of it, some background on the visual itself. Mixing Up Illustration: Combining Analog And Digital Techniques. Advertisement In the digital age, don’t forget to use your digits!

Mixing Up Illustration: Combining Analog And Digital Techniques

Your hands are the original digital devices— Lynda Barry People often ask how I arrived at a finished illustration. Honestly, it’s different every time, but it always starts with a hand-drawn sketch. Sometimes, I paint it completely by hand; sometimes I’ll scan in a pencil drawing. The Use of Line, Tone & Texture in Drawing and Art. A full article about the use of line, tone and texture in art. The Use of Line, Texture, and Tone in Drawing. In the Foundation notes we discussed our interpretation of drawing as compared to painting. How To Draw Texture. How to create realistic textures. Quickly convert CMYK to Pantone in Illustrator. Pantone to CMYK is just easy, right? You just select the Pantone color > Edit > Edit Colors > Convert to CMYK . Tada! You got your CMYK! Convert pantone to cmyk in illustrator But how about the other way around? Have your clients ever asked you: Do you know which pantone color is my logo?

But, you can convert CMYK to Pantone as easy as the above! You just select the CMYK color > Edit > Edit Colors > Recolor Artwork.


Gestalt Principles Applied in Design. By Michael Tuck Web designers, like other artists and craftsmen, impose structure on the environment.

Gestalt Principles Applied in Design

We enforce order and beauty on the formless void that is our blank computer screen. We do it in different ways — creating an organized layout first, writing text and content first, or even basing a design concept on an image, a color palette, or something that visually trips your trigger, whether it’s a sunset or a Song Dynasty painting. Wherever you gain your inspiration, it’s often not just the particular element that sparks your artistic impulse; it’s the totality of the element and its surroundings. Grasping that totality concept — both the individual element and the whole in which it exists are important both separately and together — is essential to understanding how gestaltism influences our design choices.

We’ll cover 6 principles related to gestalt, in the context of design, and they are: ProximitySimilarityPrägnanz (Figure-Ground)Symmetry"Common Fate"Closure Source: Dr. Mr. Symmetry. Blog, Get your publication on all devices with the new embed wizard. Posted 8 months ago Works on all devicesLike on, your embedded publications will now be shown regardless of the device your readers are using. Embedded stylingWe store how you styled your embed on our servers. That’s pretty neat since you can easily modify the look and feel of your embed directly from the embed wizard.


10 Invaluable Lessons Freelancers Can Learn from “Rework” In my opinion, the best thing about freelancing is the fact that we are in control of our destiny.

10 Invaluable Lessons Freelancers Can Learn from “Rework”

There’s no working our asses off in the vain hope of getting a raise. Hard work begets results. If you apply yourself to your business in an effective manner, you are likely to experience a positive outcome.