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Daminion. Best Digital Asset Management Software in 2016. Hub.docker. This repository contains Dockerfile of Lychee for Docker's automated build published to the public Docker Hub Registry. kdelfour/supervisor-docker Install Docker.


Download automated build from public Docker Hub Registry: docker pull kdelfour/lychee-docker (alternatively, you can build an image from Dockerfile: docker build -t="kdelfour/lychee-docker" Usage docker run -it -d -p 80:80 kdelfour/lychee-docker You can add a shared directory as a volume directory with the argument -v /your-path/uploads/:/uploads/ -v /your-path/data/:/data/ like this : GitHub - electerious/Lychee: A great looking and easy-to-use photo-management-system you can run on your server, to manage and share photos. Digital Asset Management, Open Source, Media Asset Management, Software, Systems, System, DAM, Solution. Luna Imaging, Inc. Download Server-Based Photo Management System from Daminion Software. Download EnterMedia 8 - EnterMedia. Feeling Brave?

Download EnterMedia 8 - EnterMedia

Just run the appropriate installer, then unzip the ROOT.war within your Java web server webapps directory. After deployment, your application is ready for use and customization. Pretty colors, flashy formats, and intuitive data arrangements are limited only by your imagination. Feel free to edit, arrange and organize your assets like the courageous pioneer that you are. Prefer a guide? Send up a smoke signal and we'll arrange a demo. Evaluating EnterMedia Due to popular demand, EnterMedia has streamlined the way potential customers and open source collaborators can test our DAM software for themselves.

Why Open Source? Having the source code freely available encourages collaboration and development among a greater population of software engineers. The implications of a community of developers working to enhance EnterMedia range from third party extensions to custom connectors from other systems. TACTIC Community. DSpace is a turnkey institutional repository application. Islandora Website. Open Source Digital Asset Management. Digital Asset Management, Open Source, Media Asset Management, Software, Systems, System, DAM, Solution. The Razuna Hosted Edition is your place to sign up for a free 30-day trial to our successful Media Management Platform.

Digital Asset Management, Open Source, Media Asset Management, Software, Systems, System, DAM, Solution

Furthermore, we offer dedicated Media Server solutions. Click here to have our own hosted Razuna Media Account within seconds. Razuna 1.6.2 Stand-alone Server The Stand-alone Razuna Server can be used to deploy Razuna. It is build on the Tomcat J2EE Server. Razuna is available under a dual license; AGPLv3 and commercial. Razuna 1.6.2 Virtual Image We have a pre-build Razuna VMWare image for you ready with *everything* installed. Razuna 1.6.2 WAR/EAR The WAR distribution of Razuna runs successfully on Jetty, Tomcat and JBoss J2EE servers. Source Code access (Github) GIT access is meant for the advanced users and developers and provides access to the latest development release. GIT access is provided on a read level. For the brave (and impatient) ones here is the Github URL to our projects: Razuna walkthrough webinar Razuna Hosted Edition Need help?

Free and Open Source ASP.NET Digital Asset Management (DAM) FocusOPEN Digital Asset Manager ™ is one of the few open source .NET digital asset management systems engineered for serious business use.

Free and Open Source ASP.NET Digital Asset Management (DAM)

It has been refined over three major technology iterations from client/server desktop application, Classic ASP web based system and since 2005 as a full .NET enterprise class application. Open Source And Free Of Charge The Open Source Edition is distributed under an Affero General Public Licence (AGPL) and is completely free of charge.

You can download it, deploy it and start using it right away by registering here. Registrants also receive many other complimentary benefits such as access to our online Help Centre, free product upgrades and discounts on our own and compatible third-party software. Community Help Forums, Developer Wiki & Advanced User Documentation FocusOPEN Open Source Edition is supported by a fast-growing user community who shape the future direction of FocusOPEN with their valuable feedback and input. What's Next? Open Source Digital Asset Management Solution in hosted Cloud SaaS or On-Premise Appliance Models.

Tech Series - Data and Workflow Model. Open Source Digital Asset Management (DAM) Software - Testimonials. Open Source Digital Asset Management (DAM) Software Reviews. In this article, we introduce the main open source DAM solutions that are currently available (16 at the latest count).

Open Source Digital Asset Management (DAM) Software Reviews

Most products mentioned here are primarily web based. In some cases desktop clients may also be provided as an alternative mode of interaction also. Based on feedback received, we have recently changed the order of the products so that pure web DAM systems are shown first, followed by ECM suites and then preservation oriented solutions. In determining which products are suitable to have the description Open Source applied, we have assessed each vendor to identify if they use a licence that is OSI approved as the main criteria for inclusion.

Readers should note that this does not mean they are necessarily free of cost (either to purchase or for customisation and on-going support) and each vendor should be consulted to get a better idea of the actual total cost of ownership. Pure Web DAM ECM Suites With DAM Modules. Digital Asset Management, Open Source, Media Asset Management, Software, Systems, System, DAM, Solution.